Once an Arabic Caliphate sent his sailors to the holy land of Sindh. The two Arabic travellers Suleman and Al - Masudi reached Kannauj and saw something which they've never expected.

When the 2 travellers went back to Arab, they said :
5-7 लाख की पैदल सेना , 80 हज़ार घुड़सवार और हज़ारो हाथियों का सरदार है वो।

अरबी और तुर्की मलेच्छों का सबसे बड़ा दुश्मन और संहारक है वो।
सिंध (भारत) का सरदार है वो।
Tribute to the greatest undefeated warrior and emperor of all time on his 1184rd birth anniversary!

The saviour of Aryavrata and Sanatan Dharma!

महाकाल परमभक्त क्षत्रिय श्रेष्ठ आदिवराह:
क्षत्रिय राजपूत सम्राट मिहिरभोज प्रतिहार।
The Rajput Gurjara Pratihara Empire, in its early reign, had shaken the whole world with its strength. The area of ​​his empire was about 2 million kilometers of square miles. His reign lasted from 6th century to 10th century.

Gurjara ( Gurjaratra/Gurjardesh) *Not caste*
The Rajput Pratiharas fought more than 200 wars in 300 years, the result of which is that we are safe here today. Pratiharas have surprised everyone by displaying their valor, bravery, art.
The country of India will always be indebted to the Pratiharas for their amazing valor and valor which they have sacrificed for their motherland. Which has also been considered by all scholars.
The Pratihara Empire protected the country from dacoits, Arabs, Huns, Kushans, Khazars, Iraqis, Mongols, Turks, etc for almost 300 years.
Their royal emblem (राजचिन्ह) is Varaha. It was the same time when Islam religion was born and spreading it roots. But it was due to Rajput Pratihars resistance it took them 300 years to establish their rule in Hindustan. Pratihara Rajputs became the protectors of Indian culture
Emperor Mihirbhoja Pratihara ruled for almost 50 years from 836 AD to 885 AD. Mihir Bhoja's empire extended from present-day Multan to West Bengal and from Kashmir to Karnataka.
It was the same time when the Islam religion was born and spreading thier roots. But it was due to Rajput Pratihars resistance it took them 300 years to establish their rule in Hindustan. Pratihara Rajputs became the protectors of Indian culture.
Samrat Mihirbhoja's royal emblem was "Varaha" and it is considered as an incarnation of Vishnu. Samrat was the staunch enemy of Islamists. That is why they hate him and His royal emblem 'Varaha' till date.
Emperor Mihirbhoja Pratihara is a epitome of courage, valor and sacrifice. He fought against foreign kingdoms and spent his entire life protecting the Bharatbhumi from the Mlecchas. Emperor Mihirbhoj was a strong, fair and a religious emperor.
As soon as he ascended the throne, Mihirbhoja first improved the system of his capital Kannauj kingdom, harshly punished the feudal tyrants and the bribe-eating workers.
Mihirbhoja brought the Pratihara Rajput empire to the peak of wealth and splendor. During his reign, he received the title of 'Emperor' Mihirbhoja Pratihara. He has been described in many poems and history with many great adjectives.

The Varaha god, who is known as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is also depicted on coin of Emperor Mihir Bhoja. The Varaha lord had protected the earth by killing the demon Hiranyaksha and expelling it from the earth.
Just as Varah (Vishnu ji) had protected the earth and killed Hiranyaksha, Mihirbhoj protected his motherland by killing the Mlecchas. That is why he has been given the title of Adivarah.
Mihirbhoja had one of the best army in the world including camels, elephants and horsemen. In his kingdom, gold is traded with silver coins. There were many gold and silver mines in his kingdom.
Mihirbhoja's military had over 80,000 horsemen, more than 4,00,000 footmen, thousands of elephants and thousands of chariots. During his reign, gold and silver used to lay on the streets but no one feared robbery.
Just compare it with Harshavardhana Bais's reign. In Harshavardhana's state people did not lock in houses, but in Mihirbhoj's state, there was no possibility of theft in open places.
Samrat Mihirbhoja Pratihara was considered brave since childhood. Despite being a child, realizing his responsibility towards the country, he trained hard in warfare and armaments.
Being the most majestic genius and strong among the princes, the entire dynasty and other dynasties of the country at the time of foreign invasions also had high hopes from him and the rest of the dynasty of the country were going to live up to that trust.
He proved to be the legitimate heir:

Mihirbhoja Pratihara became the most powerful emperor of the Rajput empire as he sat on his throne, as the wind of the country changed.
Tales of Mihirbhoj's valor have been popularized throughout the world. People are fearless in their work even during the foreign invasions. As soon as he sat on the throne, he chose to wipe out the robbers, exploiters who were exploiting the poor people of the country.
Samrat Mihirbhoj in Arab scriptures and books -

Arab traveler Suleiman - Book Silsiliyut Tuarikh 851 AD:

When he visited India. Suleman wrote about Emperor Mihirbhoja that this emperor has a large and a greatest army. No king has a military like him.
Suleman has also written that there was no enemy of Islam in Hind more than Samrat Mihirbhoj.
Mihirbhoj has the best army of camels, elephants and horsemen. In its kingdom, gold is traded through silver coins.
2. Al-Masoodi resident of Baghdad 915 AD-916E

He states that Jujra (Pratihara kingdom) had 90,000 villages, towns and rural areas and it was two thousand kilometers long and two thousand kilometers wide.
Samrat's army had four parts and each consisted of seven lakh to nine lakh soldiers. With the army of the north, he fought against against the king of Multan and other Muslim kings.
The time when Al Masudi came to India, Mihirbhoj had gone to heaven, but the above description of Al Masudi about the Pratihara power, pointing to the majestic empire of Mihirbhoj, seemed like a flower to this memorial.
Contemporary Arab traveler Suleiman called Emperor Mihirbhoja the greatest enemy of Islam in India, as the Pratihara Rajput kings did not allow and resisted Islam to enter India until the 11th century. Mahipal, grandson of Mihirbhoj, was called the great emperor of Aryavarta.
Art and architecture:

There is no place left in India where Samrat Mihirbhoj and Pratihar Rajputs has not shown their sword and the art of construction.
The Pratihars had built hundreds of temples and forts in which the Shastrabahu Temple, Bateshwar Temple, Mandore Fort, Jalore Fort, Gwalior Fort, Kuchamal Fort, Padavali Temple, Mihir Bawdi, Chausath Yogini Temple etc.
Apart from this, there are hundreds of areas and places where Mihirbhoj had his Art demonstrated.
Emperor Mihirbhoja Pratihara was the worshiper of Shiva Shakti. The Prabhas section of the Skandha Purana mentions pagoda and peethas located in the Prabhas region of Lord Shiva. Somnath was considered one of the major pilgrimage places in India during the Pratihara Empire.
The reputation of the Prabhas region was similar to that of Kashi Vishwanath. The Prabhas section of the Skandha Purana gives details about the life of Emperor Mihirbhoja Pratihara.
Samrat Mihirbhoj was the great devotee of Somnath. He was also married in Saurashtra. He protected the Bharatbhumi from the Mlecchas.
After ruling for 50 years, he handed over the throne to his son Mahendra Pal Pratihar and went to the forest. The coin of Emperor Mihirbhoj, which was the currency of Kannauj, was commissioned by Emperor Mihirbhoj himself in 836 AD to make Kannauj the capital of the country.
It's our tragedy that the warrior who kept India free from the foreign invasions for 3 centuries, the warrior who spread the glory of Bharat far and wide is still unknown to many in our nation.🙏

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Tribute to the great Rajput warrior who laid the foundation of Sikh empire, on his 350th birth anniversary.

The first General of Punjab who broke the illusion of the Mughals being undefeated.

#bandasinghbahadur #BabaBandaSinghBahadur Image
Yes, we are talking about Veer Banda Singh Bahadur who was born on 16 October, 1670 in Rajouri area of ​​Poonch district in Kashmir.

Accordingly Vikram Samvat 1727, Karthik Shukla 13. He was associated with the (Minhas) Bhardwaj gotra of Rajputs.
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जिसने लद्दाख, बाल्टिस्तान और उसके आस पास के क्षेत्रों को जीतकर भारत का अभिंग हिस्सा बना दिया।
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The greatest achievement of his life was the inclusion of the Ladakh region in Jammu State which later became the part of India.

A sole General in Indian history who expanded the boundaries of Indian Territory.
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गोरी: मैंने सुना कि तुम्हारा ये अंधा दोस्त 7 घड़ियालों में एक साथ सुराख कर सकता है।

Ghori laughed and said:
चंद क्या वाकई तुम्हारा ये मित्र ये करिश्मा कर सकता है?

Chandra Vardai smiled and said:
वो तो आप खुद ही देख लीजियेगा, हुज़ूर। Image
And Chandra Vardai went to Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan!

चंद : शब्द सुना गोरी का राजन, कौन दिशा में है सिंहासन।

सम्राट पृथ्वीराज: हां, चंद एक धनुष दो और दो बाण मुझे देदो।
चंद : एक बाण राजन, एक बाण चौहान। राम ने रावण भेदा, एक बाण चौहान। पार्थ ने कर्ण को भेदा, एक बाण चौहान। त्रिपु को शंकर ने भेदा, एक बाण चौहान।

एक बाण साम्प्रधनी, केवल एक बाण।
तीर चलाओ राजन।

Prithviraj Chauhan agreed!
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10 Sep
The first great war of Aryavrata or Bharat. Wait it's not Mahabharata. It took place before Mahabharata. One of the greatest war of vedic era about which many people still don't know. A great war which changed the entire scenario of Ancient Indian History.
The Dasarajana⚔

The battle ot the ten mightiest kings which is also known as the ten kings war. It was one of the most important historical event allured in Rigveda.
The main character of this war was the great kshatriya Emperor Sudas of Bharata kingdom. He belonged to Trutsu family. He was one of the greateat emperor who led various victorious campaigns in the banks of Vipas and Sutudri.
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