1 month after FBI took possession of Hunter laptop, Burisma was reportedly "hacked by Russia," & a dem security firm tied to the intelligence community went on to claim that they got Hunter's emails.

I regret to inform you that the FBI is at it again.
"Experts say timing & scale of attacks suggest the Russians could be searching for potentially embarrassing material on Bidens."

"Timing of Russian campaign mirrors the GRU hacks we saw in 2016 against DNC & Podesta,” - dem security guy

Same playbook!
Final step is this IC leak to The NYT, so they can prop up the absurd narrative & continue running interference for their preferred candidate.

The never-ending coup attempt from the inside continues.

1) "Russia hacked Hunter" narrative surfaced immediately after FBI seized Hunter laptop.
2) Doubtful Burisma was infiltrated by hackers. No real evidence it happened. Just word of dem security firm.
3) RU disinfo narrative is 100% fake news & prob spawned by our IC.
Looking back in the archives. This was my first reaction to the Burisma hacked Biden narrative in Jan. I smelled BS from a mile away, but of course had no idea that FBI was in posession of Hunter emails!
@tracybeanz happened to notice that the Burisma hacking report contained no actual forensic evidence, just the word of the dem security operative
Longtime IC mop up man Fusion Ken Dilanian stressed the importance of the fake story meant to cover for Biden
As for the dem security firm, it's called Area 1 Security. It was founded by these two guys. Oren is a major #resist guy who was an NSA analyst under Obama. Blake was a top official at Crowdstrike, the gem-tied security firm that peddled the Russia hacked DNC story. ImageImage
Read the Area 1 report claiming that Burisma was targeted.

There's no actual proof of any Russian involvement whatsoever. They claim that it has the markings of a GRU operation (which anyone can replicate), & then jump to conclusion it was a Russian plot: cdn.area1security.com/reports/Area-1…
Btw I wrote about this in detail here: jordanschachtel.substack.com/p/how-the-new-…

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19 Oct
How The New York Times sketched Team Biden’s evidence-free 'Russian disinformation' tale jordanschachtel.substack.com/p/how-the-new-…
The campaign to delegitimize newly surfaced emails that implicate the Biden family in a massive foreign corruption scheme was a year in the making, and the seed for Team Biden’s “Russian disinformation” rebuttal was first planted in The New York Times.
I tracked down the origins of the "Russian disinformation" angle — an alleged GRU hack of Burisma — and found that it has no supporting evidence and zero basis in reality.
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19 Oct
Lots have asked about Birx+Fauci ties to Gates network & if it is legit.

Yes. Gates has monopoly on global health policy. Most prominent officials are tied to his foundation.

Birx: board of Gates' Global Fund.

Fauci : Global Grand Challenges board & Decade of Vaccines council.
Bill Gates monopolized health networks by throwing massive amounts of cash at organizations like WHO, US health agencies, academia, etc. His people then propose a "collaboration" of sorts, which is entirely funded by Gates, which means it's controlled by Gates.
Want funding for research? Go through Gates.

Need a scientific model on the coronavirus? Best you use the Gates 1 over at IHME & make his people happy.

Say something negative about Gates? Consider yourself blacklisted. No govt entity, academic org, etc will ever work with you.
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19 Oct
False. China brought COVID-19 "under control" by stopping asymptomatic testing. Of course the virus spread. Idea that it didn't is 100% CCP propaganda. Lockdowns don't work, ppl. After botched Wuhan experiment, they stopped reporting cases. Simple as that.
You have to be a complete buffoon to believe that China stopped the spread throughout the entire country by doing a lockdown. Lockdowns don't work, as evidenced by global data. China quit containment post Wuhan. COVID-19 is not a big deal and they are treating it that way.
We have data from dozens & dozens countries that tried to do lockdowns. Every single lockdown country w big population has failed to stop the spread of COVID-19. Either that, or they pulled the plug on the mass testing regime. As they say, virus gonna virus. Lockdowns don't work.
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18 Oct
Book burners in the scientific community succeeded in getting a tweet from the president’s adviser banned because it challenges conventional wisdom on masks.

They have no evidence on their side. Still, they demand ban hammer for impure ideas.

Atlas is right. Masks don’t work.
Fwiw, this guy is a hysterical, delusional Trump hater.
Look at this hysterical maniac. He’s an obsessed Trump hater.
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17 Oct
Comprehensive study: Fauci’s ‘standard of care’ COVID-19 treatment doesn’t work. jordanschachtel.substack.com/p/comprehensiv…
Dr. Fauci is heavily invested in Remdesivir succeeding. Since 2014, he has dedicated massive taxpayer resources into studying and hyping Gilead’s product through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which he has led since 1984.
Fauci’s NIAID both conducted & funded much of the development of Remdesivir. Over $40 million in taxpayer $ used in dev of Remdesivir can be traced directly to grants delivered by NIAID. The NIAID is currently sponsoring 2 separate, major clinical trials on the Gilead product.
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16 Oct
Gilead always knew their drug doesn't work to help COVID-19 patients. Still, they were able to put it out to market thanks to their ties to corrupt bureaucrats in US public health agencies. Fauci described Remdesivir as the "standard of care" for COVID-19.
Gilead pulled off some really sinister stuff in bringing this product to market. They claimed credit for the human immune system defeating COVID-19. There should be consequences for this.
BTW, Remdesivir costs Americans $3,120 per treatment course for patients with private insurance.

Congrats on selling that Ebola drug to COVID-19 patients, Gilead. Big score!
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