While Fox News has not independently verified the Post’s reporting, Fox has spoken to one of the people who was copied on the email about the Chinese energy firm, who confirmed its authenticity.
No, we won't look over there, not over here. Adam Schiff is the biggest liar in a town full of liars. CIA officers MUST be barred from public office.
Also those with "odd predilections" ala Ed Buck, best friend, serial killer/freak/CA ELECTOR under arrest. ImageImage
Adam Schiff, liar, leaker and at the minimum Seditious Conspirator. But wait! There's more. Adam is 🥎🥎deep in the Ukraine gas kick back scheme (and ARMS) that was guarded ferociously by the criminals we called diplomats and "NGO" asset Chapula ImageImageImageImage
Back to Adam's bestie, Ed Buck for just a second. Ed Buck, big time mover and shaker in California Democrat politics for decades in currently incarcerated awaiting trial. Bail was denied as Ed is a clear and present danger to the community.
The Ed Buck crime spree (the part that's undisputed) ED BUCK is a SERIAL PREDATOR. Ed chose young black men to kill. Ed is a twisted human being. This is a year ago.
Who are California's electors? California gets 55 electoral votes and one of them is ED BUCK'S VOTE. Wrap your mind around that. WHO ELSE did they choose? HOW? LEVERAGE? BLACKMAIL? KOMPRAMAT (Schiff LOVES that word- so much time taking the $$$)
Adam Schiff and Peter Montgomery (PETE BUTTIGIEG) have many shared interests besides being CIA assets. See the graphic for their twists/entanglements- this is some seriously twisted sh*t. Image
I am everything Adam Schiff is not. I behave. I do not cheat. I do not lie. I do not steal. I do not violate the innocent. Why are you trying to appear child-like Adam? What DID happen that night Anthony Bourdain heard all the commotion at the hotel? His death is not random. Image
Adam do you participate in "Spirit Cooking"? Was Bourdain a "special chef" who knew too much? We SEE YOU. We know it's all connected. Hiding in plain sight. You people are sick. That word is insufficient. ImageImageImageImage
Adam Schiff we see you. You are a liar and a leaker. When you can't get facts you make up garbage and read it into the Congressional Record - you never DREAMED you got punked that bad!
Adam Schiff, you fellow clowns help you lie and leak- this is Sedition and your time will come. I can hardly wait for 11/3/2020. The real show begins.
Democrats may be stupid as Hillary proclaimed, but I suspect most are not. I suspect enough information has been received and enough are waking up and THINKING. Bad news for Democrats. Image
The Democrat plan has been the same for years- have so many scandals erupt at once (remember the Bimbo eruption and Whitewater- the ORIGINAL CHINAGATE?) that you miss the big scandals. Not this time ImageImageImageImage
Back to the Bidens
Hunter Biden email detailing alleged Chinese ties confirmed by source: report
Hunter Biden’s deals ‘served’ China and Chinese military, new film claims
6 facts about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China
'Riding the Dragon': Documentary probes Hunter Biden's dealing in China
Investments bolstered companies linked to Chinese military
A Tuesday New York Times article confirms revelations in Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book Secret Empires regarding the $1.5 billion deal Hunter Biden’s private equity firm secured from the state-owned Bank of China - omitted other data:
Is Hunter the Fredo of this GODFATHER saga?

Joe's accomplished NOTHING for his constituents in his 47 years but he's become ENORMOUSLY wealthy. Emails show Hunter had to "kick money up" to Joe
Look Adam, we can chew gum and walk at the same time!
Adam Schiff-Ukraine connection comes under scrutiny
and that conviction stands!

Between 2012 and 2014 — when his father Joe Biden served as Vice President — Hunter Biden worked as a go-between to Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakh oligarch with close ties to the country’s longtime kleptocratic leader Nursultan Nazarbayev

and there's more... Image
Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida who is a member of the Trump impeachment legal team, outlined on Jan. 27, 2020 the concerns she said the president had about potential corruption on the part of the Bidens in Ukraine
Ukrainian Oligarchs [thieves/mob bosses] Privat Bank and the land rush in America. Bribes for all! The OPTIMA SCHEMES
It's all connected. Feel sick yet?
Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,”
Now that you know how Judge Ronnie Abrams and Greg Andres are connected ......
Who is Dan Abrams?
Brother of Judge Ronnie Abrams?
Chief Legal Affairs anchor for ABC News and host of The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law
Refresher- Judge Ronnie Abrams spouse is:
Greg Donald Andres is an American attorney, who most notably served as an Assistant Special Counsel for Russian interference in 2016 United States elections under Robert Mueller
Ronnie Abrams is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. YES- THAT SDNY
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronnie_Ab… Image
Dan & Ronnie Abrams are the spawn of FLOYD ABRAMS
Claim to fame: Abrams represented The New York Times in 1971 during the Pentagon Papers case
He has argued 13 (yes THIRTEEN) times before SCOTUS (assume he won't mess up his cabal numerology and go back)
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floyd_Abr… Image
Who is Ronnie Abrams? Oh this little scam gets juicy!
💥That was quick: Judge in case of Devon Archer associate Bevan Cooney, who turned over emails to journos, is 💥spouse of Mueller prosecutor💥and sister of Dan Abrams, media megaphone. libertyunyielding.com/2020/10/17/tha…
Judge Abrams job of keeping the cabal out of was unsuccessful. Her attempt to spring Devin Archer failed. At what cost? 💥Ronnie Abrams did not kill herself
Court reinstates fraud conviction for Hunter Biden business partner

• • •

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Ever have something and didn't quite know where to start? Everything is so interconnected I don't know where to begin. This is Dearman, his "friend" Josiah Bruny who's got a big in at Redlands California and connections to HRC & Haiti
Redlands was established by big money from NYC. Alfred Smiley served as the First president of the Family Service Association
Always about the kids...
More on Redlands. I feel the location is important but I can't verbalize exactly why. Spidey senses. So I'm adding background. I don't think the location is coincidental. This is a town of enormous wealth going back to it's inception.
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Marxist Pope Francis pushes Communism (while amassing plunders of war and suffering of Africa and elsewhere)
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Flashback-34 Chilean bishops said on Friday they had offered to resign en masse after attending a crisis meeting this week with Pope Francis about the cover-up of sexual abuse in their country.
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What has been revealed?
HSBC allowed fraudsters to move millions of dollars of stolen money around the world, even after it learned from US investigators the scheme was a scam.
JP Morgan allowed a company to move more than $1bn through a London account without knowing who owned it. The bank later discovered the company might be owned by a mobster on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.
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This is quite some tale:
A former Signal Peak mining executive and developer of Billings’ largest mansion was sentenced Friday to five years in federal prison and three years supervised release for a $20 million fraud scheme.
This stone mega mansion is located at 5650 Canyonwoods Drive in Billings, Montana and is situated on 108 acres of land.
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Prominent New York Lawyer Steve Barnes Socata TBM-850 Crash on 2 Oct 2020
Youtube analysis by Juan "Blanco lirio" - long time jumbo jet pilot, much knowledge of all things aircraft.

7 out of 10...

Prominent New York Lawyer Steve Barnes dead in private plane crash Oct 2, 2020. Who was Steve Barnes?
Prominent New York Lawyer Steve Barnes dead in private plane crash Oct 2, 2020. Who was Steve Barnes?
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