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18 Oct, 26 tweets, 9 min read
Welcome to the Unveiling. My book The Sun Lady Unveiled was all about the exploration of the universal Sun Lady archetype found in various religions & even ritual magic. The new Sun is here, and a new reality is now forming all around us.
It is said that the next great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is also the same date the Mayan calendar is presumed to end once you add 8 years to 2012, which is December 21, 2020. This is the same time that Sol Invictus/Helios/Mithras was said to be born, much like Jesus.
It is no coincidence all these events are taking place simultaneously. We are witnessing the rebirth of the ancient cult of Saturn.
In a video, I described having a dream vision of a black cube descending from the heavens and exploding over the world. This connects with the idea of the two cubes that manifest from Heaven and Hell—as described by various sources, including Tracy Twyman and William Blake.
In the book Clock Shavings, Tracy Twyman calls this dimensional shattering event as “Year Zero”. In her research into Joseph Von-Hammer Purgstall’s work, she uncovered a Satanic ritual of alchemical sex magic as practiced by the Knights Templar, among other groups.
Her research into the occult also dovetails into investigations of various technocrats and the billionaire disciples in their pursuit of “busting out of the Matrix” like Mithras does out of a rock, through the darkest of alchemical sex & planetary spirit magic.
The titan-goddess Mete is depicted in Templar coffers as pulling down the chains of the Sun and Moon—depicted as the pillars of Hercules that hold up the heavens like Atlas is said to do. This represents a Gnostic ritual to end fate.
The more benevolent Gnostic Books of Jeu, along with the Pistis Sophia specifically contain rituals and prayers to invoke the powers of the Pleroma to the earth.
The 1st and 3rd Book of Enoch speaks of how the fallen angel Azazel taught mankind sorceries to call down the heavenly bodies to the earth to subvert God’s creation because of his infernal imprisonment.
The Gnostics considered the celestial powers as a fatalistic mechanism by which the archons can imprison the sparks from on high. This Gnostic viewpoint is still reminiscent of Azazel’s wish to end creation.
The Abyss is often depicted as being older than creation. However, according to the text On the Origin of the World, the primeval Light of the Pleroma precedes the Abyss instead. The Manichaeans taught that the universe was a mixture of the Light and the Darkness.
In Greek mythology, Pleiades referred to the seven sisters born from Atlas and Pleione. In Revelation, 1 Enoch, and Sumerian sources, Pleiades represents the seven churches, the seven seals, and the seven titans. Masonic images depict a ladder leading up to the Pleiades as well.
Rev. 1 depicts Jesus Christ as holding seven stars/angels of the seven churches depicted as the seven candlesticks. The same chapter also tells us that Christ holds the keys to death and hell—the same infernal prison which holds the fallen angels in custody. Worthy is the Lamb!
In my book The Sun lady Unveiled, I also discuss how there are plenty of other deities like Aion and Janus that also hold keys to the kingdoms, much like Jesus and St. Peter.
In Rev. 9, however, they briefly escape through star-gates and wreak havoc on earth. Does this have anything to do with what CERN and their mandala-like constructions, have been up to lately with opening miniature holes into parallel dimensions?
It all certainly connects to the occultism of John Dee and Aleister Crowley and their followers. In my book, The Sun Lady Unveiled, I provide more details on the cabalistic legends of the Beast also known as the “Other god.” This is the same as “Rex Mundi” of the Cathars.
Interestingly, 19th century writer on ancient syncretism—Gerald Massey—equated the seven rayed god Iao/Chnubis or the Demiurge with the 2nd Beast of Revelation born out from the earth that encourages everyone to worship the 1st Beast that rises out from the sea—i.e. the Abyss.
The seven-rayed deity also appears in other religious traditions like Hinduism, Mithraism and Theosophy.
In other words, there are spiritual entities of an older universe, who want to slaughter us—the children of the gods—and dissolve our universe in order to bring about the rebirth of a reality more preferable to them.
Could the global “reset” goals of the United Nations and craven technocrats have anything to do with the idea of alchemically dissolving our reality? Recall that human puppets/dupes of the Cenobites and their Lord of the Labyrinth, Leviathan—as depicted the Hellraiser films.
This is the true War in Heaven or what the Norse legends called “Ragnarök.” Could all of this occur when St. Michael stands up for God’s people as described in the Book of Daniel? Well, I am glad you asked because my book The Sun Lady Unveiled is here to addresses much of this.
…as well as an upcoming essay I plan on releasing soon.
If you enjoyed this thread, be sure to pick up my latest book The Sun Lady Unveiled. DM if you are interested in me sending you an autographed copy of my book for only $35, ten dollars less than the listed price, for this limited time only. Amazon link:
*cross "that" in that Hellraiser tweet. Here is an interesting picture that reminds me of John Dee.

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