[cw: Contrapoints, transphobia]

An addendum.
Back when those Contra tweets were new, I remember one of her defenders saying something like,

"It's not even about passing.

"It's just about trying.
"You know, if you show up, and you're wearing a dress, and you've got makeup on,

"it stands to reason, we can reasonably guess your pronouns are she/her.

"We don't need pronoun circles,

"and you don't even have to pass.

"We just need you to fucking try."
Like, it's just the most regressive goddamned thing in the world.
It becomes this goddamned fucking Leave It to Beaver universe,

where every goddamned has to be skinny, white, abled, and binary.
Where woman = she/her = a dress and makeup,

and man = he/him = slacks and a fucking tie.
A goddamned white bigoted baby boomer's wet fucking dream.
Which dovetails with this other fucking Contra tweet,

where she acts fucking *shocked*

and *confused*

that someone who might not be dressed ~like a woman~

(whatever the fuck that means)

might still *be* a fucking woman,

and might still want you to fucking know that. Contra tweet: "Whereas I've met 20-year-olds in full-on
I mean, how far up your own ass can you fucking be?
Like, this woman.

Maybe she's coming out to you, but she's not out to the fucking world at large.
Maybe it's not safe for her to be out at home.

Maybe she has to take the fucking bus and doesn't want to be fucking harassed.
Maybe redoing your entire wardrobe is just *really* fucking expensive.
Maybe it's an aesthetic expression of a butch identity.
Maybe it's not *even* fucking "boy mode,"

and you're just getting really fucking weird about a fucking T-shirt for no fucking reason.
Maybe there *is* no one way a woman has to fucking look.

How about that?

I keep wanting to call it a "1950s mindset,"

but that's not even actually true.

'Cause all fucking kinds of people lived in the *actual* 1950s.
It's a Leave It to Beaver mindset.

An empty image, a fiction, something powerful people contrived, a means of control,

a *decision* about who counts and who doesn't.

• • •

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