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17 Oct, 8 tweets, 4 min read
Interesting considering current news.
I'll transcribe a bit of it.
09/24/2020 Lude's broadcast: 3 hard drives, provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America

As for what's on it?

3:29 "Hunter Biden in disturbing acts with children not treating Chinese as human beings, filmed by the CCP."
10/16/2020 Why Is The FBI's Top Child Porn Lawyer Involved In Hunter Biden Laptop Case?…

So just videos? Nope, more than that.
3:46 "Hunter Biden and Xi signed a secret deal 1 million for signing (it's like a tip) another 10 million after signing the agreement. The whole deal worth 4.5 billion dollars.

Note this too is part of the current laptop story.
12: Mr. Miles Guo mentioned something important during his broadcast on 9/22/2020

30: "Mr Miles Guo said the election will end in an absurd manner."

So all the info is coming from Miles Guo. - A simple search reveals he's a Chinese billionaire.
There's also another interesting angle to the video.

04: Jiang, Zeng, Meng these 3 families, if they take actions will end the CCP completely?

End the CCP? I hadn't considered that possibility.

I decoded China flipping back and forth multiple times.
The fact he mentions CCP filmed the videos, so cooperation is the most likely way the videos would end up with Trump.

That fits my decodes - and this seeming insurrection in the CCP may well explain all the confusing flip flops.
Relevant thread that goes into Biden as flipped. (lots of comms to confirm)
Note Biden Attorney doing this insanity.

It proves not only that all of this is real, but also destroys any case they could make that they have rights over what's on the laptop

• • •

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19 Oct
1. - YMCA comms

10/18/2020 Former DNI "caught me" doing YMCA in California.
Video ends after she finishes CA.

She specifically mentions she's in CA.

Which may imply part of the comm is the CA in YMCA.

Trump also doing YMCA.

10/13/2020 Donald Trump dances to YMCA at rally after telling fans he'll give them a 'big fat kiss'…
So that adds "Kiss Trump" to the list of things in the comm.

I've covered Trump Kiss comms here

Seemingly about the media having a choice to make.
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18 Oct
Nuclear Plant Comms

I cover nuclear comms a lot. check nested for comms rundown.

Short answer: Nuclear = Explosive information.

Comms = Signals sent using symbolism.

So what signal is achieved when an accident is made to order at a nuclear plant?
It depends on details. Let's go thru examples.

07/06/2016 Emergency declared at D.C. Cook nuclear plant
"steam leak"…

Ok, now let's consider the news around this time.
The day before the emergency this happened.

07/05/2016 F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email…

So why an emergency the day after? Do you remember the reaction to this? It.... was not good for Clinton.
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18 Oct
1. Oracle
10/17/2020 Supreme Court Justices Slam GOOG: Google v. Oracle Could Break Up Their Tech Monopoly

"Justices do not seem to be impressed with Google’s legal arguments as to why their alleged theft of the code was justified and proper."…
It's interesting Oracle dispute could break up GOOG.
Oracle is the one taking over U.S. TikTok operations after Trump forced a sale.

I decoded comms signifying this as a massive win. (DECLAS platform)

To see them also involved here? It's telling.
Hit pieces now being released on Oracle are also telling.

10/17/2020 Oracle Chairman Donated to Lindsey Graham PAC During TikTok Deal…
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18 Oct
1. - Asteroid Florence Comms.

09/01/2017 Huge Asteroid 'Florence' Zooms Past Earth in Record-Breaking Flyby

"Nothing this big has passed this close to Earth since we've been tracking,"…
Asteroid comms it's BOOMS in transit.

e.g. an operation in motion or compromising data out in the world.

So let's go thru this one and see if we can't figure it out.
Discovery date is telling.

01/20/1981 - Reagan 1st Inauguration
03/02/1981 - Florence Discovered
03/30/1981 - Reagan Shot

Reagan got in just like Trump and then tried to create leverage? (Florence)

Q posts about Reagan including shooting.
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17 Oct
1. - 10:10 clock comms.

10/16/2020 Tucker Carlson Interviews Bin Laden Niece Who Said She’s Gotten More Backlash for Trump Support Than for Her Last Name…

Direct link to video

10:10 as a comm has been going around a lot.
Another recent one

Chuck Grassley's only tweet on 10/10 was to discuss 10:10.

Specifically Trump's censored Press secretary's clock being stuck at 10:10 and needing a new battery. Note the error with no space between at and 10:10.
She subsequently fixed that clock.

10/14/2020 Kayleigh McEnany on being locked out of Twitter for sharing NY Post reporting

From 10:10 to 2:30.

Likely section 230 comms given censorship discussion.

Note "running out the clock"
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16 Oct
1. Repatriation Comms

10/15/2020 Painting looted by Nazis in 1933 returned to Jewish family
"The Mosse family did not lose hope," U.S Attorney for the Northern District of NY Antoinette Bacon said at a repatriation ceremony at the Albany FBI office.…
This is a dense one. Timeline helps to understand the comm here.

10/23/2019 Painting by American artist that Nazis stole recovered from N.Y. museum

"The painting will remain at the FBI's Albany office until it is reunited with Mosse"…
Same day of the FBI painting comm.

10/23/2019 Hong Kong formally scraps extradition bill for criminals that sparked protests…

Remember the comm is about "repatriation" i.e. returning an "Asset" to its place of citizenship.
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