So brutal were the Arab Armies of Caliphate that they conquered everything the lay in between the Great wall of China and Southern Borders of France within 100 years from the death of Prophet. Massive millenia old Empires like Persia and heart of
European Christiandom like Spain and Portugal fell. Vast Swathes of Northern Africa and coastline of Mediterranean sea bore the unchallanged flags of Islam. The Caliphate that had a never ending supply of hordes of Mujahideen Fighters, mercenaries
and unmatched endless natural resources were ready and the Indian subcontinent was ripe for the taking. But cometh the hour, cometh the man. Pratiharas and their allies rallied under one man who led the charge against the invading hordes of Arabs,
Northern Africans, Persians and Turks from Caliphate armies which outnumbered the Rajput forces and chased them far across the western banks of Indus. So crushingly humiliating was the defeat of caliphate then that they didn't dare cross the Indus
till the end of their Caliphate days. And thus concluding one of the finest hour in the annals of Rajput and Indian History.

Anything and everything that fell in hands of Caliphate during their time still bear the unchallenged flags of Islamic
domination to this day but not India.

The incomplete Islamic conquest of India irked the Caliphate so much that their Arabic Scholars like Sulaiman dubbed the man "The enemy of Islam"

That man who victoriously and single handedly saved the realm of all Hindu Aryandom was none other than Samrat Maharajadhiraja Mihir Bhoj Pratihara.

• • •

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18 Oct
Maharajadhiraja of Āryāvarta Mihirbhoja Pratīhāra ⚔️🙏

KM Pannikar wrote in his monograph, “Survey of Indian history” : 'The power, which within a 100 years of demise of the prophet of Arabia, had expanded its fiefdom from the great wall of China

to the borders of southern France conquering everything lying in between these two extremes including Central Asia, Transoxiana, Persia, Egypt, North Africa, and Spain; the power which had numerous forces and never ending resources; the power which
had conquered everything from urban cultures to remote inaccessible provinces alike, was defeated on the Indian soil' , when Nagabhatta l, the founder of the Pratīhāras dynasty, rallied all Rajputs under one banner and crushed the Arab war machine.
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18 Oct
Remembering brave Rajput warrior Mihirbhoja Pratihara, the bulwark of Sanātana Dharma in the face of invading Arabs, on his birth anniversary! He was devotee of Bhagavān Vishnu and adopted title of Ādivarāha which is inscribed on some of his coins.
When Maharajadhiraja Mihirbhoj Pratihara would send forth his army to check the advances of the Muslim Arabs, the heavens would tremble and roar. He was Greatest Ruler of Pratihara dynasty. Arab Traveller Suleiman calls him 'Gretest Enemy of Islam'.
The Pratīhāra empire, which continued in full glory for nearly a century, was the last great empire in Northern India before the Muslim conquest. The great Pratīhāra Rajputs saved India from Arab aggression.
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17 Oct
The festival of #Navratri celebrates the victory of Maa Durgā over the rākṣasa Mahiśāsura.

Seen here is the majestic Maa Durgā facing demon army of Mahiśāsura

Maa Durgā faces army of Mahiśāsura, Detail of a painting folio 12 of Durgācharit, c.1780, Jodhpur.

Jai Maa Bhawani 🙏
The devotion of Marwar’s rulers, the Rathores, to the Goddess is spectacularly expressed in monumental paintings of the Durgācharit commissioned under Mahārāja Vijai Singh Rathore (r.1752-93) between 1780 and 1790. Jodhpur ateliers were renowned for their book arts and paintings.
Today is the first day of Navratri. In Marwar, as in other states once ruled by the martial Rajput clans, the Devī is worshipped for her prowess as a warrior during Navratri.

Nine forms of the Goddess, Folio 2 from the Durgā Charit, c. 1780-90, Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Museum Trust.
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2 Oct
The way Nathuram Godse argued his case stunned everybody including judges. Many women were in tears when they heard him.

Justice G.D. Khosla went on to say that if audience was jury, they would have pronounced Godse 'Not Guilty'.

📙 Source : The Murder of the Mahatma, pp. 47-48
Many dolts saying that Godse killed #MahatmaGandhi because he (Gandhi) was secular.
This is a rubbish interpretation!
Nathuram Godse himself supported the idea of a secular state.

Source :- The court Statement of Shri Nathuram Vinayk Godse, paragraph 51

Nathuram Godse was a great Nationalist. In his death letter, he asked his family to merge his ashes in SINDHU river when that river comes under the flag of India.

He was not a rich guy, yet he contributed Rs.101 (this was a good amount then) for reconstruction of Somnath Temple.
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26 Sep
Dogras did not betray anyone, rather It were the Sikh Sardars who betrayed Dogras and wanted to take away the Kingdom of Jammu from them.

After the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1839, the anarchy took place. There was clash between the son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh i.e.
Raja Kharak Singh & his own son Naunihal Singh for throne of Lahore Kingdom. This Sikh Raja Kharak Singh was an opium addict & an impotent ruler.

The fight for throne was not between Dogras & Sikhs but was between Kharak Singh and Naunihal Singh (later on Chand Kaur & Sher Singh Image
also jumped into this fight). Since Maharaja Ranjit Singh had declared Kharak Singh as his successor, so Dhian Singh supported Kharak Singh.

Maharaja Gulab Singh Jamwal stayed away from intrigues of the Lahore darbar. But how did the successors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh reacted ?
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23 Sep
Tribute to the Soldiers on the anniversary of ‘The Battle of Haifa’ who sacrificed their life in Battle of Haifa. On this day, in 1918, Jodhpur Lancers led by brave Rajput soldiers saved Haifa. The brave Rajputs defeated Ottoman Turks and Germans at Haifa and liberated this city.
The supreme spiritual leader of Bahai faith was also rescued in this operation. The strategically important city of Haifa, known for its deep water bay in the eastern Mediterranean.

Every year on this date Indian Army celebrates Haifa Day to pay tributes to those brave soldiers.
A commemorative stamp for the Battle of Haifa and First Day Cover were released by Israel Post on February 6, 2018.

Postal Stamp issued by Israel in the memory of fallen Indian soldiers.

Jodhpur Lancers of Marwar State had liberated Haifa by defeating Ottoman Turks and Germans.
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