Your regular reminder that a corgi crossed with any other breed just ends up looking like a corgi disguised as the other dog.

Golden Retriever
Australian Shepherd
German Shepherd
St Bernard
Great Dane (which really poses logistics questions)
Maltese terrier
Newfoundland (!!!)
Tibetan mastiff
Basset Hound
Border Collie
Rottie # 2 (I know we've already had one but omg)
Black Lab
Well this blew up overnight, so I'm muting notifications now.

Take your meds, drink lots of water and never vote Tory.
Kind of bummed I didn't title the whole thread 'Incorgnito'
Rough Collie
Doberman 2
Irish Setter
Blue Heeler
Fucked up the threading like a doofus

• • •

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16 Sep 19
Bravely bold Sir Boris
Rode forth from Number Ten
He was not afraid to speak,
Oh brave Sir Boris.
He was not at all afraid
To be mocked in nasty ways.
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Boris.
He was not in the least bit scared
To be laughed at by the press.
Or to have his lies found out,
And his spirit broken.
To have his plan unmasked
And his party burned away,
And his suits all smushed and crumpled
Brave Sir Boris.
His greed revealed
And his wealth cut off
And his money removed
His silver spoon unplugged
And his allies disgraced
And his credibility gone
And his penis...
"That's, that's enough music for now lads, there's dirty work afoot."
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4 Aug 19
Seventies glam rock icons as moths, a thread.

1. Marc Bolan, T-Rex
2. Elton John
3. Brian Connolly, The Sweet
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26 Jul 19
Tell you what I cannot abide; British people who - when faced with a colleague with a difficult (often foreign) name - don't make even the slightest attempt to learn how to say it. They'll give them a nickname, or say some awful, mangled version and treat it like a joke. 1/
This is at best plain rude, and often just fucking racist. Yes, you might not be familiar with certain vowel sounds or consonant arrangements, but if you can say Benedict Cumberbatch or St John Featherstonehaugh, you can learn to say Ng, or Oluwale, or Belcarz. 2/
This tweet brought to you by an MD referring to a colleague called Lügenbuhl as "loogenboogiewoogie" and laughing his head off. Thankfully not to colleague's face, but in front of many junior staff. Fuck's sake.
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14 Oct 18
Schrödinger's Brexit: a short thread.
The EU: simultaneously a bloated, archaic mess of bureaucracy, AND a bullying, Mafia-like oppressive dictatorship.
Migrants: simultaneously taking all our jobs whilst lazing around on benefits.
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19 Aug 18
A short thread about periods, and how I wished older people I knew had given me more useful info at this time.
I started mine comparatively late, at 15. From the get go they were regular as clockwork, and reaaallyyyyy heavy. 1/
Thing is, I didn't really have a yardstick for what 'heavy' actually was. Nobody asked me for details, or gave me any. All I knew was that Super Plus tampons plus a towel still meant ruining pants, trousers and sheets regularly. 2/
School was hideous. I never went anywhere socially when I was on.
I used to wear two Super Plus at a time, to try and stem the tide. It didn't help.
Even well into adulthood I just thought my periods were 'heavy' and struggled on. 3/
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25 Jan 18
I think what's the most frustrating thing about 'debating' with Brexpests about, well, any aspect of this whole thing is the blithe, hand-wavey, uncritical 'everything will be OK' attitude. 1/
This is something YOU waned to happen. So why aren't you being more rigorous and focused on making sure it actually gets dealt with properly? Where are the questions about the replacement of the EMA? The provision of additional customs areas at Dover? A new EU visa office?
Why is it, that whenever a Remainer asks these questions - which should be legitimate concerns for Brexiteers - we're treated with hostility and contempt? 3/
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