Dear friends,
Let me take you on a guided tour of Mandu. An example of Great Hindu engineering, architecture, rain harvesting & water management. Slowly, it was taken over by Khilji & Sultans. Till date, no govt has done a thing to correct the history.
Let me do that for you. 1/n
Where has our innovative spirit, engineering excellence and aesthetic genius gone? #Mandu 2/n
Hindola mahal. Meaning Jhoola mahal. In last 70 yrs what haven’t we built structures which are aesthetic, conceptual and grand. Why have we become aesthetically challenged? #Mandu 3/n
Have you ever seen 100% Hindu structure called Masjid? Yes, in Mandu you can and our historians, govt or ASI hasn’t done anything to correct the narrative. #Mandu #4/n
Mandu’s Jami Masjid is one of the most famous monument but do you know that it was inspired by Hindu architecture. Learn. #Mandu 5/n
This makbara is made on 100% Hindu structure but outside the plaque says Hoshangshah’s makbara. Nobody in 70 years tried to correct it. Listen. 6/n
Pl take a look at this marvel. This technology was invented by Raja Bhoj, later adopted by Baj Bahadur. But the historians and ASI still gives credit to Baj Bahadur in their descriptions outside the monument.
Pl take your children and let them know the truth. #Mandu 7/n
Pl take a look at this marvel. This technology was invented by Raja Bhoj, later adopted by Baj Bahadur. But the historians and ASI still gives credit to Baj Bahadur in their descriptions outside the monument.
Pl take your children and let them know the truth. #Mandu 7/n
In the end take a look at this acoustics, reverberation marvel and a sign of indigenous excellence of Vedic architecture. Here it is copied by Baj Bahadur. The singer would sing in one dome and you can hear in surround sound in another done 30-50 ft apart. Indian Dolby.
Some pictures from #Mandu
Some more #Mandu

• • •

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11 Sep
This is what this govt did to me:

In the month of April when Mumbai was under curfew, no one was allowed to go outside their house, even vegetables were not available, this govt SENT POLICE to my house to IMTIMIDATE and THREATEN me to shut up and not speak against the govt. 1/4
My sin was I wrote against the Palghar lynching of Sadhus and against the Mismanagement of Covid. The government was busy using Bollywood stars as their cheerleaders and it was unacceptable to them that I criticised. The topmost police officers were used to silence me. 2/4
Even the Dy commissioner police was embarrassed as he respected me for my work against #UrbanNaxals but he was forced by the govt to silence me.
Me & my wife stood for 2 hrs outside my building on the road while Corona was at peak as all dirty tricks were used against me. 3/4
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23 Aug
According to the son of Tavleen Singh, a Hindu hater Aatish Taseer, the real architect of pulping of the book is none other than William Dalrymple. WD has huge COMMERCIAL CLOUT with @BloomsburyUK. So BBUK surrendered to commerce and politics of Aatish and WD. 1/5
British/Scottish William Dalrymple makes money out of writing on Indian themes, runs Jailpur Lit fest and is an active member of Anti-India political/Islamist lobby.

Is it right for us to accept him interfering in Indian affairs by muzzling Indian voices? 2/5
Who gave these outsiders such power to dictate terms in a sovereign India?

Why is he a festival director of Jaipur Literature Festival - an #UrbanNaxals annual festival to propagate their ideology?

Why no LW Indian author is raising voice against him censoring of a book? 3/5
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16 Jun
What is Bollywood?

It’s neither an industry nor a corporate house. It’s a jungle of ambitions where every one wants to grow taller than the other. But a forest becomes a forest only when all trees co-grow. Every tree helping others trees for the growth of the entire forest.
Every tree, grass, bush, insect is crucial to the growth of the ecology. Without such mutual cooperation there can’t be any forest. That’s why Bollywood, despite amazing trees, could never become a wonderful forest. Because these are cannibal trees. They are ‘strangler trees’.
They suck you from the roots, suck all your water, mineral and grow tall and produce huge flowers. Nobody knows that the dead tree next to it was killed by this gigantic tree. Bollywood is a deadly forest full of cannibal, strangler and parasite kind of trees.
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29 Jan
Ok friends, today let me tell you a secret about Mr. @kunalkamra88 which I never ever told anyone. Despite Mr. Kunal Kamra making filthy, indecent tweets on me.

I am doing it is because Kamra is trying to be the warrior of truth.

Let me expose this most opportunist liar. 1/n
2 yrs ago, Kamra chased me to do a video interview. He asked me to help him get @ARanganathan72 or @rahulroushan to be with me. I helped him and he confirmed that Anand will be with me.

Then he called and said why dilute, it will be my solo interview. I said ok. 2/n
Last minute, he told me that Sanjay Jha would be part of the interview. I wondered why Jha? Which I learnt later.

I realised that both work as a team n they wanted to corner me in the interview.

But they couldn’t. As I exposed their nexus. What happens next will shock you. 3/n
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12 Dec 19
#Assam #CAB Protests:

#CABProtest is hijacked by #UrbanNaxals ,anti-social elements, mostly belonging to Akhil Gogoi's far left party. Earlier Gogoi instigated an innocent farmer to self immolate. Gogoi is a known close aide of Kejriwal. He is asking for blood. Blood? What for?
Many would pass it off as spontaneous reaction. But... but...
The protestors are prepared with Iron rods, shrapnel, have burnt down vehicles. Where are they getting this unlimited supply of arsenal from?
Lacs of tyres are burnt. How come so many tyres were available in a day ?
Most protestors can barely speak Assamese and are Bengali muslims originally hailing from Bangladesh. Some of them are from Lakhimpur - 400 km from Guwahti.

The well planned design of #UrbanNaxals is to divide a wedge between Hindu Bengalis & Assamese.. mission accomplished.
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23 Oct 19
All of us dream of a #NewIndia... of seeing India as Vishwaguru.

What is this #NewIndia? How do we achieve this?

Here is the first step: By building a grand narrative.

For hundreds of years, the grand narrative was about our weaknesses... what’s wrong with us.
No child, society, business, ecosystem, nation can ever succeed if it focusses only on weaknesses.

This grand narrative of weakness was created by Mughals, then British, then the west, then the communists, the Islamic world, Congress, and in recent times by the #UrbanNaxals
Now is the best time to demolish the old grand narrative and build a new one based on our strengths.

Like me, many wonderful people have been fighting, risking lives to create this grand narrative.

The first step is to believe, without any doubt, that we are a great nation.
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