Ok, because this platform is playing games, we will have to do this a little differently.

Please read my pinned thread, it’s important background for this one.

Pearson Co was mentioned by certain anonymous person shortly after that thread & it got me thinking 🤔
The recent Biden news and same “anonymous” source got me thinking too.

Pearson has many publishing company subsidiaries

In my last thread you saw that Obama gave Pearson a bunch of cash on the way out and Pearson have him a $60mn book deal
I had read a lot about what happened in Ukraine and when I saw the post today I decided to look back.

Remember, Obama, Hillary, McCain, S_o-r_oS and others overthrew the Ukrainian Govt and installed “their” own people.

Search my handle & Ukraine & you will see several threads
All good background info for this thread.

First, I want to show you an article on Ukraine from Wapo

Seven senators visit Ukraine when Biden was the point man…
@JoeBiden was Obama’s point man on Ukraine

We will start with him…
His book deal was with Flat Iron Books

“The cost of the deal and focus of the other two books were not released. Flatiron Books is a division of Macmillan Publishers.”

So we should look at who owns Macmillan...
So now we have Pearson subsidiary funding Obama’s book and Biden’s book worth a combined $75 million!…
So then I thought, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to all get book deals...

Remember Ukraine’s new government is furious because the US gave them money & they can’t find most of it

Not all of them got deals but the ones who have been the loudest against @realDonaldTrump got them
Great article from @gatewaypundit

“The real scandal involves billions in funds from the IMF and US in aid that has gone missing.”…
Back fo the seven senators...

John McCain Led the delegation of these 7

John Barasso - R Wyoming
Dick Durbin - D Illinois
Jeff Flake - R Arizona
John Hoeven - R N Dakota
Ron Johnson - R Wisconsin
Christopher Murphy - D Connecticut
Sheldon Whitehouse - D Rhode Island
We have another book deal...

John McCain - 2018 Simon & Schuster ( A Pearson Company)
Chris Murphy - 2015
Jeff Flake - 2017
Sheldon Whitehouse - 2017
Amy Klobuchar made a separate trip to Ukraine with Graham and McCain

Her book - 2015
I think it’s safe to say that we found where some of Ukraine’s money went.

Book deals are another form of money laundering.

Art was always an easy way to move funds because nobody understands it and it’s ridiculous money.

Nobody ever goes back & asks about book deals either
I tweeted months ago that Ukraine was NOT the hill the democrats wanted to die on b/c they overthrew it, put their own corrupt people in & then turned the country into their personal piggy bank.


• • •

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12 Oct
1/ NOTHING has inspired me or emboldened me more than this article from Mike Flynn Jr.

We have all whined that there hasn’t been justice (myself incl)

Have you seen any of the Flynn family whining?


They are more emboldened, more driven & more resolute than ever before.
2/ If ever a family had good reason to complain, whine or throw a flat out tantrum...they’re due.

It’s not what patriots do in times of crisis & in the face of evil.

They do what both Mike’s have done.

They double down on faith, family & country, a country that betrayed them
3/ They stick together and they fight lies with facts, evil deeds with inspiring words and actions.

This is truly the most important election this country has ever faced.
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5 Oct
Mini Thread

@CBSNews @60Minutes

I saw your puff piece on Cali wildfires & you left some things out of your Anti-Trump climate change story.

I’ll help you out - thank me later

What 60 minutes failed to mention in the drought, major storms without rain, & freak ignition...
When arsonists set fires during drought and high winds, it’s safe to assume massive destruction will result.

The program didn’t mention any of the people recently arrested for setting fires - NOT ONE!

Why wouldn’t they mention...
the climate arsonists who have set fires and been arrested?

Seems an important factor to


He was arrested for starting 6 fires in Mendocino County
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4 Oct

I am just going to toss this out for discussion.

“This may be the last time you see me for a while”

IMHO we were warned and most of you know about what and what the result would be
In Duluth MN

“We caught them cold and it’s about time something happens, it’s about time something happens...ENOUGH!”

Quarantine recommendation was changed by the CDC, to 10 days, from 14”

This happens in July I think.

Coincidence it went to 10 days?…
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2 Oct
1/ I am addressing all black Americans in this thread specifically.

@JoeBiden arguing for HIS crime Bill that gave us mass incarceration of black Americans.

The man hasn’t changed. Remember he wouldn’t denounce Antifa and demand they stop burning and looting YOUR businesses.
2/ Edited out of this video is him bragging that this was his bill & others signed on but this was all him.

Listen to the way he describes black youth.

He has a history of sickening racist remarks & @realDonaldTrump has a RECORD of bringing opportunity zones & funding HBCU
3/ @JoeBiden praising John Stennis, a known segregationist.

Actually and likely one of the people Kamala Harris was referring to when she excoriated him a a racist in their first debate
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20 Sep
1) @SenSusanCollins how in the world can you take this position after #Kavanaugh ?

The left has hired 600 attorneys and plans to contest local, county and state races all over the country, admittedly, in the midst of urged chaos and riots.
2) You CAN NOT have an even number SC when they have foreshadowed their intent to tie this country up in litigation unless @JoeBiden wins a landslide and we all know that is not realistic.

All you have to do is look at the “wargaming” hoax from the Transition Integrity Project
3) They promise to accept no results, not concede, to encourage riots, looting and even civil war.

@SenSusanCollins this is not a time where we can be without a full #SCOTUS and you know it.
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14 Sep
NFL / BLM Thread

@NFL now stands for No Fans Left

The stands may be empty but it wouldn’t take long for them to be that way permanently.

These spoiled athletes don’t care about these causes or they would take them up on their own time
2) I watched 15 min the first game, Thurs, just to see what they would force on the viewer.

What I got was multi millionaires telling me how oppressed they are & that we are all racists.

I saw them disrespecting the flag & the anthem when the system they oppose, made them rich
I also saw that somehow that @NFL has a magic potion for #covid because the players, coaches and front office staff have a .00007 infection (not death) rate based on numbers the NFL provided at the beginning of the broadcast.
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