This painting by Milena Pavlović-Barili reminds me of Remedios Varo.
Two self-portraits. I'm seeing people compare her to Frida Kahlo but this just tells me they should immerse themselves into the world of art more sheesh.
This one is Varo meets Giorgio Chirico. Her life overlapped with the lifetimes of these other two painters. I wonder if she knew them or about them.
This one has an animated movie character feel. Something @spumshot might find interesting.
Some of the illustrations she did for Vogue magazine.
These characters have a Junji Ito feel.
This one would make a terrific mural. Greyhounds have a peculiar body shape. This white one almost feels like a unicorn, creatures traditionally paired up with a maiden in mythology and art.
Her father was Italian and her mother was a Serb woman descended from the eldest daughter of Serbian revolutionary leader and progenitor of the Karađorđević dynasty, Karađorđe Petrović.
She died in 1945 at the age of 35 in New York from a heart attack. She had heart problems her entire life but a horse-riding accident in 1944 on her honeymoon had a big impact. A medical examiner ascertained that she would have remained an invalid had she survived.…
Here is her obituary in the New York Times.
Apparently, Mussolini was a fan and she was infatuated at one point with a Cuban criollo pianist she met in Paris. Her infatuation evaporated when he visited her in New York in 1940. He had apparently joined a cult and was led around by some weird Spanish woman.
This portrait of what is apparently some American woman reminds me of ''The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry'', an illuminated French manuscript from the 15th century.
This one is titled ''Melancholy''. Are there any Greek mythology inspirations here? Butterflies are associated with the souls of the dead and Psyche (who shares the name with butterflies). Hypnos and Thanatos are the gods of Sleep and Death. Maybe she's in their realm?
Speaking of myths, here's her depiction of Venus.
''Yes, I'm Italian. How can you tell?''
A portrait of Rudolf Valentino.
The 18th Psalm.
Madonna (not the singer!)
Another self-portrait.
This is clearly a stand user.
Angels and a child.
This is a portrait of her husband, Robert Thomas Astor Gosselin. This is the best uncropped version I could find in these late hours ugh.…
Apparently, he remarried and had children. Someone was inquiring about him on a genealogy website in 2008.
Tagging two frens. @Sp0nd0r and @DerSturmWolf
Wolf, are you familiar with this painter? She lived in New York during the last years of her life.

• • •

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More from @Zvari72

18 Oct
@frontierindica I'm not sure who gathers the data per ethnic group and how but overall the TFR is terrible for everyone. We're the worst-performing former Yugoslav republic. From what I've seen, Croats and Bosniaks watch births in major homogenous cities and extrapolate information.
@frontierindica Muslim religiosity is fairly strong but I've been seeing brazen displays of hardcore Islam. Wahhabis are a more common sight even in my major secular city. Every New Year's Eve the city is plastered with posters and signs telling us that Muslims aren't supposed to celebrate it.
@frontierindica Two friends have gone full ''bushy beard''. When you see it, you know. One of them was an atheist ffs, I don't know what happened.
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16 Oct
Slavs who live or work in Spanish speaking countries are called Hislavic.
The Croat ones are also Latinx. The x is actually h in Cyrillic. Hrvati. They don't use it anymore but it's a cherished remainder of past cultural praxis.
Yo soy Gabriela Spanic.
Ja sam Gabriela Španić.
See, same people, same faith, same language really. It's even in the surnames!
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15 Oct
🧵 time. Immigrants supposedly make Amerika stronk, but 1990s Bosnian refugees who enriched St. Louis are now seeking a different sort of refuge. They are searching for safer neighborhoods and better opportunities. Why? Karadžić and Mladić are behind bars.…
This community peaked at around 70 000 people. Keep in mind that ''Bosnian'' here is technically true in the sense that they're from Bosnia but in the same way ''Asian grooming gans'' are ancestrally from Asia. Technically true. Article is dated August 18, 2019.
These Bosnians are mostly Bosniaks, a Muslim ethnic group. I don't know about the author herself, she has one of those fairly neutral name and surname combos, but she's Slavic. Her surname would be Delkić here. Many Slavic surnames end in -ić. Let's see what's going on here.
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13 Oct
Croats and the Croatian language are sometimes lampooned as uppity compared to their neighbors, but the Italian comic Alan Ford would not have reached cult status without Nenad Brixy's, to quote Wikipedia, ''distinctive translation, rich in obscure, baroque-sounding Croatisms''.
Here's a series of panels from one of my favorite issues. Issue number 48 - ''Umro je bogati ujak'' (The rich uncle died). ImageImageImageImage
Can you tell me who that scarecrow is, there by the wall?
My wife!
But... oh... I didn't mean that one, but the one next to her!
My sister!
You misunderstood me! I'm asking about that monster with the big nose and the glasses!
My daughter!
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23 Sep
Organizations like Pew Research Center often give demographic statistics for the U.S. Congress and it's usually about age (boomers, millennials etc.), sex, wealth, race and ethnicity, or religion. I don't know if there's an overview of how many kids these politicians have.
I did some research of my own for the Senate because it's the smaller legislative chamber. I don't take ''independents'' seriously so I lumped them with their de fact affiliation. I'll present my findings in a short thread.
53 Republicans have 139 children.
47 Democrats have 95 children.
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22 Sep
The Rat-Catcher/Pied Piper of Hamelin is one of the most disturbing folk tales. It is possible that the legend was based on a historical tragedy. The oldest record of the legend dates to 1384 and says ''It is 100 years since our children left''. Brief and cryptic.
The earliest use of rats in the story dates to circa 1559. There are multiple versions of the tale. In some of them, he returns the children after the citizens compensate him for his services but in others, all or most children vanish never to be seen again.
The versions where the children don't return usually end up with an explanation that they ended up in some foreign land, real or fictional. The fictional foreign lands are likely a euphemism for an afterlife and the piper can be seen as a personification of death.
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