[1] Ever hear of the movie " Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB " ?
[2] " Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB " was directed by #GeorgeLucas

It was released in 1967
[3] I find this interesting because it was filmed with the help of the US information agency, the US Navy, at the USC computer center

This around the time that Lucas met Steven Spielberg, the son of Arnold Spielberg (and a computing industry pioneer)
[4] Although the timing doesn't quite line up - One of the intel-microprocessor-based-minicomputer startups that Gary Kildall was challenged by had a location near the George Lucas ranch

What interests me most is what comes next -
[5] ... and that is how Gary Kildall began teaching computer science at the Navy Postgraduate School in 1973, aroundthe same time he was working as a contractor for Intel

Were there staff pr students who knew Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Gary Kildall?

Small world

• • •

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15 Oct
The research I am doing now on Gary Kildall will be the nail in the coffin of my IT career. And hopefully, it is no more than just the career.

The computing industry is full of pansies - Not one person has the ⚾️⚽️🏀🏀s to ask questions ? #sad !
[2] "Following [the death of Bill Gates' mother], it was disclosed that she was the target of a kidnapping attempt several years earlier."
I now believe this is possible. 30 days after she died, Kildall died of a heart attack +fall at a biker bar at age 52
[3] "In 1975, Gov Daniel Evans appointed Gates to the board of regents for U Washington"

Gov Evans was Ford's 1st VP pick, but Rockefeller got picked. Gov also Gate' Sr' best bud.

1975 - Gate/Allen start Microsoft

Was Bundy ever at the Gates' home?
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11 Oct
[2] #MCS #MultipleChemicalSensitivity today

Those w/ chemical sensitivies cant shop for furniture - toxic cleaning agents are sprayed liberally onto everything

Probably causing more harm to the population as a whole with cleaning chemicals than the virus itself every could
[3] #MCS #MultipleChemicalSensitivity today

What is a person with MCS supposed to do when the sanitizers and cleaning agents in hospitals are so excessive (thanks to #COVID19) that they cant even be in the hospital ?
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30 Sep
Well, today we got Buffett connections now to the uranium enrichment corruption of Uranium One - And we have Albert Spielberg a heartbeat away from the company in Albuquerque that gave a platform to launch Microsoft in 1975.

Barr may be sitting on his ass, but I am not.
Arnold Spielberg is a crafty dude. He really danced around his departure from General Electric in 1963.

He "worked as intern" for Crosley Radio after WW2. Think the Cincinnati stadium. Crosley largest producer of Proximity Fuses in WW2 - Think Vannevar Bush. Image
[3] Wow - MITS, the tiny Albuquerque company that made the Altair 8800 that helped launch Bill Gates and Microsoft in 1975 ... was sourcing chips from Electronic Arrays, Inc, a small MOSFET chip manufacturer in California, where Arnold #Spielberg was an engineering director Image
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28 Sep
[2] Year 2017 - Buffett leading the build of uranium fuel banks
[3] August 2020 -

The connections of Berskhire Hathaway, uranium investments, and COVID19

LINK - finance.yahoo.com/news/uranium-b… Image
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2 Sep
Peter Kiewet: Warren Buffett's mentor

Kiewett (Darmouth grad) also funded much of the Dartmouth computer lab for John Kemeny, via Kiewet Construction

Dartmouth/Kemeny create BASIC

Bill Gates / Paul Allen claim to invent BASIC for PCs - Make billions

Buffett now mentors Gates
[2] Kiewet literally was providing the funding to standardize BASIC starting in January 1975

That is exactly when Bill Gates and Paul Allen took --> DARTMOUTH BASIC <-- language syntax to make an interpreter for the intel 8080 personal computer from MCI called the Altari 8800
[3] The Kiewet family provided top funding for Durham Research Center for University of Nebraska Medical Center: The facility that was key to Ebola outbreak research, and studying #COVID19 patients form China

Much discussion on my Housatonic Live; show - Sina #Bavari in this mix
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