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17 Oct, 11 tweets, 6 min read
1) #SealTeamSix Conspiracy Analysis:

Osama Bin Ladin supposedly died in the end of 2001.

He was afflicted with #MarfanSyndrome and also needed kidney dialysis on a regular basis.

In 2002 Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf confirmed OBL was on dialysis and maintained ....
2) that he had probably "already died."

I had this relayed to me in Africa several times in 2012 & 2013, and then subsequently in the US by both Afghanis and other people from the region.

The recent statements that Shi'a-Fundamentalist-Iran hid a hardcore ....
3) Saudi-Sunni-Salafist-Wahhabist is absurd - and my pinned tweet of several years now, details the huge schism between the Shi'a (Iran) and the Saudi Salafist-Wahhabists.

Iran and the (now) Israeli-friendly Saudis are arch-enemies.
4) Iran's Shi'a Mullahs would never hide a Sunni zealot, especially one of Saudi Arabian descent.

That is as likely as a Proud Boy hiding an #Antifa member in his basement to assist him in eluding Law Enforcement.

The images taken of the deceased and alleged OBL ....
5) do not even remotely look like him, and #Deepfake experts were already calling out his videos and audios as being falsified before his alleged "death."

You see, the US needed (and needs) to maintain a cadre of terroristic boogiemen without toilet paper and running water ....
6) lurking in caves in order to perpetuate the bogus war on terror, and to justify their ridiculous budgets.

People in the US #IC & #MIC knew about OBL's demise shortly after 9/11, but it was never publicized since their "war on terrorism" and ....
7) "winning the hearts and minds" (while bombing the shit of them) generated hundreds-of-billions, if not trillions of dollars for the #MIC.

So I believe that #BathHouseBarry and the #ByatchOfBenghazi assassinated an #OBL double in 2011, and a poor double at that.
8) As I am composing this Tweet, I did a quick search and came up with a similar theory which appears to be making the rounds - and no I do not belong to the #QLemmingCult.

9) It was a double BUT OBL IS NOT ALIVE & Iran has nothing to do with the double.

I am of the opinion that #SealTeamSix realized that it was a body double; realized they were engaging in Washington, D.C. Kabuki Theater and discussed exposing the operation as ....
10) being fraudulent.

IMHO it is possible (and sad) that within their chain of command, was an Obama loyalist, and that #SealTeamSix was "taken out of the picture," in order to maintain the disinformation narrative created by ....
11) the #BathHouseBarry administration, which was doing anything it could to boost its flagging support at that point in time.

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18 Oct
There never was any "indoctrination."

Gifted students with analytical & writing skills can have a autonomous education as long as they produce.

Politics (parties) were NEVER discussed when I was in required Pre-Thesis or Pre-Dissert classes.
My profs (Intel & Military) did not & still do not condone that shit.

My analyses were used by the US Government, my second Masters thesis on CT in Africa was stolen by the punk-ass #FBI (they claimed the work as theirs) & my dissertation publication was blocked by #FBI
My education was earned under highly qualified US Military and Intelligence personnel.

It was beneath those gentleman to discuss politics or force me to pursue a specific academic avenue.

Not all education is "indoctrination."

That is "Paradigm-Suckering."
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15 Oct
1) The talk of an "#AI-Human interface being "rolled out in the near future," is simply preemptive programming.

In all of the major cities in the United States & in large cities across the globe, they have been using frequencies to loop humankind into a #HiveMind ....
2) or better yet "a collective neural network."

I am sure you have heard all of the #IoT chatter AKA the "Internet of Things?"

What do you suppose those "Things" are?

In #IoT talk the "Things" are referred to as "nodes," which are really ....
3) "interface points" thru which #AI "pilot(s)" are empowered to "steer, drive and/or "coordinate" functions & behaviors of the nodes - which just so happen to include people in addition to devices, within the aforementioned "collective neural network."

As previously stated ....
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9 Oct
(1) In yesterday's Super-Thread, I failed to reference the role of the #ClowardPiven Strategy in the orchestrated economic collapse of America.

In 2019 I wrote the articles #SilentCoupInProgress (Part I - 06/19) & #TheRepublicHasFallen (Part II - 07/19).

(Attached Below)
(2) These two articles detail the role of the #ClowardPiven Strategy employed by the #BanksterPuppeteers hiding in the shadows - and also emphasize the role a "virus" could play in our demise - although my reference was to Ebola at the time.

Enjoy the read ....
(3) #SilentCoupInProgress (Part I - 06/19)

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8 Oct
1) People, the shit is about to hit the fan.

If you look out across the "Political & Socio-Economic Ocean of America," you will see a massive Mega-Tsunami arising, from an Uber-Lethal & Perfect Storm, which is about to set upon us & destroy America as we have known it.
2) The global elite have for centuries dominated the masses and moved behind the scenes to maintain and increase their control over the global population, most frequently utilizing conflict as their primary mechanism.

Ordo ab Chao
3) While this concept of population-control is nothing new, what we are experiencing at this very moment is an acceleration of a convergence of nexus (pl.) that will have a negative, synergistic impact on America and humanity.
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28 Sep
1) I'm not a fan of the #TrumpKushner Admin., but it is important to note that the loophole #Trump is using to AVOID taxes (not EVADE), is totally legal & is the same loophole utilized by maggots like .@SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff #Soros #Bezos to AVOID paying their taxes.
2) Per IRS, it is illegal to EVADE paying income taxes, but not illegal to AVOID paying income taxes.

This loophole is referred to as a Irrevocable, Non-Grantor, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trust-fund.

These Trust Funds aren't subject to probate law & taxes on the earnings ....
3) are essentially deferred in perpetuity, since the earnings once deposited and redistributed to the founder of the trust are considered non-taxable "endowments."

For those of you who want to dig further, the mechanism that Trump (and thousands of other politicians use) ....
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27 Sep
1) Something is greatly amiss.

Joe Biden is not capable of speaking publicly - and Harris is keeping a low profile.

The Democrats (Marxists) are not running a campaign right now.

Indeed, they are resting on their laurels and biding their time.

But why you might ask?
2) IMHO, a greater evil has to be lurking in the shadows for them to be so nonchalant.

Will it be election fraud on a scale that the #MAGA Choo Choo Crew never imagined possible, to the point that "Lord" #Trump is deposed?
3) Or will it be an undecided election, due to the aforementioned fraud, which provides for some mechanism to allow Pelosi to assume the presidency "as the country sorts itself out?"

Whatever the case, the nonchalance of the left is alarming, given Biden's non-appearances ....
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