LRT: Black women deal with absolute toxicity in the professions. But... still we rise.
What folks will do is contrast themselves with Black women (angry, unreasonable, career threatening)... even after we have tried to be in community.
It’s the lack of reciprocity for me. It’s when you swallow your tongue for almost 20 years, claw and scratch to provide opportunities for others, and get knifed in the back for your trouble.
It’s the toxic positivity for me. And fields and professions that require the negation of Black folks who aren’t serving or safe.
Also, there is so much latitude in some of these professions for “difficult” people, “quirky” people, and “dramatic” people... *as long as those people aren’t Black.*
Your outpourings of sympathy for your peers and colleagues are reserved for people who are not Black, unless that Black person is smiling in your face all the time.
Certainly private interventions are reserved for people who are not Black. You won’t do this even for smiley Black folks who smile in your faces.
This is where Black folks who ask for things are seen as unreasonable. God, no... confront anyone in the system, even behind closed doors? Black people need to keep their heads down & if they don’t... not your fault.
It is exhausting to be eternally faced with the prospect of finding ways around this bullshit. Your bullshit, that is. But... still we rise.

• • •

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16 Oct
That's why I stopped studying classroom interaction in the mid-2010s, and turned to books & media, tbh.

I have data from a 2 year research study that I've never written up because I refused to deficitize urban teachers & kids. 🤷🏿‍♀️
Had a conversation with one of my NCTE CNV mentors about the situation in 2014. They supported my new direction, as did my GSE mentor, chair & deans.

Colleagues are doing brilliant work in urban education, who have found ways to illuminate & honor those spaces. But...
Once upon a time, I was an urban kid who tested well, and as a result was talented tenthed & over-researched. There's a way that even "good" ed research can skew lived realities.

I value, honor, and uplift professors who are doing that work. It's necessary.

But that's not me.
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15 Oct
What I love most about Trek is what we all love about Trek - it's a future without most of the problems our actual futures will have.

Trek's an extrapolation of a dreamed-up future conceived at the height of US global power. It's a very USA! USA! future, if you think about it.
I appreciate shows like The Expanse as more realistic SF storytelling. The textures of its worlds feel true. I believe that future more than the Federation....

...but it wasn't until Season 4 that I fell in love with the characters. I liked them, but after S4, *I adored them.*
Still, The Expanse is conscious of "our problem world" in ways that I'll be the first to admit Trek is not.

Trek is what we could be, if only we were different. We aren't, but the very idea of an altruistic technocracy with hyperefficient bureaucracy? *chef's kiss.*
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15 Oct
Yes. Growing up in 1990s Detroit is why it used to be difficult for me to suspend disbelief in mainstream contemporary horror - suspense/thrillers/slasher flicks were scarier than creature features.

I'm also super sympathetic to zombies.
We have always been at war with outstate Michigan, and one of the racist terms used for Black unhoused folk in the city was "zombies." So it always hits a certain way.

I read Zora's Tell My Horse in high school. My woke adolescent self felt Western zombies = appropriation.
I think that's why I'm mainly a fantasy & science fiction nerd. The further away the created world was from my young reality, the more easily I could suspend disbelief.

Contemporary realism from hip hop to The Wire? I've always been kinda ambivalent. Reality's been real enough.
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15 Oct
BTW, some takes on the calculus behind Harris and the Obamas' generation of Black folks miss nuances of those 1960s Boomer/Gen-X cuspers' logic.

That was my aunts, uncles & cousins' cohort. I read Becoming and... yeah, that's them.

1970s wave were different. We saw the cracks.
The difference is that crack hit when they were grown. We faced it while in middle & high school.

Aspirational Black folk like the Obamas & Harris were like that cohort in my family - they were in college and/or moved to Atlanta before things got bad, real bad.

We were kids.
We did not need anyone coming up than us to tell us that all the systems were broken beyond us, and institutions weren't it. Hm.

Now, we won't say much to you, most of us...

Just know we're thinking "Tell us something we don't know."

(How many of us do you see in politics?!)
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15 Oct
This resonates. My mom & dad-who-raised me were early Boomers (late 1940s/early 1950s). Their great-grandparents were all born enslaved.

My bio dad was born in 1921. Recently learned one of my paternal great-grandparents was born in 1862.
I'll catch up on Black Writers' Talk after FIYAHCON & our Celebration of Writing and Literacy here, but when I talk about my elders #onhere, I am talking about folks who were children during the nadir period & Jim Crow.

The Emancipation Generation were *their* elders.
For most Black US Gen-Xers, that generation is our 2x great-grandparents. But exceptions abound. One of my 8 biological great-grands was born enslaved. For others, it'll be more...

And for some of us with older parents, it might be our grandparents.
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15 Oct
Morning 🙏🏾 call in 15, then my schedule is 9:30-7 today. 2 panels, multiple meetings, then #KidLitAtGSE tonight. No breaks. Thankfully, today is the only day like this in October...
It’s not the 9:30 to 7; it’s the “no breaks - eating is optional, but you gotta run for a potty break while at home” for me.
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