Modernity has lost a sense of the pure sensual or eroticism due to the complete commodification of it. All of the current sensual or eroticism has been commercialize to sell at the maximum amount. But in doing so, it has lost that deeper sensual value. (1)
The same can be said of spirituality and of religion in general. The deeper, more spiritual natures of both have been watered down into a mass consumable product. It's a grey corporate product with no real value or meaning anymore. (2)
The taboo has become the norm, society has commodified so much that people are desperate for an authentic version of everything. People long and desire a real authenticity in their relationships, their religions, and in their communities. (3)
We've been dragged out into the abyss of the hyper-reality of the corporate/capitalist hellscape, but this place is antithetical to a true authenticity. The causal-real and the acausal-surreal offer a true authenticity, but in order to reach either, we must reject modernity. END

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11 Oct
Futurism vs Traditionalism within 3P of Italy

Since some people don't understand this I'll explain. Mussolini's Fascism has a few influences; Marinetti, Sorel, Nietzsche, d'Annunzio, and Sansepolcrismo. Fascism began as an inherently revolutionary and progressive ideology (1)
which changed due to the influence of conservative money, forcing Mussolini to sideline Marinetti and the more revolutionary elements from Fascism. d'Annunzio's Endeavor of Fiume was anything BUT traditional, having universal suffrage and anarchist and Dem-republican elements (2)
Sansepolcrismo-a movement made by Mussolini, which promoted the idea that the ruling class be composed of WW1 vets; along with having republicanism, anti-parliamentary, and anti-clerical ideas. Mainly seeking a Left wing audience gaining the attention of many (3)
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10 Oct
Story time
>2018 end of summer
Mt friend revealed to me what fren2 had done. Fren2 attempted to sell me out to our superiors, a deal with the devil, to try an save himself from their onslaught against us. Normally I would declare him a traitor and rip him part, (1)
but, his deal backfired and he got burned hard because of it. So I let slip that I was going to confront him on this. The rumor reaches him, and he immediately comes to see me. He explains him, but refuses to ask for forgiveness, saying the he is undeserving of that (2)
I forgive him on the spot. For he had suffered greatly and I knew that now he would remain loyal to me. I kept a close eye on him though, and never betrayed me again. He helped me out when my body was broken afterwards. He is still my friend even now (3)
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8 Oct
What is art? It is the expression of the truth, a manifestation of the truth. When a true artist enters into that Dionysian mentality and is able to pour out such raw emotion that is being directed in such a way, then and only then does he express true art. Image
When the artist makes a pen stroke, the musician a keynote, or a when words are arranged in such a way that express a higher quality, that is art. Art that represents the divine truth of the metaphysical source. Image
When your art is within accordance of that truth, you are committing an act of religious worship, a devotion to the divine. All art, true art, is sacred, for it is a reflection of the truth as expressed through the artist Image
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4 Oct
Dionysus is Odin

Both Gods deal in the realm of madness, either a form of madness of battle lust (berserkers) or a madness from ritual madness and religious ecstasy. However, there is the madness that Lovecraft described, the madness of knowledge. Image
When man knows that which is beyond his station, he can be enveloped in madness. Nietzsche would use the name of Dionysus while suffering from his own mental illnesses (madness).
Although not directly referenced, Nietzsche has spoken of an unknown god that some believe to be Odin; specifically Nietzsche's poem The Unknown God, The Mistral Song, and within Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
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1 Oct
On Yggdrasil and the symbol of the Tree: the tree itself expresses a universal force while also represents the personification of the Divine mother/nature goddess. The tree is also a symbol of dominion and of a universal empire as seen in Prestor John Holger, and in Tolkien 1 Image
Yggdrasil rises before the Well of Urðr and the apples are guarded by Iduun. The Well of Urðr obviously a symbol for wisdom, Odin sacrificed himself upon Yggdrasil and gazed downward into the well and gained the knowledge of the runes. 2
In the vedas, the drink soma is the same as eating Iduuns apples, it gives immortality. The Apples give to those who consume them Dominion and Immortality, meaning that they transcend the mortal understanding and achieve a form of enlightenment. 3
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