10 Asymmetric Bets Via @naval:

Invest in startups
Start a company
Create a book, podcast, video
Create a (software) product
Go on many first dates
Go to a cocktail party
Read a Lindy book
Move to a big city
Buy Bitcoin

That's great, but let's talk specifics.

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First, a definition.

An asymmetric bet/opportunity is one where the potential returns dwarf what you invest.

If you keep making these bets over a long enough period, you will eventually win massively.
Funding a startup can 100x your investment.

Starting a business can provide almost infinite returns.

A piece of content can be replicated endlessly and spread to millions.

A piece of software can be replicated endlessly and spread to millions.
Going on many first dates can lead to finding a loving, lifelong partner, which is perhaps the greatest asset of all.

Going to a cocktail party can earn you friends, romantic partners, and business partners.
Reading classic books can lead to life-changing transformations.

Moving to a big city can lead to more opportunities (less relevant in current times).

Buying bitcoin can lead to a 10-100x payout and change the world.

Tweeting acts the same as other content.
One thing to note is that asymmetry goes the other way too.

Committing a crime could set you back for years.

Stealing from your workplace could do the same.

Cheating on your romantic partner could tear your family apart.

You must avoid these.
So, to summarize...

1. Find positive asymmetric opportunities
2. Bet what you can afford on them
3. Avoid negative asymmetric opportunities
4. Keep doing so until you get your asymmetric return

Stick to that plan, and the world will be yours.
Content creation is an asymmetric bet that I make daily, and lately, it has been paying massive dividends.

Click below to learn more (for free):


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