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18 Oct, 11 tweets, 7 min read
May 18, 2017

”....Turkish government over violence outside its ambassador's residence in Washington. Video shows Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan observing the clashes from a distance“

Give me 4 tweets to explain why I’m opening this thread with that flash back - awkward
Understandably on June 15, 2017 MPDC issued
Suspects Sought in Multiple Assaults Outside Turkish Embassy
tango down 👇🏻…

Then in mid September 2017 - the @WhiteHouse refuted Erdogan‘s claims that @realDonaldTrump “apologized”
-again on AMERICAN SOIL - nine were beaten & bloodied
White House refutes Erdogan’s claim that Trump apologized for charges against security guards…
the various foreign leaders there are three that Trump by all appearances is scared shitless of:
-Vladimir Putin
-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
-Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud a/k/a MbS-Bone-Saw
only 12 tweets sometimes the absence of something is something…
Fast forward to October 2019 and the now infamous & inglorious BONKERS ”Don‘t be a fool” letter
-placeholder <1 month later Trump rolled out the red carpet…
Told ya I needed 4 tweets
”..Administration end its acquiescence in.. Erdogan’s assaults on democracy and aggression throughout the region The Administration must take the necessary steps to hold President Erdogan accountable – including by enforcing laws requiring sanctions...”
Not to belabor the importance
-Turkey is purportedly our Ally
-Trump abandoned our Kurdish Allies
-Erdogan vowed to slaughter them
-this endangers US but also our NATO allies, read page 2 closely
link to letter👇🏻…
“...the near unanimous bipartisan passage of H.R. 4695, which classifies Turkey’s S-400 purchase as a significant transaction under CAATSA...”

Weird how in October 2019 some of us were screaming into the abyss.
This is H. R. 4695 referenced - its a thread
Apparently screaming about the AUMF with facts & a documents is deemed unimportant on this platform.
AUMF September 2019 thread

I did the
I told you I’d be extra spicy, the Island brings the zero phucks given out🙃
Again this is the link to the Oct 15, 202o House Foreign Relations Committee to @SecPompeo
-Who likely looked at the letter
-then ate the letter
-So he could shit it out

For shittlestix & giggles
the question of why this admin completely jacked up the once venerable VOA
LN has a great tool - it cuts my research to weapons grade efficiency & accuracy - guess who broke the Erdogan DC-thugs beating?
—> VOA

• • •

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18 Oct
I see I have a NEW QANON-sense follower


shall we?
Because I like playing with my food and I’m starving Image
@JonJohnstone4 This is you...
This is me...
So @JonJohnson4 - do you actually sleep? ImageImage
@JonJohnstone4 @JonJohnson4 This is you

This is me
Man your word cloud is interesting but I find the links you tweet fascinating too. ImageImageImageImage
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18 Oct
Here we can observe @LaraLeaTrump doing what Trumps do - lying their ___ off
The Jan 2020 China travel ban came AFTER ALL major airlines cancelled fights.

Thread that factually eviscerates this demonstrative lie
This is the April 2020 China ban thread
I did the research & linked to all the documents in the public record ...
Here we can also observe @LaraLeaTrump once again lying about “he shut it down”
This is NOT my opinion (which doesn’t matter) - these are the FACTS via CDC WMMR report
Original Documents embedded below
the VIRUS was already here

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18 Oct
Dear MSM

if you book @DHS_Wolf @HomelandKen on your Cable news programs and you FAIL to ask each about their

then you suck at your job.
Rethink your booking choices or at the very minimum do some research
👇🏻almost ONE YEAR AGO👇🏻
No really if you book @DHS_Wolf and/or @HomelandKen on your cable news show and you fail to ask about FVRA - you suck at your job
Supplemental # 1
@DHS_Wolf @HomelandKen You straight up suck at your job
MARCH 1 2020
-I’m not a reporter
-I don‘t make a living tweeting original documents
-I don’t have a paid private Twitter Account, book deal etc
I‘ve spent my OWN money to get the facts & share it with my followers
Sup # 2
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17 Oct
Coming back from the Marina - this is DEEP in Trump County -

again deep in Trump County - I think he’s gonna lose this state too
I‘m not even joking - unbeknownst to me one of my littles was also snapping pictures.
Here’s round two
to give you some context in 2016
Trump 58%
Clinton 37%
see round 3 in next tweet
Round 3 - 2016 in this County
Trump 72%
Clinton 23%
These counties are rural, mainly white & fueled by tourism
When I said this is deep in Trump Country, I’m not exaggerating. It is.
We‘ve owned down here for 11years & we’ve never seen anything like this.
see next tweet...
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17 Oct
1 tequila
2 tequila
duck it ALL the tequila..

oh shittlestix it’s Friday Night (technically Sat Morning) and I have a few things to say...
set ...
LLOLs - do you know how freaking tedious it was to track down the actual travel voucher (full disclosure I found it in 2017 & 2018 so the 3rd or 4th time I pulled the file down)
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16 Oct
FTR @yashar isn‘t wrong here
in July 2020 someone archived her account

-follow along if interested
Recent ID Conversions:

@venussylbrine => 1960721174
#/americaneedspennsylvania #/stophateforprofitfacebook
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