What is the essence of the Chinese Communist Party? To destroy God, to destroy nature, to destroy faith, to destroy truth, to destroy individualism, and to instigate hatred.
This is a vivid portrait of the Chinese Communist Party #CCP.
During its a hundred years of existence, #CCP has been seeking every possible means it can think of to rule the whole world, especially during the past seventy one years after it founded People’s Republic of China and took office.
Whether domestically or internationally, #CCP is just a knavish regime. It taught kind Chinese people to be selfish, suppressed anyone who speaks the truth and used its Great Fire Wall to block the truth outside mainland China,
letting its official media like CCTV to speak ill of western countries, especially the United States. As to international world, #CCP is more ‘interested’. Never does #CCP stop trying to destroy and change the current world order, nor does #CCP stop infiltrating into the U.S.
with its ultimate goal to take the place of the United States, which is a source of freedom, democracy, law and order to the world, just opposite to that in Communist China.
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Anthony Fauci are all one of those celebrities, whether in politics or
other areas, who have common benefits with #CCP and get huge profits from it in exchange with American benefits. They give in to Chinese Communist Party, betraying his country and common values because of the hug temptations from #CCP. #CCP is ‘smart’,
secretly using huge money to bride top people in his area, making them speak for #CCP. Recent shocking news of Hunter Biden and his three hard disks is just a little part of the glacier of what #CCP had done in the U.S..
U.S. media have been mostly controlled by #CCP. It can be easily proved, since true news of Hunter Biden isn’t hugely reported by CNN, NewYork Times and so on, but fake news about President Trump is always positively posted in public as is for fear of not letting all the
Americans know it without being responsible for what they said. Also, these days, Twitter and Facebook are desperately block accounts which revealed and spread the truth of Hunter Biden’s three hard disks, but made it clear to the public that Joe Biden denied this case.
The United States doesn’t have a Fire Wall, but #CCP’s infiltration had accounted for an invisible ’Fire Wall’ where Americans only can find tremendous fake news of President Trump. That is what #CCP wants. It wants to use the freedom of speech for U.S. media to make rumors to
influence 2020 U.S. Election indirectly.
Another example is the COVID-19, a novel corona virus known as the #CCPVirus. This corona virus is man made, which is no longer a secret to most Americans. Also, the HCQ, Hydroxychloroquine, has shown its great treatment function to this virus.
However, there are still some ‘experts’ in medical area like Fauci who deny or ignore deliberately these, insisting that the virus is from nature, and HCQ is of no use. You may know a name- Limeng Yan, a Chinese virologist who uncover the truth of COVID-19.
Her second report has just come out.
In this report, Dr. Yan explained clearly that the virus is not only a bio weapon, but also an unrestricted one. Chinese Communist Party lacks enough high-tech weapons to against the U.S..
Consequently, they created the unrestricted war, where it uses media, even bio weapon like this virus to beat the U.S.. This means of war was first revealed by Miles Guo, founder of the Whistleblower’s Movement and the New Federal State of China.
Whoever thinks this virus is from nature should read this report carefully and objectively.
Whether you believe it or not, a war between Chinese Communist Party and the United States has broken out, although until today this is still invisible because modern wars are no longer a war of only guns and bombs. This is a war between dark and light.
This is a war between directorship and democracy. This is a war between no law and law&order. Only when most Americans realize that CCP is an evil regime in the world, only when they know that President Trump is the only protector of them and the U.S. will we finally raise public
awareness of taking down the CCP. With this awareness pushes the huge trend of changing the world to the normal status where there is no Chinese Communist Party, where there is a New Federal State of China.

• • •

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