Salinas gave them the guidelines to negotiate with the information.
"When Salinas begins his tour of the Pacific, he dedicates himself to the other side of the ongoing double task: Pleasing Colosio and finishing hoisting the hood. At a dinner in Ciudad Obregón with Don Luis
Colosio, Donaldo's father, where José Carreño Carlón and Manlio Fabio Beltrones were present. "Salinas had resorted to two new winks: referring to Sonora in his speech as a land of winners and advising two journalists included in the tour and especially close to the president,
Fidel Samaniego and Joaquín López Dóriga , treat Colosio well: “it suits them.” And what did it suit them, from then on, Doriga started juicy profits and convenient relationships with high-ranking officials and politicians in turn, to the extent of being considered
"official government spokesman "
Through various companies the driver and his wife received contracts from the federal and state governments between 2001 and 2015 for almost 240 million pesos, and spoke of interviews that were paid for by politicians and comments that, in both,
cases, are the equivalent on paper of. A month after his departure from Channel 13, the current omnipotent man of the news, who I just saw in Acapulco on a beautiful yacht that said Pemex "gazetteers - or propaganda - disguised as information."
The business grew and many more
seeing that it was an attractive business, joined. The sales network of dignity and professional ethics grew a lot. The political class was delighted to see what the "opinion leaders" guild could be used to create and manipulate information. Deception, lie and Montajes were the
Seré the products yo cell. Salamero Scripts, praise the public figure, created false heroes AND denigrate or dirty detractors AND opponents, "The Truth should not be known". Was the line to follow. Great novels of intrigue, spy, and princely romances. "To the Circus people,
And the theatricality rulet". Numerous earmings that swelled the accounts un taxi havens on the British Isles, luxurious residences un Miami, New York, Chicago AND Europe, Yacths AND valuable cars. Extreme luxury, ilicited riches. Un mid-2019 in a luxury Miami departament owned
By GGL, "partner meeting", Loret, Doriga, El Payaso, AND three More withoud identification, four former officials related to Calderón. The line was clear. "Whatever Is necessary yo discredit the old Man, there Is money, use what is requerid, send resources to the madman,
"throug well-known businessmen. Get everything oud AND nothing comes out, you have the endorsement".
We hace to move, Let's yo work.

Excellent talk with Sammy
Now it's up to you to draw your conclusions

• • •

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19 Oct
"La Chiva Loca"
In various investigations, testimonies of protected witnesses, information analysis and data tracking, bank accounts, call log, etc. The code name "La Chiva Loca" has been repeated several times since 2009, as the character who not only served as a link between .
high-ranking government officials on duty and the CS, collecting and delivering money, negotiating with state officials , confidential messaging between officials, police and military commands, customs and public ministries. "La Chiva Loca", a nickname earned when he served as a
member of the Senate, had close contact and protection from GGL and his promotion as Secretary of State was recommended to the government of Peña Nieto, who was not very sure of him due to his extensive actions of treason much mentioned in the political arena. There was no full
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18 Oct
To @ClaudioXGG
They refuse to regularize their Tax and Labor Obligations but they spend huge sums of money to destabilize the government"
One of the radical activities and actions by the Neoliberal and Right-wing groups, overwhelmingly defeated in 2018, is to make use of the
the business groups that benefited during the time they were in power. Important companies at the national and even international level obtained enormous profits thanks to the fiscal benefits they received with the forgiveness of enormous sums of money. Similarly, and thanks to
"influence peddling entrepreneurs benefited from being able to use the various government offices in their own way to expand their businesses Labor lawsuits judicial protections bank and government financing as well as permits to extend, were always inclined towards the employer
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18 Oct
Something ti have a good sunday. Pleasse read It to the end.
"After the misnamed "Culiacanazo", the leaders of the CS were upset and worried about the children of the "Patron" and complained to their political protectors, a claim that reached GGL and Calderón who sought a way to
"sow" someone they trust that he lent himself in a disguised way as a link but at the same time in an inquisitive way questioning the government. Its function, to attack politically and obtain information on operations, leak information, "hawk" and serve as a link. They needed
someone from the area, widely known in the political and social sphere, who knew the operations and with political and media power. That it was easy to manipulate and buy. But who was that person who was willing to be infiltrated and who met the requirements.
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17 Oct
President @lopezobrador_ strategy in his fight against Corruption was clear from the beginning. "Sweep the Stairs from Top to Bottom". But how high was he planning to go?
Clearly, he knows that taking the same attitudes of previous Presidents to imprison important political,
union, business, etc. personalities. The Opposition groups would come to him arguing "political persecution" "political revenge" "Dictatorial State".
One of the largest lines of corruption in the history of Mexico has for years pointed to the collusion, involvement and
participation of "High Officials" with organized crime. Money laundering, sale, transportation and distribution of drugs. Activity that takes place between Mexico and the US. Investigations on these activities for years, have been in the hands of the DEA, therefore,
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17 Oct
The huge amounts of money product of drug trafficking obtained by GGL and its accomplices were strategically placed in many bank accounts in various tax havens and cities in Europe and the United States, using for this purpose names, relatives friends, former collaborators, front
front companies, well-known journalists and former officials.
Much of that money has been used to finance smear campaigns and media hitting of the current government of Mexico. Likewise, it was used to finance Felipe Calderón México Libre, which, as it is known, was a resounding
failure The dispersion of large amounts of money will continue to flow for their legal defense but still the financing through the route of their accomplices of groups and associations that will increase the political and media hitting Journalists
Alliance of Opposition Governor
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16 Oct
The lines of research are many. The complaints are extensive. There are many names. There is a lot of evidence, testimonies and accusations. This is years in the making. Both governments have to be cautious and cooperative in the exchange of information and confidentiality.
There are several high officials involved and not only from Mexico. The connections and accomplices in the US reach out to the DEA, Border Guard, FBI, ATF, Customs Control and more. In Mexico, the level of corruption and complicity is not only in government areas, there are also
sufficient elements to investigate business groups, journalists and former public officials For years, networks of complicity have been investigated due to the participation of many who served as prestanmas for money laundering operations, drug distribution and commercialization
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