#SanFrancisco Free Speech Event

Antifa cowards start by taking Philip Anderson's front teeth

Angle 1:
Angle 2: Antifa totalitarians take the front teeth of event organizer Philip Anderson @TeamSaveAmerica

Anderson speaks to police after losing his teeth to get infil and exfil security for his people


@SpaceForceUSA_ speaks to @TeamSaveAmerica right after losing his front teeth in the Antifa attack


@SpaceForceUSA_ previews heavy police presence and routes to the free speech rally


@SpaceForceUSA_ previews the "idea" that just punched out the teeth of free speech event organizer Philip anderson

@SpaceForceUSA_ previews the "idea" that just punched out the teeth of @TeamSaveAmerica

the idea is now throwing glass projectiles and eggs

Andrew hit

Speaker tries to cast out the commie demons in the name of Jesus

Combat Veteral Kareem Patton speaks next

as missile are hurled and antifa cowards verbally abuse him and the police


Antifa who took his teeth and hurled every derogatory name they could think of

try to shout him down.

They don't want liberty,

They don't want "diversity"

They want you dead.

Antifa is fascist.


Antifa terrorists run off others trying to attend the rally earlier

Antifa terrorists run off others trying to attend the rally

Screen capture of assailant tattoos and possible flying tooth visible here: @TeamSaveAmerica @SpaceForceUSA_ Image
"This is why Trump is going to win.

You guys [Antifa] show up and make a fool of yourselves"

- @TeamSaveAmerica

The speakers are escorted out by police as missiles continue to be hurled from the communist crowd of vile Klan fascists.

Cops are heavily armed with rifles.
View from Commie Klansman Jackboot team:
BLM/Antifa terrorists find another target to harass, assault, and steal from:

The police push back:

Black bloc communists march as they have successfully stripped civil rights from black men who don't think like them

Long March of the Black Bloc continues:
Free speech speakers escorted by heavily armed police

Antifa commies threaten police with rock missiles and continue verbal assaults on @SpaceForceUSA_ @ChandlerPappas @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 + others

Free speech speakers escorted by heavily armed police

White Antifa commies threaten and curse black men and police and continue verbal assaults on
+ others

@TeamSaveAmerica posts another photo.

The moment of the attack is capture on a screenshot - tats on the commie assailant are captured.

Black bloc continues police abuse:
The abuse continues:

Aerial of injured man in San Francisco:

Aerial view from earlier at the rally
At least 12 from the free speech event are reported as injured.

Video from @fighttheboring here:

@TeamSaveAmerica @SpaceForceUSA_ @VivaLaHaley3 @ChandlerPappas

More footage from the anarchotyrannical assault on the free speech event before evacuations:
Here is the backstory of the woman who was mob assaulted and stolen from earlier.

Her crime against the Jacobite mob thirsting for blood?

Chanting "God bless you."


Do you still think that Antifa is "just an idea"?

- Philip Anderson, in apparent emergency orthodontist chair for treatment of his teeth punched out by the Antifa thugs who jumped him for bringing another to safety

Here is the slow motion video of the "idea" removing the front teeth of a black man exercising his 1A civil liberties by holding a free speech rally

Photos of assailant tats via @tr00puRR

Black bloc allegedly marched to their Twitter HQ after stripping black men and people who don't think like them

of civil liberties. ImageImageImageImage
More aerial footage of black bloc terrorists:
The infamous idea outside Twitter HQ apparently warranted SFPD presence:

Commies capture footage of the free speech event speakers being escorted to safety by SFPD:

The commie psyop campaign against LEO apparently includes chants for rooftop suicide by SFPD overwatch.

The commie liberty rapists continue another chant:

The Klansmen apparently derive so much joy from stripping black men of their civil rights and front teeth that they created a video celebration of it:

Beer bottle allegedly hurled at @ChandlerPappas

the survivor of the execution of Jay Bishop / Aaron Danielson in Portland

by the Antifa insurgent Michael Reinhoel.

Video from Antifa captures their cheers and missiles hurled at the free speech event:

Philip Anderson gets his people into the event right after his teeth were removed by the infamous idea, Antifa

@ChandlerPappas @VivaLaHaley3 @SpaceForceUSA_ @fighttheboring

Communists celebrate uprooting the tree of liberty and stripping black men of their civil rights:

Commies love their self-congratulatory music videos as they trample the freedom of minorities:

Stolen and burned Blue lives matter flag serve as trophies for their collection: Image
#SanFrancisco commies not only successfully repealed Prop 209 in CA

But reveal themselves to be Klansmen celebrating the forcible removal of black men from the public square who don't adopt the ideology of dead white German men.

Note: The victims of the Klan? Republicans
The trump supporter I believe to have been beaten earlier by the commies is treated for pepper spray.

Another here is treated for pepper spray:
Trump supporter taken for treatment:
Communist cultural revolutionaries clashed with police:
The tattoos on the initial assailant are being examined:

Chants and speeches outside the Twitter HQ:

"Space that belongs to the people"

The exact type of phrase used by the Nazi reich in living memory

to mechanically exterminate my distant relatives who polluted and invaded their Lebensraum "living space."
Back to coverage from @SpaceForceUSA_

The communist lemmings (no offense to lemmings) spew slander and their agit prop at the free speech event speakers as the police await van transport.


Anderson, freed of his front teeth by the "peaceful protestors," speaks to the racist communists who are slandering him and the other free speech event speakers.

Praying for you guys @ChandlerPappas @VivaLaHaley3 @SpaceForceUSA_ @fighttheboring

Cops arrived in force as communists coagulate against the free speech event speakers waiting for secure exfil.


Exfil comes just in time for the free speech event speakers.

@SpaceForceUSA_ notices the Trump flag from the assault on the Trump supporter by the atavistic communist anarchoterrorists.

Free speech event speakers make it to their car garage via police exfil.

News people briefly interview @SpaceForceUSA_ on their escape from the parking garage before any communist hordes have the chance to track and exterminate them for daring to hold a free speech event in #sanfrancisco.

Message from combat vet Kareem Patton: Follow Philip Anderson @TeamSaveAmerica!

Footage of the trump supporter to be posted below in this thread when located.

@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

Patriots were ambushed b4 they could get to the event. Please pray for those hurt by Antifa today.

@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

Patton: This event was... about free speech, tech censorship, and... our God-given rights, 1A rights endowed to us by our Creator.
@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

@SpaceForceUSA_ shows the missing tooth of @TeamSaveAmerica from which Anderson was liberated by the communist redistributists.

@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

Combat Veteran Kareem Patton: My oath "was always to the Constitution of these United States."

@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

@VivaLaHaley3 - "You need to start looking at what you guys are doing. You are literally doing everything that you're supposed to be 'against.' "
@SpaceForceUSA_ @TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring + combat vet Kareem Patton recap:

Squad popping over to Nevada trump rally tomorrow.

Check out their livestreams then!
Twitter commie-anons call for more violence since their Jacobite blood lust is not sated.

They also started their hate meme factory right up.

Possible face of one of the attackers in the bottom right. ImageImageImage
@tr00puRR makes the connection that the man in the aerial shot here:

Is actually the Trump supporter beaten and put on a stretcher.… ImageImageImageImage
Updated photos of Mr. Tat man shared by @tr00puRR here:

Footage here of others were getting roughed up in #SanFrancisco:

This is the guy that @TeamSaveAmerica came out to save from the communist jackboots.

Then the communists took @TeamSaveAmerica's two front teeth.

More photos emerge of the assaulted Trump supporter from San Francisco

and other violent act of the left

via @EthanSwopePhoto

Foxnews coverage here:… ImageImageImageImage
Why does the left use violence?

Anarchoterrorist socialists have been using terror since the 19th century.

Read "Blood and Rage" by @BurlM11 on the history of terror. See Ch. 3: Shoot, Stab, Burn, Poison, and Bomb: Theorists of Terror

The history of anarchoterrorism is drenched in blood of their victims and there were always propagandists willing to justify their actions for the socialist utopia they might herald.

Ideas have consequences.

What happens when your local officials stand down the militia and underestimate the anarchist left?

LEOs die.

The socialist anarchoterrorists have been killing innocent bystanders and assassinating heads of state since the 19th c.

Back to the modern "peaceful protestors..."

@shanermurph and @tr00puRR have found some more tats of tatman 2, the 161 crew affiliate swing a punch on a conservative... for being at a free speech rally. ImageImageImageImage
This is the toll on LEO.

via @tr00puRR

Meanwhile, tatman 2 and his 161 crew make their job harder than it already is with their premeditated extrajudicial pre-emptive iolence on people who don't think like them.

Last update for tonight:

Here is a super rough compilation of a few clips of footage of the events of violence with the assaults on @TeamSaveAmerica synced up:

@SpaceForceUSA_ @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring @ChandlerPappas @tr00puRR @selfdeclaredref @KittyLists @AdamCrigler
Update from @SpaceForceUSA_ :

The commies found the location of @SpaceForceUSA_ and crew and attempted mace combat vet Kareem Patton:

Here is the IG page for a "161 crew" seen assaulting conservatives.. while wearing their merch...

Tats on tatman 2 visible. ImageImageImageImage
Interview coming up at 11am by @dannoyes of ABC 7 News with Philip Anderson:

CBSN Bay Area interview released on 10/18/20:

CBS finds the obligatory "peaceful protestor"

@TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring @SpaceForceUSA_ @ChandlerPappas

Pt. 1 via @tr00puRR
CBSN Bay Area
@TeamSaveAmerica @VivaLaHaley3 @fighttheboring @SpaceForceUSA_ @ChandlerPappas

"Police... allowed those counter protestors to do their march... and keep things safe and peaceful after those trump protestors left."

Pt. 2 via @tr00puRR
Example of the "safe and peaceful" Klansmen/communist/anarchoterrorist black bloc clashing with police

"after those trump protestors left."

One of the assailants on @TeamSaveAmerica Philip Anderson, slowed down:

Reference photos via @tr00puRR

More photos emerge of assaults and exfil of free speech event organizers: ImageImageImageImage
Video of the assault on the trump supporter captured here:

Possible assault on a minor by black bloc captured on a stream at 1:07

Via @tr00puRR

Another assault:

YT Channel Hidden Americans

"We went to San Francisco to protest tech censorship and ended up assaulted and pepper sprayed by Antifa terrorists for doing no more than wearing a MAGA hat."

Police Escort the Hidden Americans YouTubers from the San Francisco Free speech event after they were assaulted by Pinko-Commie Hamas:
Hidden Americans YouTubers debrief in the police escort extracting them from the communist mob stripping Americans of civil liberties on US soil.

Video from outside San Fran Twitter HQ... He put on a trump hat in the middle of the commies.

"These people can't make you afraid. I took some punches and got hit by 15-16 people threatening to kill me... "

"I don't feel like I got hit by ONE man."

Here is the video of the Hidden Americans YouTuber being assaulted and his MAGA hat stolen by the communist jackboots intent on more liberty rape.

@mallorymoench captures a third angle of the communists removing the front teeth of Philip Anderson before they proceed to continue their liberty gang rape, stripping away the civil liberties of all of the free speech speakers and event attendees.

@tr00puRR catches part of the ABC 7News interview with #PhilipAnderson @TeamSaveAmerica about his attack in San Francisco for daring to hold a free speech rally.

@mallorymoench films two senior citizens pushed to the ground by the communist hordes. Their elders retreat to the police lines as Antifa returns to their hate crimes, seeking more targets to devour.

Antifa San Francisco 10.17.20 Assaults Compilation 2.0:

Includes 3rd angle of the assault on @TeamSaveAmerica, the assault on the Hidden American Youtubers, the assault on the alleged minor Patriot, plus the background footage of the Asian lady hunted for saying God bless you.
Man (seen in the photos and on a stretcher) swarmed and abused by the communist mob speaks:

A kick from the idea Antifa: patella was fractured and patella tendon was allegedly torn according to his doctor.

Pt 1:
via @tr00puRR
Pt 2:
via @tr00puRR
"Upon falling to the ground, I was kicked, stomped, and pepper sprayed.

My wife Gina returned to be next to me as I was on the ground being kicked and stomped.

But then she was hit..."
3: Antifa claims to be for the minorities but they are not. They are for violence and terror and it was just horrendous.
We actually just got married... and just got back from our honeymoon.

My husband saved me. He told me to run.
Pt. 4: "[Antifa] are showing the signs of communism.

If they win...

They will be emboldened to snuff out free speech.

Our biggest hope?

Recognize the hypocrisy.


via @tr00puRR
Pt. 5:

"Thank you for watching. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes and if you find it in your heart, please contribute to our GoFundme.

We were just starting out..."

Our GoFundMe:

via @tr00puRR
If you have ability to give, they can sure use your support and your prayers:

Their video telling the story of Antifa's attack:

(audio improves: no time to fix)

My short compilation of footage of the assaults on Marc and Gina.:
SFPD release: Suspect arrested, booked, and charged with mayhem (203 PC) with a hate crime enhancement (422.75(a) PC).

Thread here by @tr00puRR on the suspect's IG history and confirmation of tattoos matching the suspect who removed Philip's teeth: ImageImageImageImage
More footage from @GoodvibeMonkey located by @fighttheboring shows the moment where Marc and Gina were viciously assaulted by Antifa as photographers look on.

161 Crew throws the initial punch that takes Marc to the ground.

Compilation 2.0 of the assaults on Gina and Marc:
Slow mo starting at 0:27 from @tr00puRR.
3 men assault Marc
-Peacock tattoo attacks initially from the back
-Followed by one kick which missed his head
-Another person tried to stomp his leg

161 Crew Peacock arm tattoo appears to throw the initial punch that takes Marc to the ground.

161 is an international (Polish I believe) Antifa terror organization.

See @tr00puRR ImageImageImageImage

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