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Comms 101

Presented below is how I identify the comms & begin to organize the corresponding drops.

Step 1 (of my process) is identifying & writing down the time & date, followed by any numbers as well as any capitalized LETTERS in the tweet.

I then write down any combos.
A = 1
B = 2
C = 3

Etc. (see graphics below)

After converting the CAPITALIZED LETTERS to numbers, I form combinations of the existing numbers as well as the converted numbers (CAPITALIZED LETTERS).
Once the combinations are noted, I begin to work the “magic” of the comms.

The “magic” is mirroring the numbers or drops & reducing or eliminating zeros from the equation & then mirroring again.

Ex: 48FW

F = 6
W = 23

48, 84, 486, 684, 4823, 3284

F = 6
C = 3

3, 6, 15, 51, 615, 516, 153, 351, 63, 36

Note: The drops only got up to 4xxx so anything with 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx & 9xxx is not a drop.

In addition, when mirroring anything that end with xxx5/6/7/8/9 cannot be mirrored (unless zeros are present).
Ex: The dates of the tweets are 10/16 or 1016 & 10/17 or 1017 so you get the following:

1016, 116, 611
1017, 117, 711

Ex: 48FW -> F or 6, W or 23, 32, 623, 326, 236, 632...48, 84, 486, 684, 4823, 3284.

Notice how each 48, F, & W is standalone, combined & mirrored.
After addressing the text area within the tweet, I move along to the images/pictures, videos, articles or whatever substance is associated/within a particular comm (tweet).

(Pictures are my favorite - wink wink 😗)

This particular comm utilizes pictures/images as shown below.
With this image we the following:

LN, AF, 86 & 172

L = 12
N = 14
A = 1
F = 6

So we get the following BEFORE mirroring & combining: A or 1, F or 6, L or 12, N or 14, 86, 172.

We then combine the following: LN, LAF, L86, NL, NAF, N86, AF86, AFL, AFN, A172, and so on.
Once we have all the combos that work for drop numbers, we then mirror the drop numbers - working down until no zeros remain.

L = 12, 21
N = 14, 41
LN = 1214, 4121
NL = 1412, 2141
AF = 16, 61
172, 271
A86 = 186, 681
L86 = 1286 -> Cannot mirror (xxx6)

And so on.
Once all the standalone numbers & combos of converted numbers (CAP LETTERS) have been identified, we move to the remaining images.

When identifying the comm drops, we have to analyze all aspects of the comm.

In this image (split to zoom), we see LN, 010, & 2.
Repeat the “magic” process of combining, mirroring & reducing/eliminating all zeros until you have a list of ALL drops in the comm.

Once you have the entire drop listing, arrange in numerical order & POOF you have decided/deciphered the comm!
I am still working on this comm and I will provide additional comments/images, but I wanted to present the process that I am doing to identify, “work” or decode/decipher the comms.
Below is a revised & complete (atleast to my knowledge) listing of all the drops involved in this comm.

The next step is to prepare a listing of all these drops (numbers below) in numerical order.
** I apologize for scribble, poor handwriting.
As I compile the drop listing, I like to scribble/cross out everything except the numbers.

Once I am done with that, I begin with the lowest number (drop) & obviously work towards the highest.

As shown below, I cross off the drops/numbers as they are transferred to the list.
Worth noting that at this point some of the numbers (drops) may not be included in the comm message; reasons include misidentifying a number/letter, clarity of number/letter, compiling error/mistake or overthinking to name a few...
...once the drop list is complete & ya begin reviewing the drops, the incorrect or ‘not appropriate’ drop(s) will expose themselves.

Additionally, in contrast there are times that after compiling the drop listing & reviewing the drops, you will realize you missed a drop(s).
I am trying my best in illustrating the process that I do for the comms.

Below are images depicting how I compile the drop list - in order from lowest to highest.

Note: This is a “training” manual/guide & I don’t put this much effort (coloring) for every comm.
The blacking out or coloring is unnecessary but I strongly recommend crossing off numbers as you go.

As you can see below, I missed a few numbers (drops) while compiling the listing.
Slinky Thoughts

As you can see this entire process contains a lot of numbers & it can seem complex at first, but it’s actually quite simple.

Having said that, it is easy to misidentify, misinterpret or make an simple error that could result in a significant miscommunication...
...or incomplete/invalid/inaccurate decipher/decode or transmission of the message being sent.

As such, it is imperative that WE have more eyes looking at the comms (volume) as well as reviewing/commenting on the identification, interpretation & composition of the comms.

Presented below is the complete listing of drops (in numerical order) that I have identified from this comm.

Is it totally accurate & complete?

I doubt it, but as you all are learning, so am I.

As of this point in the process I have yet to look at a single drop on the list above.

(I have done this sooo many times that I am aware of certain specific drops)

The next part of the process is to search, review & display - SHARE - the drops in numerical order.
Just like any of the previous steps in the process, changes/adjustments may be required.
Lastly, here are the accounts that I follow (almost religiously) for comms.

No particular order.


*4, 7, 8 & 17 should not be included on the list.

• • •

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