anyway. antiwar/peace activists have not been able to make either the public or politicians care about this issue. I'm not exactly sure how to change that...but! acknowledging this failure seems like a first step.
like, choosing one candidate as somehow a force for peace without getting policy concessions but just because this person hasn't been in power yet and so hasn't dropped bombs—that hasn't worked great.
I'm not really sure that trying to shame people for their votes on defense appropriation bills has worked very well either. the incentives the other way to like increase troop pay are just too large.
piling on when the wrong candidate suggests some new approach (like Beto with the war tax) hasn't been super helpful either.
reporting and protests against individual wars (like Iraq) have been pretty effective, but those kind of only seem to work against a given war, not against the forever military establishment.
I wish I had an answer as to what approach would be better. I guess I'd argue for a specific goal (repeal AUMF?) first and then try to get candidates to sign onto that specifically and offer support to those who do...but
again, the truth is I don't know what would work. but acknowledging failure and a need to try something else seems key, rather than just constantly railing against everyone else for being hypcorites and murderers if they haven't adopted your agenda.
not saying these people aren't hypocrites and murderers! I think they are in many cases. Just, that language hasn't been super successful at moving any needles anywhere, which is really bad since we desperately need to stop killing people.

• • •

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at grammy dot com I wrote about the nuts and bolts of how Black musicians in the 50s and 60s were screwed out of their royalties, health insurance, and pensions.…
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so one thing is that we may already have hit 300k. excess death totals are the best measure; they were already at 266k at the end of September.

400k by the end of the year would be more like 1600 a day when we're maybe averaging 1000 a day now by excess deaths...
I think there's some hope we don't hit that for sure, but it's not ridiculous to think it's a possibility, unfortunately.
and also covid can create terrifying spikes, as we've seen. if there's another New York-like event thousands of people can die very quickly.
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The Jill Lepore article's point is that you don't need truth and reconciliation commissions in a functioning democracy, the problem here being that trump is a big sign that our democracy isn't functioning.
we need some sort of evaluation of and acknowledgement of catastrophic failure. how do we hold people accountable? are our institutions resilient enough to do that as they stand?
Lepore thinks they are. I wish I was as certain...
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people who broke the law and undermined US democracy should in fact be afraid. we want people to be afraid to do this again. Image
people in power are virtually never held accountable. the vague suggestion that maybe people who collaborated in torturing children in concentration camps should face consequences sends these assholes into a spiral of self-justifying indignation.
maybe don't be evil pieces of shit is a message worth trying to enforce.
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people who thought Biden should be doing attack ads instead of ones like this were pretty confused I think.
it sort of says it at the beginning of the ad. Trump leaves a ton of room for a politician who can just not say grotesquely cruel and inflammatory shit for 2 minutes.
like there's nothing to stop trump doing an ad about how he loves dogs and how he proposed to his wife except for the thing where he just can't even pretend to care about anyone or anything else for 10 seconds.
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