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17 Oct, 38 tweets, 14 min read
good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Jennifer Hewitt of the AFR, murdoch columnist Professor Peter van Onselen and ninefax politics numero uno David Crowe. The interview is with shadow education minister Tanya Plibersek.
I block snitchtaggers.
the opening Q is how do voters judge ethics and integrity in politicians... in a pandemic. The framing is false equivalence, not as bad as mumblin Phil bad bad enough: two Premiers (Berejiklian and Andrews) in trouble for different reasons. #Insiders
montage soundtrack: tainted love. Righto Speersy. Lots of clips of Berejiklian doing her innocence act, Liberal Party males defending her in excruciating terms, and a lot less on stage 4 restrictions in Victoria. Frydenberg and Morrison’s politicking get a run. #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay: the not-yet-announced easing of which restrictions in Victoria; and overnight election results in Aotearoa NZ (Labor) and the ACT (minority Labor) #Insiders.
panel starts with Berejiklian. As usual, journalists attribute their opinions to “the public”. She is damaged but “the public” see her as a competent leader, says Hewitt. She is known for her attention to detail, apparently. To journalists and colleagues, I assume #Insiders
clip of Maguire boasting and Berejiklian praising his shady shit. The Q is whether “she was turning a blind eye”, Speers says ableistly and incorrectly. The Q is whether she breached her legal duty to report under ICAC Act s 11 and the Ministerial Code of Conduct. #Insiders
this Q goes to Crowe, who dies not correct the false framing. Was she bored? Who cares? Is she breach of the code is not asked. Clip Berejiklian to illustrate the Speers narrative that she has shifted from humiliation to defiance. #Insiders
at least PVO raises the fact that Berejiklian is the boss and Maguire a subordinate. Speers pretends this is a matter of mere speculation rather than workplace best practice. PVO also says that is the least of it and makes a comparison to treatment of Gillard #Insiders
as usual with Liberal Party politicians failures, the frame is expanded to so as to spread the responsibility. Should integrity commissions exist? Is a federal ICAC needed? Um. Yes. #Insiders
politicians do not like [public integrity] hearings, says Crowe. They don’t like phone taps, they want to limit investigations to referrals instead of [like the ICAC] launching its own investigations. #Insiders
we have been waiting two years for the Federal integrity legislation says Crowe. Hewitt says there is a huge amount of money sloshing around the system. She and Speers pretend the AFP investigation into Lucky Pastoral Bros Leppington land deals is a thing of substance #Insiders
the old line that not all corrupt conduct is illegal gets trotted out. PvO says the government can and should walk and chew gum. Crowe frets that “the mud sticks”. Recall that Arthur Sinodinos was an appalling ICAC witness and his career is just fine. #Insiders
asked straight up if Berejiklian will be there [in the Premier job] at the next election, Hewitt says no. #Insiders
heh Speers says the next election questions was to “wrap this [Berejiklian scandal] up” and then reads a quote from Keneally about Berejiklian and then asks Plibersek about Berejiklian. #Insiders
Plibersek says there is no excuse for not reporting corrupt behaviour. She walks a fine line. She is in the federal jurisdiction but she thinks there is no excuse for corruption and it should be reported and that is regardless of gender. #Insiders
asked if Berejiklian should go, Plibersek says [NSW Labor leader] Jodie McKay is doing a fine job and it is up to NSW. She expresses robust support for a federal integrity commission. Reels off a LITANY of shady Morrison government deals. #Insiders
next Q is level 4 restrictions in Victoria ffs. Plibersek offers congrats to Vic residents and expresses disgust at her federal colleagues politicising the restrictions. Adds that the app is an expensive useless failure that Hunt should take responsibility for #Insiders
on kids back in school last week, Plibersek says remote learning takes it toll and advocates additional support for those who have struggled with online learning and resources. They can catch up if we support them to catch up, she says. #Insiders
the higher ed changes that ratchet up the cost of law and arts degrees. Plibersek is appalled at the huge cost of degrees under the changes. Speers, being a partisan hack, asks about imaginary cost of degrees under a future Labor government. #Insiders
I missed the exact figures but Plibersek puts the case for jobs created (14 I think?) for every million spent on higher ed. She also puts the case for better funding models and more resources to aged care, disability, child care, health care. #Insiders
in her soon to be published book of essays, Plibersek argues for expanding aged care, child care, health and education which are all big employers of women (and not publicly funded wage subsidies given to bosses, which was Speers framing, as that is Liberal policy). #Insiders
finally, the Adern landslide. Does having a progressive woman as leader make a difference? asks Speers, butter not melting. Plibersek elides this sitter easily and gracefully. She is really so very impressive imo #Insiders
interview over we go back to Victorian restrictions. Hewitt says people do not realise that everyone is acting normal in Sydney and that it would be a travesty if Andrews stays on as Premier as tho Andrews not staying on as Premier is a thing. #Insiders
clip of Andrews telling the feds to pull their fucking heads in. Nobody mentions that the restrictions have successfully brought the transmission rate almost to zero. Crowe complains that Andrews’ slap down to the feds was “over the top”. #Insiders
Hewitt complains that Andrews is arrogant. There is still solid support for Dan Andrews, is that shifting and unravelling? Speers asks PVO, who offers a few disclaimers before defaulting to divisive nonsense. The poorly understood and sexist Stockholm Syndrome is cited #Insiders
clip of Andrews saying he was not alerted to NZ fly-ins to Victoria; clip of Tudge asserting that the fact the NZ-NT-NSW arrangement fell apart within hours is a distraction, which ironically amounts to Tudge mounting a distraction from another Border Force failure #Insiders
Hewitt reliably agrees with the Liberal a Party politician, but Crowe questions the co-ordination of the NZ deal at national level. Well done, David 2. #Insiders
this segues to getting Australians home from overseas: you have the Northern Territory, even Christmas Island [for quarantine] and these are people who are willing to pay, says Hewitt. She criticises Paine for not doing more for these people who have lots of money. #Insiders
there has not been much talk about the budget says David 1 so what do you think of Labor policy? David 2 trots out the usual “expensive policies that cost them so dearly at the last election” as tho the Liberals have not run up a cool trillion in debt #Insiders
all four then kick the Liberal Party economic management lies along, with precisely zero awareness that they themselves are perpetuating the lie and as usual wrongly calling their handiwork “what voters think”. #Insiders
PvO maps out Morrison’s re-election strategy which requires no great effort given Morrison never stops campaigning and does fuck all else. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is PvO on the US election. He says four years ago he understood the [weird and unsubstantiated] idea of electing Trump as a non-politician who might grow into the job, now there is no excuse and Trump is an abomination [paraphrased] #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Crowe saying the investigation into shady western Sydney airport land deals is something that will produce accountability and results. #Insiders
I missed whatever Hewitt said. We go out with that clip of Stuart Robert introducing his colleague, Minister Tudge, as minister Tunt. “It could have been worse” observes Speers hur hur #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here🙏🏼🙏🏼
h/t @malchap1 who jogged my memory on #FinalObservations 3 which was Hewitt pretending corporate social responsibility is an effective and substantive thing which, unlike elections, it is not - exhibit A being Rio Tinto blowing up Juukan Gorge.

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17 Oct
should she have told her cabinet colleagues about a sexual relationship? asks male incapable of not viewing political news from Liberal Party politicians’ perspectives. The question is whether she had a legal duty under the ICAC Act to disclose potentially corrupt dealings.
the ABC brekky telly host calling testimony and pressers from Berejiklian “compulsive” viewing. She means compelling.
yeah okay Nikki there is in fact substantive evidence that we paid for Berejiklian to visit the seat of Wagga on numerous occasions, purportedly to make announcements about government spending, which we also paid for.
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17 Oct
anyone paying attention knows Morrison was desperate to announce a first on international borders. This was meant to be an arrangement between NSW, Aotearoa NZ and the NT. My guess is the feds were frantic to get their paws on it - for announceable purposes - and screwed it up.
and then we get the self-serving lies of acting junior minister for visas Alan Tudge, obediently amplified as Liberal Party politicians viewpoints always are, by this breakfast telly host.
*soon to be disgraced former Liberal MP acting junior minister Alan Tudge.
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16 Oct
article published in private sector media corporation chaired by Liberal Party politician >> columnist interviewed by ABC journalist on ABC TV >> same ABC journalist replays clip on ABC radio for comment from former media advisor to same Liberal Party politician >>
which crystallises and legitimises the fucking ludicrous false equivalence between - wait for it I am not joking - a *hashtag* citing one provincial leader in Australia and armed militias who are followers of the US President and murder peaceful protestors in cold blood.
the former media advisor to the Liberal Party politician is a grandmaster of trollery. It is not just the left, she said. That do what, pray tell? Kill peaceful protestors? To which our ABC conduit of normalising nazis said oh yes, *both extremes*.
And there it is. Job done.
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13 Oct
you’re welcome.
so the Premier’s duty to notify is a legal obligation irregardless of the sexual relationship. Plus the unlucky in love nonsense run by her apologists is at odds with what the Premier says. She categorically states she was not an intimate relationship with Maguire. Here is why>>
as Sam Maiden has reported, “intimate relationship” is a term of art under the NSW Ministerial Code of Conduct; and the Code is in turn incorporated into the ICAC Act by Regulation 5.
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12 Oct
hilariously creepy interview with gossipy old Malcolm Turnbull this morning. He calls Maguire her boyfriend, says she is flesh and blood and yearned for comfort and fell in love with the wrong man lol all the exact opposite of her own account of her own life.
he also reckoned the five year relationship is “out of character” lmao no buddy it was not a one night stand.
btw that condescending paternalism - which is his default approach to women, he has no other - is just cover for a proxy war with Morrison, who he hates, for the hearts and minds (such as they are) of the NSW Liberal Party.
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11 Oct
there was no community transmission at BLM rallies. The Sydney rally permit was found to be legal by the full bench of the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal. The rallies went ahead because Black Lives Matter. Saying Black Lives Matter is not controversial. It is a statement of fact. Image
we know about the unlawful allocation of public money to seats targeted by Liberal Party HQ because of the ANAO, whose funding as been cut by the Morrison government. Local media publishing opps of the handouts were integral to the vote-buying strategy. Image
her question has been asked thousands of times. Also, the Rosen thesis was an analysis of problems with the Australian mediascape, which Credlin’s aggressive politicking personifies, and especially #Insiders, with remarks about wider relevance. Image
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