Some folks who are on the fence between Teresa Raiford and @sarah2020 have said they feel like they're being told why write-ins and Wheeler are bad, but not much about why they should be voting for Sarah.

Fair enough! Here's why I am incredibly enthusiastic to vote for Sarah! 🧵
First off, I'm calling her "Sarah," which feels a bit informal. But I got to talk to her for a few minutes when I was in volunteer training to phone bank, and I gotta tell you, it would feel weird not to use her first name, because she is, at her core, a friend and neighbor.
I moved to Portland about 6 years ago, and other than researching just enough to vote responsibly, I haven't been super active in local politics for my beloved chosen home. Why now? Quite simply, I have never seen a candidate more closely align with my values than @sarahforpdx.
When you get to talk to Sarah, she commands your attention. Not because she's domineering or threatening, but because you immediately realize she's the smartest person in the room and you want to hear what she has to say. And she's a relentless advocate for this city.
Let's talk policy. I'm going to admit one policy difference I have with Sarah -- I believe in police abolition, and she has a plan that is a bit more along the lines of reform. But, here's a short list of some of the reasons why she still aligns with my values...
1) She wants to demilitarize the police.

2) She wants to name the most experienced person on council to be police commissioner on day 1, JoAnn Hardesty -- a move Ted should have made months ago.

3) She explicitly recognizes that gun violence is a public health problem.
Quite frankly, a police abolitionist couldn't win the vote for PDX. We're not there yet. But Sarah has a philosophy around police and public safety that recognizes the multifaceted complexities of public safety that acknowledges that these problems won't be solved with more cops.
Let's talk progressive tentpoles. First, housing -- Sarah, unlike virtually every politician, doesn't see renters and unhoused people as some sort of obstacle or enemy. She has a people-focused approach that lifts us all up.
She's pro tenants' rights, including the right to organize, and she wants to actively prevent evictions. She wants to provide adequate housing for EVERYONE, including seniors and students, who are often vastly underserved. She wants to create more affordable multi-housing units.
She's ready to pilot a Guaranteed Basic Income trial -- initially focusing on Black mothers. This could dramatically change lives and improve the well-being of all our citizens.
Second, think she's anti-business? Read her plans, and you'll see that she's probably the most pro-small business mayoral candidate we've ever seen. And she sees the relationships between neighborhoods, taxes, and businesses and how we're all interconnected.
Specifically she wants bigger taxes on large corporations, 100% renewable energy, and and explicit acknowledgement that we need to reduce the wealth gap between Black and white residents.
Third, she is serious about climate justice. Net-zero by 2030, a publicly-owned municipal bank to take investments away from fossil fuel and put money back into local green initiatives, and an increase in Low Impact Transition infrastructure.
There's been a lot of talk about her "experience." But two things I see that make her really stand-out as a leader on day one:
1) She's not interested in fixing everything by herself (ahem, Ted "going it alone"). The best leaders I've seen in my decades of corporate and community work are the one's who know how clearly state a vision and delegate to experts. She's already shown a willingness to do that.
2) She listens. She goes to community events. She asks questions. She's a lifelong learner. Great leaders stay humble and know that there is always room to improve and grow.
Finally, I just want to say if you think she's too "sassy" on the internet or actively "antifa," you're missing the big picture. She's pro-people, and she's against fascism. Not in some "everyone is against fascism" way. She's got the receipts. She's been with us on the streets.
Fascists and fascist behavior deserve to be ridiculed. And she doesn't suffer fools gladly. Come to her with sincerity and good faith -- you'll make an instant friend. Come to her with bad faith and pointless retorts -- she's not afraid to let you know. I love that about her.
And at the end of the day, on a personal note... and I say this with love... she's just a big ol' nerd who loves this city, and so am I. 🙂 I want nerds who love this city to fix things, and she's the right candidate for the job. So vote @sarah2020!

• • •

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