Americans all across the country are showing their support in every way they can for @realDonaldTrump . They wait in hours long lines for rallies, they knock on doors, they join parades of boats, cars, trucks, tractors and even buggies.

All to combat the fake media narrative.
When they are at home, they search for information about the President online because they do not trust you media.
They watch his speeches through live streams.
They know the polls are wrong. They are SHOWING you the polls are wrong.

And guess what?
The data on voting shows ...
They are voting in huge numbers.
The media wants you to believe there is a HUGE number of silent and angry Democrats out there that will vote hm out.
Their models are based upon this.

There is ZERO fact based evidence of this being true.

There is OTOH that there are...
A sizeable number of Trump voters out there that are scared to say they support him because of cancel culture.

So, all those people out there you see?
Its much, much bigger.

We are going to vote.
We will vote to rid ourselves of DC corruption
We will vote to save our country
We will vote for the future of our children and grandchildren

We are Americans.
The Home of the Free and the Brave
Home of boundless optimism and opportunity

We are not irredeemable
We are not deplorable
We are not racists
We do not want our country to be fundamentally transformed.
We strive to better ourselves through individual freedom not government controlled oppression


• • •

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More from @mizdonna

17 Oct
It grows a bit tiring to me when every single time I see @mtgreenee name in a news report, she is referred to as the Qanon candidate by 'straight news reporters'.
I find it sexist and wrong.

No other candidate is labeled.

You never see:
Adam Schiff referred to as the Russian Hoaxer in chief Representative


Hank Johnson referred to as the Guam will tip over representative

Steve Cohen referred to as the bucket of chicken representative
Swallwell as the farting on camera representative

Because we don't allow one event to define someone forever, unless perhaps they are a Conservative woman running for Congress.
I support @mtgreenee and so do a lot of other people. We support her because she is a strong woman. She is a fighter. She supports the Constitution.
Read 4 tweets
15 Oct
I have been talking a lot over the past couple of months about the effect of new gun owners on the election.

In June, we were told that 40% of the guns purchased in the first half of 2020 were to first time gun owners. I have also seen 5 million new gun owners.
I think the 2A will pay a big role in the election. People know where the Democrats stand on this issue vs Trump.

I wanted to see where the guns were being purchased.

I used this link.
I took it state by state, and compared 2019 to 2020.

Because we do not have 12 months of full data, I took the 2019 # for each state, divided by 12 to get an average per month, and then multiplied by 9 to get close to an apples to apples comparison.
Read 13 tweets
15 Oct
Just tried to post the latest NYPost article showing Bidens ties to China.

For some reason, its not posting.
Went back to @JasonMillerinDC TL to reaccess and the link is now not working.
Read 5 tweets
12 Oct
It was reported today that Potus wants to give a speech on the road everyday until the election.

He will probably go to every swing state. It is a psyop to overcome the polls.
Supporters will be out in force. Data from the rallies will be released.

Biden will be where?
Harris decided that the judiciary committee room is too dangerous this week so she will be hiding in her office.

Biden will be where?
The optics will be worse than 2016 for Biden.

They had a joint event in AZ and no one came.

They tried to have a car rally in Miami today. Maybe 30 cars were there vs 30k for Trump yesterday.
Read 4 tweets
10 Oct
Hope is powerful.

Hope can overcome fear

Faith is powerful

Faith and hope are powerful.

Don't give into fear.

It is not biblical. It is not what we are called to do.
On the political side of things. I am hopeful. The President and VP are hopeful. The VP over and over again in the debate the other night expressed hope in the American people to overcome.

Today and tonight in his interviews with Rush and @marklevinshow Potus expressed
Faith in the American people to choose the right direction for our country.
We have a choice.

Hope and Faith to help us fight

Or choosing to believe the fear porn of the disinformation campaign that confronts us EVERY SINGLE DAY
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9 Oct
I think it is good to remember something John Solomon learned from a HRC campaign staffer.

They did a focus group in 2015. Her weakest point was Russia bc of U1.

They were looking for Russia dirt on ALL the candidates from the beginning to deflect from HER Russia issue.
One thing we have never gotten an answer on.

Free Beacon swears when they hired Fusion they were just paying for domestic oppo research.

But, we know Nellie was hired in the fall of 2015 for Russia dirt.

Who paid for it?

I have always wondered that.
Read 4 tweets

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