i’ll be tweeting less in the future, and doing more real science, is what i really want to focus on: rewriting virtually entire science - -
and doing it w/o numbers/equations - -
see the list of things that don’t exist (if you followed me you know)
yes, as incredible as it is, numbers do not exist - - my Theory of Everything explains it very well - -
{numbers} are an {flc} of singularity, which doesn’t exist

— reality is a sea ..
numbers have led scientists astray, in the quest of validating singularity to wrong conclusions — as expected from a source that doesn’t even exist..

as a result everything science today thinks it knows, is wrong — everything..
Newton: incorrect
Einstein: close but no
Hawking: completely wrong

Darwin: close but no
Yung: absolutely not


still incorrect


Copernicus: correct
i’ve concluded that for me to even publish about anything like the origins of {viruses}, what Covid really is, or what narcissism is (i had a whole research ready), to be understood properly, i have to start with the #TheoryofEverything - -
otherwise it won’t be understood..
another matter is reality processing - - i often encounter issues with humans not processing what i’m saying, which is normal in the view of neurodiversity however troubling when it comes to the enormous change mankind will face upon the new #ToE - - enormous shift in perception
examples of issues with reality processing

1) a rapinae: HGTudor has been following me clandestinely and he learned about #neurodiversity, yet he insists #narcissism is a self defense mechanism (it is not) in the new video on his Ultra new channel:

2) another rapinae: @ggreenwald
when presented with facts that contradict his already processed information, he’s unable to modify it - - he rejects the antifa assassination, the Reality Winner tip off, et similar, as valid because those don’t fit in his narrative..
rapinae humans barely process reality - - their algorithms are unable to process contradicting information when it is a negative reflection, it is unsuitable to their fuel needs or predatory aims - - they live in their narrowest self realities - -
hence #narcissism
3) in this thread below, the socialNT (neurotypical) parent is not inquisitive, unwanting to acquire new knowledge because it is outside their narrow social group processed knowledge, unauthorized by group leaders - -

when presented with the neuro-diverse version of #autism
socialNTs process reality within the scope of their social group - - it is wider than the rapinae primitive reflection, includes replication - -
processed reality may change when faced with contradicting information but the change is still subscribed to their group interests..
understanding #autism differently, especially when it casts current accepted/processed science in a bad light is rejected on the spot - - the social group’s founding principles are questioned, its validity undermined, its existence threatened - -
all of which trigger fear..
this thread:
#neurodiversity and reality processing - examples

see the quick guide to the evolution of human mind: in.toil.blog/archives/627

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