#Billgates has over 100 BILLION Dollars.
-He DOESNT fund Startups
-He is AGAINST funding the Breakthrough CleanEnergy innovators like #AlphaOmegaEnergy
-He is AGAINST helping those Vaccine Damaged ppl or EVER acknowledging them
-He Doesn't build schools nor lend to Socents
-How many BLACK owned Startups in the Emerging Markets has #BillGates funded or lended to?
-Why hasn't BG denounced the Racist Hate-Filled "Black Extermination Project" of his family's Creation called #PlannedParenthood?
-Why is BG so completely Against the Black world?
-Why has BG NEVER worn a #Mask
-Why has BG NEVER gotten his family Vaccinated?
-Why is BG so completely AGAINST acknowledging the desperate destruction of the lives of the Vaccine Damaged & their needs to be taken care of & his MORAL OBLIGATION to help them WITH HIS PROFITS?
-WHY Does BG Talk #Depopulation instead of using his 100 BILLION DOLLARS to INVEST into the Emerging Markets & Undeveloped nations? Why is he so totally against this but hammering RACIST Depopulation instead & Expanding his "Black Extermination Project" PP into them instead?
-WHY is BG 100% AGAINST Support for & Investment to the BLACK Owned Small private businesses in the Developing countries?
-WHY is BG completely disconnected from Impact Investing & Socent in BLACK countries?
-WHY is BG focused on VAXING them all & Depopulating them instead?
-WHY is BG focused on Sterilizing them instead of INFRASTRUCTURE for them?
-WHY is BG TALKING about Technology but is hell bent AGAINST investing in it in these places but INSTEAD Depopulating them?
-Where are all the BLACK people on BG's Teams?
-Where from Undev nations?
-WHERE is BG's BILLION DOLLAR power plants in BLACK EmergingMarkets Nations?
-WHERE is BG's Startup funds in BLACK nations investing to Small Private BLACK OWNED STARTUPS or those like #AlphaOmegaEnergy? Why does he HATE this idea so COMPLETELY that STILL VAXXING not VESTING?

• • •

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19 Oct
#Science & #COVID19 "The Flu I mean The #Coronavirus" #SCAMDEMIC FACTS:
-#TrackAndTrace DOES NOT treat an infection for ANYTHING & CAN NOT help in treating infections
-Knowing who has come in contact with an infected person CAN NOT TREAT an infection
-Those pumping #TrackAndTrace have NEVER even suggested a Treatment regimen of ANY kind, Other than Forced Injections of Toxic Unidentified Untested Agents with ZERO recourse if they Poison or Kill or Maim you & your family & no help when they do whatsoever ever spoken of.
-#TrackAndTrace CAN NOT solve a pandemic, & there is no real evidence of ANY KIND on ANY LEVEL that it can do so.
-Tracking AFTER THE FACT the spread of where a disease went, that is airborne & hyper-infectious & penetrates masks, CAN NOT help a pandemic
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19 Oct
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Australia has turned Full Nazi Fascist & Eliminated All #HumanRights. Forced Injections with Zero Liability on injectors. CRIMINAL #TrackAndTrace& Nazi Eugenics Prison Nation Police State the likes CCP & Robert Mugabe haven't even tried. Can't even leave
-No money & total abandonment of the #vaccine damaged persons
-Still Lying that vaccines don't do any damage
-All 5 vaccines so far for the Fake #Scamdemic have damaged the patients so badly nearly killing them that had to terminate all trials
-No country on earth so Fascist
#AU is officially the first country in history you need to be force injected with Toxic chemicals to travel out of, effectively eliminating all bodily sovereignty for over 20 million people in Medical Tyranny & #MedicalRape #CrimesAgainstHumanity on scale never seen before.
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18 Oct
#Breaking #Breakingnews
Chinese Officials& Intel experts release info on #HunterBiden & #JoeBiden including SexTapes of Sex with Children including Non-Consentual Violence by HB. The SAME Officials who OWN the Wuhan Lab & #Vaccine Co #Soros invested in.
-Jiang Zheming Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China from 1989 to 2004 is being claimed to have released the information to the DOJ, which was squashed by the DOJ, (who squashed it?) but finally made it to #Trump. CCP also has the Drives
-Wu Xiaohui, Zeng, & Wang also involved in the leaks.
-Blackmail of both parties #Republicans & #Democrats & also the #UN.
-#Bloomberg also in the drives compromised.
-One more drive to come out about Bioweapons. WOW!
-The WHOLE WORLD will know about the Bidens within 1 WEEK.
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18 Oct
Obviously the #Climate models are completely WRONG.
Not just in one way or two, not just WRONG on #CO2 Plant food which is an Industrial COOLANT & They have NEVER shown how it heat Anything, but there is a VERY different system operating when two TOTAL OPPOSITE Polarities sideby.
Also, they are FRAUDING the people by using these charts. -They are used ONLY WHEN the temps are showing something that looks hot (in this case there is one of hottest temps ever in mex)
-They show NOT temperature but deviance from their MODEL which makes completely irrelevant
-They never even try to address the vortex physics into this
-Nor the Magneto-physics of the earth
-Nor the weakening magnetic field
-Nor the electrical physics of the sun-earth connection
-Nor the Solar wind dynamics, coronal holes & "cosmic radiation"
They just LIE all CO2
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18 Oct
#Breaking #BreakingNews
ALL #Canadians #Canada Must see this!!
MASSIVE Quarantine Camps Construction All across the country NOT only for #Covid19 SCAM Test positives but for whoever they want after #Trudeau put in law to TAKE YOUR CHILDREN & FORCE VAX U
-CORRUPT #Liberal Govt refuses to give information on what reasons ppl will be held in these NAZI Concentration camps
-Those who don't wear masks are being persecuted in all kinds of ways, with this FRAUD being used against them in courts & other damaging ways
-In #UK & #Australia they just gave authorization for all the #TrackAndTrace data to be given to police so they can HUNT YOU DOWN & arrest you & guess where you will be put if you breached your 1 hour outside quotas. This is coming to #Canada #Newzealand in DAYS. Only #Trump
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18 Oct
#Breaking #BreakingNews
CRIMINAL Organization #Reddit, ranked as the most Echo-Chamber Totalitarian Dictatorship anti-#Freespeech platform online even beating #Facebook, engaging in mass dishonest psychological brainwashing campaign aimed at discrediting conservatives as ban ALL
#Reddit, has deleted not only all the conservative channels from its platform, while hosting rooms for #Liberals full of child porn, but bans & blocks messaging for all conservative commenters. They also instantly ban ANYONE stating ANYTHING outside of Leftist Fraud-Science.
We, the world's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy tech Startup for example, were #Banned merely for stating "E=mc2 is wrong" We can no longer post in the r/science #Reddit groups AT ALL despite having created over 4,000+ Technologies & winning worldwide awards & Teaching @ Fukushima
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