Its 2:20am but i have a need so let me throw this in the void

Cw: toys, masturbation, bottom (implied hairy) kiri ((if anything else pops up I'll add it in))

Unlike his best friends, Kirishima was not lucky enough to be born hairless all over his body.
Once his puberty hit, a layer of thickening black hairs quickly followed in the span of a couple years, until at the age of 17, he had to book his first appointment at a beautician to have it waxed off.
He tried shaving, but whenever the hairs grew back they would itch like crazy, and the shadow of dark hair gave his chest a look that he didnt like very much. He also tried asking Sero to use his quirk on him, but the layer of stickiness left behind made him a mess.
And so, for the first time in forever, after a couple hours that took a toll on his virgin, thick-haired body, he was as smooth as a baby's butt.

Since he had to wax his chest and arms, he figured waxing the rest of his body too wouldn't be too much of an issue. Sure, it had been painful, but now he could harden without remorse or second thoughts, not having to worry about accidentally making his legs a spiked weapon.
The beautician had been a sweetheart too, and patiently explained to him how to take care of his body once the hairs started growing back.

All in all, it was great! Except for...

The sweat between his asscheeks.
That, he hadn't anticipated.

It was uncomfortable, and whenever he and his classmates were done with training, he started looking forward to showering even more eagerly than he did before.

And that's when he found out how sensitive his hole was.
((ah!! I should tag it as underage just to be safe!! Since he's technically 17))
It started casually, while he was just getting rid of all the sweat and grime accumulated over a whole day of internship. His muscles felt sore, and took his time to massage all the knots away under a hot shower, pampering himself with his favourite body wash and shampoo.
As he was soaping himself, he brushed over his hairless hole, and that sent a little zing of pleasure on his lower back.

He didnt pay it much attention, but when it happened again and again, over the course of several days, he eventually decided to explore himself a bit better.
That's how he found himself resting against the wall of a shower stall, alone, rubbing gentle but firm circles over his soft skin while water splashed over him.
He hummed to himself, enjoying the warm pleasure that his digit was building in his lower belly. It was a weird sort of tickling sensation, which he didn't fully understand, but that he was still committed to feel in full.
He didnt go further than that, but the orgasm that hit him was by far the strongest he had experienced so far.

And honestly, it just made him all the more curious.
His 18th birthday rolled around, and with that, a couple of prank gifts his friends got him: a blow-up doll and of course, cherry-flavoured lube as the... Cherry on top.
He laughed his embarrassment off, feeling like his friends had caught him with the hand in the metaphorical jar. The lube was uncharacteristically useful, unlike the doll, which he had no intention of using for its intended purpose. Had he been found out?
Either way, he decided he would keep the lube, while the doll ended up being inflated and used as Kaminari's new girlfriend, and they all had a good laugh.
After that, several weeks of school and internship grind followed, and Kirishima had no time off for himself, until finally, right before winter break, he could catch a breath and indulge himself a little, waking up at 9am instead of the usual 6:30, on an unassuming Saturday.
That day, he decided, was going to be his day off. He smiled to himself, standing up to collect his toiletries and head to the bathrooms for a morning shower.

When he came back to his room, satisfied and relaxed, a thought struck him.

The still-untouched lube.
He licked his lip, padding quietly to his bed. He flopped down, and reached in the nightstand to fish out the semi-clear liquid.

He uncapped it and squeezed a dollop out, feeling it and rolling it between his fingertips.

It wasn't... Entirely unpleasant.
He gulped quietly, and throwing his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes and spreading his legs, he reached down, past his balls and his taint. Ever so gently, he rubbed his middle fingertip to his entrance, and that little shock of pleasure immediately ran up his spine.
He hummed to himself, rubbing tighter and tighter circles over his sleek, soft muscles.

Shit, it felt even better with the wet slide of the lube.
He huffed through his nose, wondering if the same sliding sensation would be just as heavenly against his dick. Without hesitation he reached for the lube again, and squeezed some of it over his erect dick.
Lube thrown aside, his hand soon fled to his dick to start jerking it, and a moan slipped past his lips as some of the cool liquid dribbled down his skin, touching the heated and perfectly smooth skin of his groin.
The finger playing over his entrance joined with his slicked fist sent him over the edge in record time, and things were just not the same after that.
With time and much experimenting, Kirishima became accustomed with his body and what he liked.
To much of his initial surprise, he found out that the part he liked about penetration wasnt just the feeling of having something in himself, but most of all, it was the stretch and pull against his rim, the feeling of having something slip in and out of it.
Although, when he didn't feel like prepping himself, he would simply slick up two fingers and play with himself, regardless of what he had been doing- studying, chatting, watching a movie, it didn't matter.

He was addicted to it.
And so, he decided to experiment a bit when his fingers weren't enough anymore.

He didnt remember how he got hold of it, but for curiosity's sake, he once used a feather over his asshole.
It was definitely different than usual. His rim was still a bit puffy and red from the previous night of self-love, so the smooth, delicate texture of the feather made his legs shiver and his back arch down against the mattress below him.
He grunted in the pillow, squirming under his own ministrations. His dick jolted in the air with each stroke of the soft object, and for a moment he wished it were someone else doing this to him. He felt open, unguarded, and he wanted to be pampered and be called good and pretty.
Despite the nice feeling, the position was a bit awkward to hold for too long, so he turned on his back and made quick work of the tension he had built up.
After that, he decided to buy something that was actually meant to go in him.

He ordered a pretty glass plug online, and when he unpacked it, he stared at it in awe.

It was smooth, colorful, and whenever it got caught under the sunlight it would scatter pretty shards of color.
He stashed it away, hoping to use it as soon as possible. It took a while, but finally, after he washed it and locked the door of his bedroom behind him, he could lay down and put on some relaxing music to listen to while he laid a towel down on his bed and grabbed the lube.
He hummed happily while he uncapped the new, flavorless lube he had been using after he ran out of the original one, and squirted a good amount on his palm.
With his clean had he pulled his legs back by the knees, one at a time, to lube up his asscheeks- what could he say, he liked to knead and squeeze his own skin, made soft by the clear liquid. It did things to him, and it was easy to imagine his hands were someone else's.
He took a minute or two to just indulge himself, rolling on his knees to prop his ass up and lightly slap himself, circling his asshole with a thick, wet finger. He huffed in his pillow, hiding his face to chase away the thoughts creeping in his mind.
He would deal with his crush another day.

He took a new, steadying breath, and rolled back in his initial position. He made himself comfortable, scooted up to rest his shoulders against the headboard, and planted a foot up against the wall to spread his legs as much as possible.
He was wearing nothing but a loose tank top, and a headband to keep the sweat from his face. Ironic, he thought, seeing as he was definitely gonna need a shower after he was done.
The glass plug came next. He stared at it for a while, just observing how pretty it was, even in the darkness of a late winter afternoon that forced him to turn on the yellow lightbulb of his nightstand. Not the most flattering of lights, and yet...
He was stalling. He was nervous, and he was stalling. What he was nervous about, he didn't know, and he didnt want to question it any further either. He had something to try out.

So he coated the plug, and closed his eyes to really /feel/ it against his skin.
It was definitely something new. The smoothness of the material was not something he had experienced before, so it was a welcome surprise. He held the plug from the circular base and rolled it, grinning in pleasure as he felt his skin being tugged lightly with each twist.
He pushed it a bit further in, and his legs twitched involuntarily. Oh yeah, that was the good shit. He had barely started, and he was already having a good time. He finally relaxed, and everything became easier.
He wasnt looking for a angry or a needy fuck: all he wanted was to just take it slow and feel good.

He pushed, pulled, huffed heavily from his nose to not moan out loud when he squeezed his asscheek and twisted the blunt tip of the plug inside of him.
His body temperature rose by the minute, until he was forced to free himself of the only garment he was wearing, laying down in all his naked, sweaty glory.

His head was swimming and he squeezed his eyes shut, feeding himself more of the thickening part of the toy.
The stretch was glorious. It was probably as thick as three of Bakugou's fingers, and he whined out loud at the thought, and his strawberry-red dick jumped on his sweaty, smooth stomach.

Fuck, he promised himself he wouldn't go there during self-love time.
He swallowed thick, before letting out an annoyed huff. He blinked his eyes a couple times, looking up to the ceiling.

He wasn't supposed to let his mind wander there, it just made his chest tight and his breathing painful, and he didn't want that while jerking off.
For a moment, he considered stopping the session there, but who knew when another opportunity like that would come.

He chewed the inside of his cheek, casting a glance over the wall on his left.

It wasn't chivalrous to break a promise, not even one made to himself, but...
For once, maybe he could close his eyes and imagine how it would feel to have his crush hover over him, push the plug inside of him, and tell him with that raspy voice of his how needy and desperate he looks for him, spread open and willing to take whatever Bakugou will give him.
Because even if he would tease him, his crush would still treat him good, and he would give Kirishima what he needs, without asking for anything in return- Because Bakugou Katsuki didn't do anything he didn't want, and if he ever wanted to do Kirishima, he could die a happy man.
Kirishima pressed the plug further in, gasping a moan when he reached the thickest point. He let his body adjust to the stretch, absolutely adoring the burn and the slight discomfort.

In his head, his crush was whispering in his ear, and in his mouth, a moan died.
The last thing he wanted was for the subject of his affections to hear him calling his name, so he had to rein it in, taking a long breath.

The whole situation put him on edge, but it was also risky, and fun. He sucked on his lip, whimpering when he twisted the plug.
He finally took hold of his dick, and started pumping it steadily. His hands were trembling, and his thighs shook violently with each twist and pull inside of him.

He was curious about something, though. Plugs were meant to stay inside, right?
What if he wore it to class? What if he pushed inside of him every morning, when they were all together in the same room and they didn't have to train? What if he strutted to Bakugou's room for their usual tutoring, and unbeknownst of him, his slutty hole would be all plugged up?
Would he notice from the slightly wobbly steps Kirishima would take? Or would he say that he had known for a long time, and would then proceed to unplug him and stuff him with something even better- because it belonged to Bakugou, and Bakugou only?
The dirty thoughts about his crush tore a loud sob from Kirishima's chest, and with one smooth motion he pushed the rest of the plug inside, while hot splurts of cum dampened his lips and collarbones.
The ride seemed infinite, shock after shock that drew his balls taut and made a mess of his ridiculously red and wet dick. He whimpered loudly, deciding that he was already a dead man, seeing how loud he had just been, so he might as well make the best out of it.
He pressed three fingers to the base of the plug and slammed it in and out, just enjoying the pressure of the flat base against his abused hole. He slowly rolled on his stomach, uncaring of the mess he made on the pillow, repeating the motion while on his knees.
He couldn't lie to himself. As painful as it was, it was futile. He couldn't pretend forever that he didn't want, didn't /need/ his crush to take him and detonate his explosions against the skin on his hips, leaving marks that would last for days and would remind him of him.
He whimpered weakly, letting his dick drool whatever it had left onto the rug he had laid down, keeping the plug in him and toying with it just a bit more until he was too overstimulated to continue his self-imposed, sweet torture.
The only sin he had to atone for, was that the thing he was toying with and clenching around was not Katsuki's dick, or his thick fingers, or even an object his crush could use to please his every whim and make Kirishima cry and chant his name like a mantra.
Kirishima eventually pulled the plug out, and flopped stomach-first on his mess of a bed.

The music was still playing in the background, but it grated against his ears.

Slowly, he stood up, and drudged towards the showers to clear his body and mind.
He took longer than usual, just because he was feeling a bit too down, a bit too much like jelly, still a bit too horny from the pain and pleasure and the thought of going to class the following day with a plug up his ass.
Once upstairs he closed his bedroom door with a soft click. He disposed of the dirty towel on his covers and threw those in the laundry hamper as well, changing to a fresh new set to sleep in.
Kirishima didnt know when it started playing, but as he finally settled under the covers, he heard a soft music seep through his shared wall. His phone told him it was barely past 9pm.
Curious, Kirishima turned to face the wall, as if staring at it would grant him x-ray vision and he could see through it, and find out why Bakugou of all people was playing music from his phone right next to Kirishima's room at 9pm.
A thump against the wall startled him, and more sounds joined in on the music, and when he recognized them for what they were- muffled moans, loud enough just to be heard from him, his cheeks heated up and he couldn't help but scream in his poor pillow.
He didnt know if his crush was doing it on purpose- had he waited for Kirishima to be back to his room? Had he listened on him like he was doing right then?

Kirishima didnt know, and he didnt care. As he pulled his covers to his chin to squeal excitedly, he only knew two things.
One, the mental pictures those muffled sounds were eliciting in his mind were definitely going in his spank bank.

Two, never before had he ever wished so hard to have x-ray vision.

ported it to ao3 cause why the hell not

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