if there is one thing that galls me, it's the self righteous sanctimony of partisan weather vane "experts" like @KrutikaKuppalli making appeals to their own authority and trying to shame others into silence

but when you pile rank hypocrisy on top of that, it becomes intolerable.

she loves to hector others on what an expert she is and expressing that "she knows the science" and you don't.

the issue here is that she's a partisan liar

she agreed with what scott is saying now as recently as march. she said that was science
it turns out she used to know the science as recently as february of this year.

scott's science. the actual science.

march really as that flight picture is from march 11.
but good luck finding it. she deleted it.

it used to be here.

but the internet remembers krutika. it always does.

this is why i'm screenshotting all of this.

for posterity.
here she is AGAIN extolling her expertise & explaining that this is based in "evidence" & telling people (correctly) that masks are epidemiological cosplay.

if you are on the side of science, you should not wear a mask.

now she is just a fountain of empty credentialism.
yesterday, she is once more proudly proclaiming herself to be on the side of science, yet retweeting this pseudoscientific garbage that she herself would have and did call pseudoscientific garbage in back march.

quite a volte face, non?
from this strong excoriation of masks once more rooted in her "expertise."
don't wear masks. i am SO tired of you guys questioning my expertise when i say this!!!

i know the science. listen to me.
to "let's attack scott for not being a real expert for believing everything i said was the expert consensus this spring.

this is as shameful as it is pathetic.

it's a power and grant hungry phony pointing in whatever direction she thinks will best serve her.
it's not medical science, it's political science and kuppalli is everything she purports to hate: a fake expert adopting a self serving position of convenience to serve her personal goals.

self righteous hypocrisy is grotesque.

it has no place in science, medicine, or policy.
it's painfully obvious that she abandoned her actual beliefs and training and switched jerseys to the other team in hopes of being on the winning side and reaping personal benefits

trying to wrap that in a cloak of virtue should disqualify her from the public trust

she's a hack
sorry, gotta tack on more on the end.

here she is attacking other docs for recommending masks.

switches teams, plays the same game.

do we think she knows it was hippocratic oath and not hyppocritic oath?

(and this woman has testified to congress)
sorry, these are just too good.

today vs march.

this is about to become some sort of hypocrisy singularity.

• • •

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19 Oct
another great data thread from harald who has been churning these out for months.

key takeaway: while sweden counts covid deaths very aggressively, it has not made their all cause deaths over the flu season high.

they look just like 2013-18.

there was no "crisis."
89% of swedish deaths were 70+ years old.

this may have had to do with how incredibly low their death counts were last year

many people outlived actuarial expectancy, then sweden mean reverted

this "dry tinder" issue has been highly predictive globally

"covid deaths" are reported many different ways. the swedes use a very inclusive count.

any death for any reason within 30 days of a covid diagnosis. Image
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19 Oct
this is what lockdowns look like.

people do not go to hospitals even for serious conditions like stroke and heart attack. deaths from suicide, drug OD, and mental health issues soar.

cancer screening and treatment gets missed.

read this whole thread. it's sobering.
There’s something wrong, there’s something going on and it needs to be sorted out,” Robert Anderson, chief of mortality statistics at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a recent interview with Politico. “This is highly unusual.”

can anyone seriously be wondering what's causing this?

why, it's almost as if isolation, alienation, and unremitting fear wrapped up in a disingenuous self righteous virtue signaling are bad for mental and emotional well being.

i mean, look what it's done even to "experts"...
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18 Oct
several months back, the danes undertook a large, randomized, controlled mask study

it has been completed for some time

the lead investigator says they will publish it "as soon as a journal is brave enough to accept the paper"

sounds like the results do not support mask use... Image
given the fearsome government pressure on this topic & the intense slant in the journals, if this showed that masks worked, they'd have all the top publications fighting over it.

the results must be terrible. even no efficacy seems mild for this kind of response

was it "harm"?
because that would not be at all surprising, especially if they actually measured adverse events as well

this large, well run study showed that even fitted masks used by trained surgeons in operating theaters increased risk of post op infection. (by 34%)

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17 Oct
you want to see true bravery and scientific and intellectual integrity?

try this:

ms kuppalli throws down the gauntlet!

and i respond with several sets of data showing mask inefficacy.

her response: block the cat.

could there be a clearer admission that she has no argument?

this is the sort of weak rejoinder i think many of us have come to expect from the political arm of team apocalypse.
i guess we'll never know just why she recanted all the anti-mask science her much vaunted expertise had taught her and flipped to the opposite position.

you'd think such an "expert" would have clear data and be able to share it.

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17 Oct
fun thread on the early covid response of andy cuomo. predictably, the facts tell a VERY different story than the big book of fairy tales he just published.

and this does not even get to the horrific policy of forcing cov+ patients into nursing homes then lying about it.
that policy was among the worst in the world. 6 US states did it. they are ~19% of us population. they had 45% of covid deaths. the same thing happened in spain, italy, quebec, and everywhere it was tried.

andrew did it. then he lied about it. then he tried to cover it up.
it was his order. he put his name on it. then, when asked about it, claimed to not know who did it.

then, he changed the way NY state reported nursing home deaths to hide the results of his policy.

this was deliberate and dishonest.
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16 Oct
can literally anyone be surprised by this?

we knew this all along.

this is why the NIH allowed gilead to change the primary endpoint of this trial 2 weeks before it read out: because it provided no survival benefit and they could see it in the data.

this drug would have failed a fair trial. they literally changed the rules in the middle and found a subset (recovery) that was, frankly, not that efficacious either, and jammed it through

i'm sure it had nothing do do with the 8 people paid by gilead on the NIH panel for covid
how is that not a massive conflict of interest?

how were these people not recused?

this was an extreme and one might even say outlandish action to take.

it does not appear to have been done with clean hands.

is that how you want your drugs approved?
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