@ProudSocialist To those who argue that Joe Biden, and Democrats in general, would be the "lesser of two evils", and that continuing the status quo is our only option, I present the following thread for why that argument is complete bullshit:
@ProudSocialist They ALWAYS double down on the status quo...and that's because THAT'S what their billionaire establishment donors want. And it's what they've beeen doing for 52 FUCKING YEARS now. They've had HALF A CENTURY to "move left" and represent the People...and they REFUSE TO.
@ProudSocialist How many more decades must we "wait and have patience"? How many more times must we vote for "the lesser of two evils"? How many more must suffer and die in ignominy and poverty before the rest of you wake up and realize that they will NEVER change as long as you enable them?
@ProudSocialist You are like an abuse victim who keeps going back to their abuser, because "he swears he's going to change this time". And then you--and everyone else--takes a beating for the next 4 years, until they hold up the next Boogeyman for you to fear...and then you rinse and repeat.
@ProudSocialist Under their watch, what have you EVER gained? You talk about the status quo--what has even remained the SAME for the 99% of us who they DON'T represent? The middle class, once 60% of this country, is down to less than half of that since the mid-70s.
@ProudSocialist Wages haven't moved in 45 years--by the measuring stick of inflation, GDP and cost of living, the minimum wage should be $22/hour--it's less than a THIRD of that. The education level in the workforce, which rose from 9% to 24% by 1975, has actually declined since then.
@ProudSocialist People of color are in more danger now than at any point since the early 60s. LGBTQ are under threat. Brown-skinned people, both Hispanic and Muslim, have been demonized by BOTH parties for a generation. Unions, once the backbone of our industry, have been DECIMATED.
@ProudSocialist In every single area that benefits PEOPLE, we have declined and gotten worse under the bootheels of the establishment. EVERY. SINGLE. AREA. And yet, people like you blindly march to the voting booths every 4 years to ensure it continues, and then vote-shame those who woke up.
@ProudSocialist The politicians on both sides DO NOT CARE about improving anything for us, or saving democracy, or even saving the planet. Why? BECAUSE THE BILLIONAIRES WHO CONTROL THEM AND FILL THEIR POCKETS WITH CASH DON'T CARE. And until we revolt against this, NOTHING will ever change.
@ProudSocialist It's ironic--one of the biggest reasons why the American colonies revolted against the British was "taxation without representation". And yet, here we are, with our OWN government doing exactly the same thing, and you think the solution is to keep voting for that???
@ProudSocialist They say that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and exoecting different results". That is LITERALLY what all of you are doing, and HAVE BEEN DOING for 52 years! And yet, even NOW, you refuse to see this simple fact.
@ProudSocialist BOTH parties are refusing, blatantly, to support M4A, even in the face of the worst pandemic we have seen in a CENTURY. They refuse to give any of us more than a one-time $1,200 check in the middle of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression.
@ProudSocialist And they're doing this while Trump and Republicans crafted legislation that sent $8.2 TRILLION to billionaires and big corporations in three "stimulus bailouts" since 2018...AND DEMOCRATS SIGNED OFF ON IT! They made a public stink about Trump's Supreme Court nominees...
@ProudSocialist ...but did nothing to stop it other than pick up their proverbial toys and go home in a pout. Nancy Pelosi was just interviewed by Wolf Blitzer the other night, and gave the same bullshit, tone-deaf, same-old same-old talking points that ALL OF THEM keep spouting.
@ProudSocialist She literally told a bunch of school kids that she would never support the Green New Deal, while they begged her to save the planet for their generation. She gave a tour of her mansion and bragged about her DUAL $12,000 REFRIGERATORS while millions of Americans suffer and starve.
@ProudSocialist She is the full-on embodiment of Marie Antoinette, thumbing her nose at the poor, starving masses, and saying, "Let them eat cake." And yet, those like you keep voting to SUPPORT THIS. And then tell or demand that the rest of us fall in line like mindless sheep.
@ProudSocialist Progressives are riding through the streets, screaming at you that, "The Redcoats are coming!", and the lot of you say, "Well, *I* don't see them at MY doorstep", and go back to burying your heads in the sand. And you wonder why we're so fucking livid???

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