I was suspicious too, so I clicked through to the FEC website and, indeed, it's true.
I mean, maxing out = $2800 which is like you or me dropping a nickel out of our pocket and deciding not to chase it down the sidewalk...but still.
Remember how Trump was going to send everyone $200? Never happened, of course. But consider that Bill Gates could cut a check for $200 to every single person in the US, and still have $52 billion left (according to Forbes' latest reckoning of his net worth).
If Jeff Bezos, who has more money, added $300 to that check to make it a total of $500 for every single person in the US, then Bezos would have to make due with $93 billion.
According to this site, there are currently ~50 million Americans who rely on food banks to survive. Tomorrow, Jeff Bezos, one person, could write each of those hungry people a check for $1000 and still have over $140 billion in net wealth. feedingamerica.org/hunger-blog/fi…
The gulf between the rich and poor in this so called land of opportunity is just grotesque, and the combined Covid/economic crisis has just made it even more glaring and morally repugnant.
The freaking gall of gagillionaire Bill Gates to chip in money to help Lindsey Graham deny health care to Americans struggling to make ends meet. It is just shameful.
[Calling into the other room] Melba! Get me my pitchfork!
These charts are from a 2014 study by folks at the Harvard Business School and they're mind blowing. Americans grossly underestimate how unequal American society is. And what they identify as "ideal" is dramatically more equal than the reality.
Here's a profile of one of the scholars who conducted this research. harvardmagazine.com/2011/11/what-w…
Or what if we take homelessness as a metric? Getting stable shelter can make a transformative difference in someone's life. If there are 500,000 homeless families in the US, providing each of them $20,000 to cover rent would cost $10 billion, about 5% of Jeff Bezos's net wealth.
Here's the recent data on homelessness. Imagine knowing you could single handedly eliminate this stressor on hundreds of thousands of people with what amounts to pocket change, and instead buying a rocket or some stupid shit. endhomelessness.org/homelessness-i…
Imagine I told you that for the cost of 5% of your net wealth, you could ensure that every American has a roof over their head, would you do that? Perhaps my circle of friends is unusual, but I think every person I know would do that in a heartbeat.
How long can the super rich keep opting out of the social contract with impunity?
If that Gates contribution ends up being an illegal contribution that *someone else* made in his name, then I retract what I said about Gates supporting Graham...but the rest of this thread still stands.
According to Open Secrets, Gates's address is listed as Kirkland, WA (same as the FEC docs for his Graham contribution) & he's given to many Republicans as well as Dems. If he gave to Joni Ernst, for crying out loud, then why wouldn't he give to Graham? It seems plausible to me.
In 2018 Gates gave money to Graham, so it really doesn't seem like such a leap to imagine he did so in 2020 as well. This is from Open Secrets.

• • •

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19 Oct
“Who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”
—Melania Trump
This might be a good time to recall this 1992 offhand comment Hillary Clinton made that has dogged her ever since. I kid you not, a FB acquaintance of mine used this as one of her arguments for why she could never vote for Hillary. IN 2016!

Also a good time to recall that today, like just about every Sunday, Joe Biden attended church...while his opponent, who almost never sets foot in a church, railed about Joe Biden hating religion. American conservative politics 2020, in a nutshell.
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18 Oct
Every time a public figure talks about the P**ud Buoys, they should note that the group conducts readings from Pat Buchanan's 2001 book, The Death of the West, at every meeting. That book is a white nationalist screed against immigrants. There is no finessing this.
For crying out loud, even arch-conservatives Charles Krauthamer and Bill Buckley had acknowledged by the early 1990s that Buchanan, Reagan's former advisor, was a "fascist."
Buchanan-ism is a key throughline that connects the GOP of the Nixon and Reagan era to today's far right. The Oregon GOP, for example, scrounged up this completely unqualified person to run for Atty General. He cut his political teeth w/ Buchanan in 2000.
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17 Oct
My gym used to offer a great class that focused entirely on core strength. It was taught by someone training for the priesthood, so they called it Ab Solutions.
That instructor eventually left the priesthood and opened up his own gym that blends Catholic worship with fitness. It's called Stations of the Cross Fit.
His Pilates classes were especially punishing.
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17 Oct
Conservative journalist gets attention of President on his pet issue. Goes on Tucker to celebrate.
Publishes puff piece on Antonin Scalia’s son who serves in Trump’s cabinet.
Mysteriously gets access to whistle blower documents pertaining to his favorite political cause.
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16 Oct
This sounds plausible to me. I think the big question is whether it's possible for non-Trump Republicans to take back the party at the county and state level where QAnon supporters, Proud Boy sympathizers, and armed right wing "militia" types have basically taken it over.
IOW, I think an anti-Trump Sasse might be in for quite a fight with the Nebraska GOP when the time comes for him to win a primary. Back in the old days he could count on an establishment to have his back. That may no longer be the case.
But now the Texas GOP is run by Allen West. The Oregon GOP invites Candace Owens and Roger Stone to address their meetings. These are just two out of many states where an anti-Trump candidate for statewide office is going to face serious headwind in a primary.
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16 Oct
Uh, Reagan’s favorite news outlet was Human Events which thought the Civil Rights movement was a communist plot, and he also had many friends who were John Birchers, so....
In 1983 Reagan still thought MLK might have been a Communist. We know this because he said it to his friend Meldrim Thompson, who sat on the board of the JBS. IN 1983! nytimes.com/1983/10/22/us/…
That same year, 1983, Reagan hired John Rousselot as a Special Assistant. Rousselot has been the Western Regional Director for the John Birchers in the 60s, and was an active member of the group into the late 70s. washingtonpost.com/archive/local/…
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