This corner of the online left is poison.

We’re in a mortal struggle against fascism with an election in 2 weeks and they’re doing this shit.
The drooling excitement we're seeing in some corners of the dead-ender online left over the garbage Hunter Biden smear is...just profoundly disgusting.

In their giddy desire to get to say "I told you so," they're loudly parroting & supporting fascist propaganda.

Your ego & your fucking patreon are a lot less important than stopping the march of fascism in America.

Get over yourselves, help defeat fascist Republicans, and then get back to work pushing Democrats to the left.

Sniping Joe Biden with 2 weeks til E Day is psychopath shit.
This is obviously true but I wish they weren't prominent leftists pushing many well-intentioned people with good economic values into vindictiveness & spite.

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31 Aug
I hate this. I hate the idea of more police on the streets of Portland. I hate that police accountability is lost in this sea of “unrest” narrative.

And I frankly don’t know what other option Kate Brown has at this point.

Shit is clearly out of control.
Portland is still a tremendously safe city & I don’t know a single Portlander who feels unsafe from the nightly protests.

But political violence is escalating quickly & I haven’t seen any indication of strategy or endgame on the protest side in weeks.

The city needs a break.
I’m gonna get so canceled for this.

But screw it. Portland police lack legitimacy AND the violent corners of the protests lack legitimacy.

Everybody needs a reset.
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19 Aug
So, it sure looks like DeJoy issued a public statement that he’d stop sabotaging the mail & then issued internal directives to accelerate sabotaging the mail.
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23 Jul
#PortlandProtests Day 55 (or 56? I’ve lost count). 10:10pm.

Thousands upon thousands.
Portland sending a distress signal to the rest of the republic.
Lots of signs like this. Image
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27 Nov 19
Ok, about this AOC/Sunnyside thing:

1) AOC’s federal housing bill is really good on zoning, so chill out before calling her a NIMBY.

2) YIMBYs who want to place themselves in opposition to AOC are nuts

3) Inner-borough NYC housing is more complex than many places

4) Van Bramer has apparently opposed 100% affordable housing apartments, so it’s pretty reasonable to be skeptical of his positions on housing

5) Low-income tenants are legit scared about new high rises & there’s a lot of work to do to ease those concerns

6) Inner-borough NYC is already denser than almost anywhere else in the US (making extrapolation to other cities iffy) and outer boroughs should end exclusionary zoning, BUT inner boroughs still need more housing, both public & private to accommodate population growth

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22 Nov 19
Since we're having that debate again, I'll just lay out a quick thread on why, as a leftist, I believe we need to end exclusionary zoning & build a bunch more housing, both public & private.

The short version is that all of the other options are worse.
When exclusionary zoning reins, demolitions & flips still occur. They just turn a $300k single-unit house into a $700k single-unit house. It's gentrification in its purest form, 1-to-1 replacement of working people for rich people.

You could ban demolitions, but...
If you ban demolitions but don't control rents, it creates a worst-case-scenario where landlords and property owners can pit prospective renters & occupants against each other and jack prices through the roof.

You could ban demolitions & control rents, but...
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