To someone who is very much programmed and brainwashed, i'm sure that much of what I say sounds mental hospital crazy.

I get it.

Imagine waking up 2 days after 9-11 and getting back in the Army to do my part in turning Iraq into big fucking parking lot.....

To KNOWING with 100
Pecent certainty based on information ive seen with these two eyes..

That it was orchestrated in part, by a family that Patriotic Americans like me looked at like Gods (Bush)..

It rocked my fucking world.
It fucked up many relationships
It made me think I was going crazy.
It made my family think I was crazy...



Pay attention to everything big and small.

The goal-plan right now is to continue waking up the masses slowly and gently...

That is being done every day through a myriad of methods.

Are being woken up and don't even know it. Thats how subtle it is. If you pay attention its very clear.

Dates and times are always subject to change. I can assure you of that.

The War has already been won. All these players...especially the bad players are doing what they
Are told.

Enjoy Life.
Amazing shit is happening.

Abundance for all.
Opportunities for all.
World Peace
Accountability and Justice

Its coming.
Sit tight.

• • •

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What kind of food do you put in your body?
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Give this some critical thought.

What if 20 or so years ago, the NSA and its Military affiliates started stockpiling information and data on individuals and groups on their ongoing criminal activity to build a bullet proof case that even a high powered, well connected defense
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WE HAVE IT ALL. [They] all
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The Rothschild family, The Vatican, and the House of Windsor have financed both sides of armed conflict since the Revolutionary War.

In 1910 the USA was sold to corrupt bankers, and we were debt slaves until about 2 weeks ago.

JFK was assassinated by the CIA, George HW Bush
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HRC was directly involved in the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing in OKC.

9-11 was an inside job.

The minority of SEALS involved in UBL's takedown have been executed, many on one MH-47 aircraft.

Big Pharma has been making you sick for years

Big Agra has been
Poisoning your food

Floride in your water calcifies your pineal gland and poisons you.

Mainstream Media is a several decade long CIA Operation.

Hollywood is FULL of baby eating and raping pedophiles

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