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17 Oct, 23 tweets, 7 min read
The crowd for Trump's rally in Muskegon, Michigan.
Trump lies & says the media is predicting a "red wave" during next month's elections. He then lies about leading in early voting in Michigan. He then lies about winning a nonexistent Michigan "man of the year" award. It's getting to the point where it's news when he doesn't lie
Trump says "lock them all up" as his fans direct "lock her up!" chants toward Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who was the victim of a kidnapping/assassination plot recently hatched by Trump supporters
Trump is now devoting an entire section of his stump speech to culture war grievances and railing against "cancel culture"
TRUMP: "I read where they want to blow up Mount Rushmore. Before I got there, I mean. They want to blow it up. 'We want to blow the face off Mount Rushmore.' I don't think that is happening. I think the people of South Dakota might not handle that too well."
"Christoefor Columbus"
Trump goads his fans into booing "Indigenous Peoples Day"
Trump fans seem pretty lukewarm on whether they should wish Kamala Harris well
Trump: "San Francisco just announced plans for a fascist purge of the names of local schools, erasing the names of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson from all schools. What are we going to do about this? That's Nancy Pelosi [boos]"
Trump responds to "lock her up!" chants by saying, "are we having a good time?"
Trump fans chant "12 more years!"
For the second time in a single speech, Trump fans in Michigan direct "lock her up!" chants toward Gretchen Whitmer, who just weeks ago was the target of a kidnapping/assassination plot hatched by Trump supporters
"Hopefully you will be sending her packing soon," Trump on Gretchen Whitmer, who was elected to a 4-year term less than two years ago but was recently the target of a kidnapping/assassination plot hatched by his supporters
Trump has a hard time remembering what state Ilhan Omar represents in Congress
Trump's pitch for Minnesota is largely based on stoking racist hatred of Ilhan Omar in particular and Somali refugees in general
"There's something about that, when you watched everybody getting pushed around, there's some very beautiful about it. I don't care what anyone says. Not politically correct." -- Trump describes the National Guard getting into physical altercations with protesters as "beautiful"
Trump once again boasts about the military's "hydrosonic" missiles
"Blood on the sand" -- drink!
"January 1, I better damn well be president, I'll tell you. Well, I will be. I will be, for 20 days. Don't do this to me. You can't do that." -- Trump
"We'll be here for four years, and then if we decide to go for an extra four, or eight, or something," Trump says, prompting his fans to chant "12 more years!"
"We have made America safe again," Trump claims, as about 800 Americans a day die from the coronavirus
Trump wraps up his rally in Muskegon with some Yeltsin-style dancing to "YMCA"

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Watch this clip while reminding yourself that Trump is on track to be the first president in modern history to preside over net job loss in the country
"Lock him up!" -- for the second straight presidential campaign cycle, MAGAs are lusting for extrajudicial punishment of Trump's political foes
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19 Oct
Speaking to reporters in Phoenix, Trump lies about Dr Fauci's past statements about masks, saying "he said don't wear a mask." (Fauci never said that.)

"I don't want to hurt him. He's been there for about 350 years," Trump adds.
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"Fortunate Son" is playing before Trump's pandemic rally in Carson City, Nevada.
Trump: "I had 12 doctors around the bed, and every one was grabbing a different part of my body."
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18 Oct
Trump begins his speech in Janesville, Wisconsin, by urging the governor to "open your state up," even though coronavirus cases in the state have been spiking
"I've saved your way of life. I've saved the American dream" -- Trump
"She's extraordinarily unfair" -- Trump preemptively attacks the moderator of the next presidential debate, Kristen Welker, then pushes a conspiracy theory about Savannah Guthrie going into hiding following Thursday's NBC town hall
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Trump, speaking in Macon, has made amplifying a Russian disinformation campaign against the Bidens a centerpiece of his reelection rallies
Trump basks in big "CNN sucks!" chants. Not very many people in Trump's crowd in Macon, Georgia, are wearing masks.
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