1) Joe Biden
• Has Biden presented himself as a future leader of the free world?
• Has Biden responded to the allegations against him on Ukraine,Russia&China?
• Has Biden made his positions clear on all of the issues?
• Has Biden drawn any crowd greater than 50 people?...
2)•Has Biden behaved like a bully when a potential voter asks a legitimate question?
•Has Biden obtained any substantial accomplishments in his 47 years in office?
•Has Biden answered to why American voters don’t deserve to know if he is scheming to pack the Supreme Court...
3)•Has Biden responded to allegations that Pelosi will use the 25th Amendment, if elected, to insert Kamala Harris as President?
•Has Biden answered to why he refused to be searched for a wire/ hearing device, before the first debate? ...
4)•Has Biden explained why he outed SEAL Team 6 as the assasins of Osama Bin Laden, resulting in the shooting down of a Chinook Helicopter, with 38 people on board, 22 of which were SEAL Team 6 members, in Afghanistan, in August, 2011? ...
5)•Has Biden apologized to the man he falsely accused of being drunk, who killed his first wife and child, in a traffic accident, when she ran a stop sign & it was her fault?
•Has Biden apologized for lying he marched for Civil Rights? ...
6)•Has Biden explained why Black people should vote for him based on the slogan, “if you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t Black.” ?
•Has Biden apologized for lying about living in Section 8 housing while growing up? ...
7)•Has Biden apologized for saying as V.P., “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor.”?
•Has Biden not flip flopped multiple times on issues, such as the Green New Deal, a nationwide mask mandate, fracking, Medicare for all, etc. ? ...
8)•Has Biden apologized for his history of plagiarism?
•Has Biden apologized for claiming he was the first in his family to go to College?
•Has Biden apologized for lying that he graduated at the top of his class, when in fact, he was at the bottom? ...
9)•Has Biden denied that Delaware State University denies Biden was ever a student there?
•Has Biden apologized for saying he was raised in a Black Church?
•Has Biden lied his tax hike would be the biggest in the history of our Country? (82% on Day 1)....
10)•Has Biden denied he will come for your guns?
•Has Biden denounced Antifa, BLM as terrorist organizations? No, they’re just “ideas”.
•Has Biden explained any science that he’s always talking about? ...
11)•Has Biden made public the results of any cognitive, dementia or Alzheimer’s tests?
•Has Biden denied cutting Trump tax cuts will raise taxes?
•Has Biden denied inappropriate sexual behavior with at least 9 women? ...
12)•Has Biden apologized to the families to whom he was inappropriate with their children? ...
13)Conclusion:Joe Biden. 47 years in government office, with nothing to show for it except a long history of lies, flip flopping, creating stories out of thin air,that are politically expedient.Not to mention the ongoing claims of corruption, in partnership with his son,Hunter...
14)...Not answering basic questions as to how he will act, once he becomes President; choosing rather to avoid or bully to skirt the questions. Inappropriate behavior with women & children....
15)But most of all, he’s obviously mentally unfit to carry out the demands of the office of the President of the United States of America. / Done

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15 Oct
1)SEAL Team 6. August 11, 2011. “A Taliban fighter shot down a Chinook helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Afghanistan.”In all,there were 38 people on board, including other U.S. military personnel & seven Afghan soldiers. All were killed... special-ops.org/who-betrayed-n…
2)SEAL Team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden.“Several days after the Bin Laden operation, V.P. Joe Biden,in a pathetic attempt to spike the football & gloat, publicly revealed their central role in the raid. His revelations put a giant target on the backs of every SEAL Team 6 member.”...
3)”Mr. Biden’s reckless actions, followed by Pres. Obama’s own words acknowledging the secret units operation, jeopardized the Navy SEAL’s safety. Jihadists bent on revenge began an intense manhunt. The hunters now became the hunted.”....
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1)Socialism. Why is socialism so attractive to millennials? Being re-named Democratic Socialism, “done to soften the impact of a historically unpopular term in the U.S.”...implying “the system is chosen democratically,” as opposed to a dictatorship like Russia or Venezuela.”Cont.
2)”Bernie Sanders was the prophet of this movement.”-WashingtonExaminer.com.7/11/18. Sanders, along with Hillary Clinton, felt compelled to point out tiny Denmark, as a model for Democratic Socialist ideals; but the Prime Minister of Denmark,said his country is not socialist,....
3)...but “a market economy with an expanded welfare state.” High taxes & lots of government benefits, but not a government controlled economy.”-WashingtonExaminer.com.7/11/18. Cont.
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9 Sep
To President Trump. I’ve been a Pharmacist for 43 years.I’ve owned my own Pharmacy for 30 years.The greatest good you can do,is let Pharmacists be Pharmacists,like the rest of the world.Allow us to make decisions which drug can be dispensed without a Doctor’s visit.Unleash us👍🇺🇸
The majority of times,a doctor’s visit is unnecessary. It’s something simple.If,in our professional judgment,a Doctor is necessary,we’re very capable of making the decision to call the doctor. Also,dealing directly with a Pharmacist saves a load of money on the healthcare system.
As just one recent example. A woman customer of mine, diagnosed with “sciatica”, turned out not to have sciatica. For one and one half months, nothing worked. Pain killers, anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants, oral & injected steroids. Nothing worked. ...
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24 Aug
•Dems lie, cheat & steal
•Want the Post Office to replace the Board of Elections.
•Want illegals to have full rights & benefits.
•Want us to exist in a state of fear/panic until Nov. 4th.
•Want us to believe the big, bad boogeyman, has a second wave.
•Want us pussified
•Want us to wear masks because it’s killing off our brain cells and ability to think.
•Want us to pollute the oceans with tons of plastic masks,gloves,to talk more about their Green Deal.
•Want to get rid of G-d
•Want to legalize pedophilia
•Want to destroy our history
•Want to continue the racial divide
•Want America destroyed from the inside, out, via Antifa & Black Lives Matter.
•Want to destroy the Police
•Want to take our guns
•Want bigger Government because only Government knows what’s best for us.
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4 Aug
1)Fear.”Fear is an emotion that can be a shared & social emotion, one which circulates through groups & communities & shapes our reactions to ongoing events...fear is contagious & can spread swiftly. Media coverage sets the agenda... theconversation.com/coronavirus-ho…
2)”When issues receive extensive media coverage, they come to be seen as more important by the public.”-theconversation.com.2/14/20. Cont.
3)”Repetition is a well known & prevalent propaganda technique used to solidify falsehoods & perpetuate fear in the public consciousness. By repeating specific phrases & warnings (wear your mask, socially distance 6 feet, etc.), & displaying symbols & images over & over...
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27 Jul
1) Missing Children Statistics: “In the U.S. an estimated 460,000 children are reported missing every year.”-FBI via globalmissingkids.org. Cont. globalmissingkids.org/awareness/miss…
2)”In Canada, an estimated 45,288 children are reported missing each year.”-Govt. of Canada via globalmissingkids.org. Cont.
3)”In the United Kingdom, an estimated 112,853 children are reported missing every year.”-National Crime Agency, UK Missing Persons Bureau via globalmissingkids.org Cont.
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