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Kei was laying on the couch in his boxer briefs and a tshirt, watching a panel on the TV. Tobio reached out another slice of apple to him from where he sat on the floor. Kei was too invested in the program that he wasn’t aware of Tobio’s prying eyes. But he felt it when Tobio+
moved from his place and climbed up to the couch, on top of Kei. He didn’t say anything since it was a habit of Tobio’s. But he couldn’t keep quiet when a pair of hands crept in his shirt, moving further as they caressed the soft skin until they reached Kei’s pecs.
“What are you doing?”
Kei’s voice was sleepy. Then Tobio shoved his head under the shirt too, tracing the way his hands took on Kei’s skin earlier with his lips this time. He felt Kei’s muscles clench under his lips.
“Hey now!” Kei put a hand on Tobio’s head. +
He didn’t try to stop his boyfriend though. Why would he when he could enjoy the attention? Especially when it got better as he felt Tobio’s tongue on his right nipple, licking and circling it with the tip of his tongue. A sigh left Kei’s lips.
Tobio took the way back to Kei’s navel with open mouth kisses after he made sure the other nipple got the same attention from him, making Kei shiver with every touch. When he reached the waistband of his boxers he paused to look up to Kei. The clear want on his expression +
sent another shiver down Kei’s spine. It felt so good. It’d always felt so good to be desired by the King. Being the target of those eyes, filled with lust. Being the reason for his want. It felt so good. The old men speaking on the TV long since forgotten, Kei let Tobio+
pull the waistband of his boxers and tuck it under his balls, exposing his half hard-on. Tobio took his time before he took Kei in his mouth like a gourmet exploring his food studiously by its smell, texture, visuals... Kissing his hipbones, thighs, everywhere but his erection, +
rubbing his nose on Kei’s skin as he took deep breathes. The warmth was spreading through Kei’s body, making him harder and more frustrated with each second. The only thing he could hear was his own gasps and the wet sounds of Tobio’s mouth on his skin. Another deep sigh left+
his lips when Tobio finally decided to taste his meal. It was slow and warm. Tobio didn't rush. He dragged his tongue underside of his length, kissed the head, suckled his balls, did everything he knew with that mouth slowly as if they had all the time in the world. +
All Kei can do was writhing under him as pleasure wrapped up his body. He couldn't help the little ”Ah” escaped from his mouth when Tobio put the tip of his thumb on his hole and started to rub it lightly over the fabric. He wasn’t aware he lifted his left leg to give Tobio+
more access. Thankfully Tobio’s whole attention was on him so he applied more pressure to his hole then moved to his taint, massaging it in the same rhythm with the bobbing of his head. He was focused on Kei and his pleasure only, giving all of his attention to making him feel +
Good. Kei’s hand was grasping Tobio’s hair like a lifeline and didn't let go. Until Tobio took his whole length in for the last time, then with another high pitched ”Ah!” Kei reached his end, spilling into the warm mouth wrapping him. His limbs fell onto the couch lifelessly. +
It took him a couple of minutes to gather himself and catch on to what just happened.
”Holy shit!...” he panted. Lifted his head to look down at Tobio who’ was still laying between Kei’s legs. He was looking out of breath just as Kei, his cheek squished by Kei’s thigh, +
hair’s a mess, mouth red and swollen.He was looking right back at Kei with half-lidded eyes.
”What was that for?”Kei asked between his panting.
”Nothing.”Tobio turned his face to the side to bite his thigh lightly.Then glanced at him again.
”I just love making you feel good”
Kei’s breath hitched in his chest. King and his unfiltered mouth...
”Oh shut up! I might think you like me or something.” he tried to tease Tobio to lighten the mood but reached out a hand to cup his face. Something in his stomach made him feel giddy when+
Tobio closed his eyes and leaned into his palm.
”Want me to return the favor?” Kei asked with a hoarse voice. Tobio shook his head for an answer then climbed up to Kei’s chest after tucking him back into his boxers. Kei had already grabbed the baby wipes from the coffee table+
-He hadn’t thought about ’this’ when he bought them though-He wiped Tobio’s mouth as the latter settled on his chest, burying his face into Kei’s neck. Kei wrapped his limbs around Tobio after he was done with wiping.
”Wanna go to bed?” Tobio shook his head again.
I don’t know what is this. When I wake up in the morning I will deny that I wrote this shit. Good night.
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31 Aug
One day Kageyama asks Tsukishima to teach him how to make coffee properly. Tsukishima is surprised.
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