Game over.

@realDonaldTrump will be reelected in a landslide.

For the first time in American history, the Republicans have beaten the Democrats in new-voter registration.

The Democrats go into the election with the same number of voters as they had in 2016.

And a VERY LARGE percentage of those Democrats will be voting for Trump.

Biden is DONE.

How strange!

Could there by a reason why this happened?
Actually, there are almost too many reasons to count.
1. Biden is senile.

2. Biden has a 47-year career of NO accomplishments.

3. Biden's platform is full of leftist radicalism that will destroy the country.

4. Biden says we must elect him to learn his positions.

5. Biden is 100 percent negative.
6. Biden speaks as though the public is nothing but peons.

7. Kamala Harris is one of the most repulsive politicians in American history.

8. Harris has a record of open corruption and incompetence.

9. Harris supports endless rioting.
10. The Democratic party supports endless rioting.

11. Radical leftists refuse to give us a moment's peace unless we surrender.

12. The Democratic party is calling for the political, economic, academic, judicial, legal, historical, and social extermination of an entire race.
13. The Democrat media is calling for the censorship of political dissent.

14. Democrat science is calling for the censorship of political dissent.

15. The Democrats are calling for the abolition of punishment for all crimes.
16. Democrat surrogates are calling for the abolition of the police.

17. Democrats are calling for the effective abolition of gun ownership.

18. Democrats are calling for the US to become a self-sustaining, all-encompassing ecosystem of leftist policies.

Trump fooled them into thinking that social media is the most important thing in the world.

So he tweeted.

Every Trump supporter who hates his tweets needs to get down on their knees and thank the heavens above that he tweeted.
That was all it took to distract AN ENTIRE POLITICAL PARTY.

They missed every single thing I saw.

Some of us never lost our CERTAINTY that Trump would be easily reelected.

And a lot of you reading this will "sadly disagree" with me.

Cram it.

You think the Democrats have superpowers, so you're not playing with a full deck.

The Democrats plowed ahead with their ludicrous notion that everybody hates Trump so much that they'll elect a potted plant to get rid of him.

So the Democrats ran a potted plant.
The infuriating thing about defeatists is that they don't know anything, but they opine anyway.

If you don't have factual information on a topic, you're not qualified to make a value judgement on it.

Here's the worst mistake the Democrats made:
The result of violence, verbal attacks, psychological attacks, threats of violence, threats of property destruction, threats of impacting employment, threats of academic retaliation, threats of career destruction, and threats of public exposure?
The Democrats made it IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW who supports Trump.

If you have no blooming idea what Trump's level of support is, YOU CAN'T WIN.

There's no way to know who you have to reach or how to do it.

The Democrats were Trump's best allies.
The final layer on the Democrat horror show was the nonstop lecturing from athletes and entertainers.

Add the rabid invective from Hollywood icons, and the implosion of the party is complete.

There wasn't a single thing the Democrats did right.
And now they get to pay the butcher's bill.

Democrats told us in unambiguous language that unless we turned against Trump, they'd continue to behave like savages.

OF COURSE this backfired.

All they had to do was look at London during both world wars.
I'll end with an excerpt from "Death of a Zeppelin," by Michael MacDonagh describing the shooting down of L31 on October 1, 1916.

It was commanded by Heinrich Mathy, who became world famous and was the only member of the crew to jump rather than burn to death. ImageImageImage
"I saw high in the sky a concentrated blaze of searchlights, and in its centre a ruddy glow which rapidly spread into the outline of a blazing airship."
"Then the searchlights were turned off and the Zeppelin drifted perpendicularly in the darkened sky, a gigantic pyramid of flames, red and orange, like a ruined star falling slowly to earth. Its glare lit up the streets and gave a ruddy tint even to the waters of the Thames."
"The spectacle lasted two or three minutes. It was so horribly fascinating that I felt spellbound - almost suffocated with emotion, ready hysterically to laugh or cry."
"When at last the doomed airship vanished from sight there arose a shout the like of which I never heard in London before..."
"...a hoarse shout of mingled execration, triumph and joy; a swelling shout that appeared to be rising from all parts of the metropolis, ever increasing in force and intensity. It was London's Te Deum for another crowning deliverance."
The Democrat zeppelin is going down on election night.

Prepare for that horse shout of mingled execration, triumph and joy.



• • •

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31 Oct

@realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @VP @SecondLady @SecretaryCarson @kayleighmcenany @RichardGrenell


Is this diverse enough for you?!

I'm 58 years old, and I've never seen ANYTHING like this, in my lifetime or in newsreels.

Landslide reelection.

@Nigel_Farage put £10,000 where his mouth is. That's how much he bet on a Trump victory.

You know what's amazing about this video?
In another life, I interviewed people professionally.

Then I wrote about them.

I once interviewed a woman who did NOT like male interviewers because they ALWAYS harped on her gender, when all she wanted to talk about was her art.
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@realDonaldTrump compare YOUR supporters to Biden's.

Let me list all the "full stop" statements Biden supporters have made recently.

"Only Nazis ask you to define Nazism."
"Only racists say they're not racist."
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Every day, in every way, the Democrats work as hard as they can to deliver states into the @realDonaldTrump column.

First BLM-Antifa sacked Philadelphia, and now THIS:…
POSSIBLE voter intimidation?!

Emily Resko, an intern for Representative Conor Lamb (D-PA):

"I'm about to see how alllllll you fuckers vote."
This is SO Chinese Communist Party.

Listen, kids:

I have the entire government of California, the IRS, and who knows who else harassing me.

My phone is tapped; it clicks and beeps and is disconnected mid-call.

When I'm disconnected, it takes multiple attempts to reconnect.
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30 Oct

@newtgingrich isn't known for his wild overstatement.

As some of you might know, I agree with Gingrich's assessment of @realDonaldTrump's prospects.…
"Gingrich called an electoral map showing a landslide Trump victory with 326 electoral votes, 'the first Electoral College map that made sense' before claiming that the Left will be 'terribly shocked' following Election Day."
It's not only Trump, his strength, and his policies but also the fact the Democrats have made it absolutely impossible for sane people to vote for them.

Their platform is political suicide, their attacks on Trump are laughably stupid, and their candidate is senile.
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30 Oct

@WallaceR83 is a typical leftist.

He says @realDonaldTrump has done nothing for veterans.

As opposed to Biden and his waiting-list deaths, I guess.

I've issued a challenge to Wallace.

First, his tweet. Image
I'm not going to bother with the rest of his raving, but let's look at Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. Image
Now, Wallace has achieved peak veteran-ness.

Ain't nobody more veteran-y than Wallace!



His personal contribution made the country great.

What about Mark Esper? Image
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30 Oct

@richardmarx95 is a perfect example of the worst that Twitter has to offer.

This claim about @realDonaldTrump is either a lie or the result of a nonfunctional brain.

The snark (with the little wink) indicate a bad-faith commenter.

But also stupidity. Image
A certain type of conservative is obsessed with orange jumpsuits.

They themselves say that unless they see orange jumpsuits, Trump is not doing his job.

And then on the other side are those who think they're winning.

Both positions are ridiculous.
The reason they're ridiculous is that they show how superficial the person is.

I've never had any patience for people who claim that Soros or the Clintons or the Rothschilds are an existential threat.

Soros himself admitted that he's failed.
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