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17 Oct, 22 tweets, 6 min read
Lets play "Which part is cheaper?"
We have two 16-pin USB-C connectors. One costs ~20 cents and the other ~5 cents at QTY 100.

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Any idea yet?
The differences are subtle.
There is actually very little telling about "quality" here, just different processes.
Solution in the next post.
The left one with the golden contacts inside is the cheaper part. It is a "SHOU HAN TYPE-C16PIN "

The right part is a "HRO TYPE-C-31-M-12"
The biggest difference is visible here. The wings on the SHOU part are a bit cracked where they folded. This might be because they are folded faster, further or because the metal has a lower breaking point. Its totally fine though, its literally microscopic factures. Image
The HRO part is bonded slightly neater with barley visible gap. The SHOU part has a very slight gap. Again nothing dramatic. Image
As you probably noticed the HRO part has its contacts not fully coated. Not a big deal but it does technically give more attack surface for corrosion over time.
So price is not always as telling about quality as it might seem, SHOU may just have developed a more efficient process
Oh and the SHOU has shorter PCB contacts. Totally ok but actually harder to hand solder, so that might be something to consider if you purchase the parts for your projects.
Ok I thought it would be cool to also look at the mould. This is essentially what forms the connector and plays a big role in how cheap and how reliable the part is.
Here we have the HRO part. We can already see that is a very complex mould, that was certainly not cheap. Image
Other side Image
This looks like at least two pieces or a multipart mould. All these tiny slots are likely pins that retract after the moulded piece has cooled down. Those definitely increase the cost of the tool.
Here is the SHOU part. We can clearly see that its a much less complex mould and my guess this is the true origin of the price difference. Image
Other side. This also seems to be two pieces or multi part mould but a lot less complex feature wise all in all. Image
Ok so thats interesting too. The more expensive HRO part has gold coated copper (as the front pics already suggest). This coating is not super thick, I could scratch if off with my tweezers. The SHOU part though is golden through and through. ImageImage
I don't know much about metallurgy. The only thing I could imagine is gold coated brass, which would certainly make some price difference as well.
So its hard to judge how thick the gold coating actually is on the SHOU part.
If you zoom in and oversaturate the front picture of the HRO part you can see the gold coating quite well. So that we see copper in the front simply says that they coat before they cut the strips. Image
And here the proof that the SHOU part is actually two pieces (the front got damaged in my scratch tests).
The HRO part does in fact seem to be a single mould though, what I thought was a cut off was just the parting line after all. Image
Interestingly the retention clip is quite a bit larger on the SHOU part. Image

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The overcompensation is really the biggest issue, typical SLS warping would have flattened when fastened.
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