For @Roark1Jacob

How to prove that you're an irredeemable jackass in just five sentences.

I'm sure that @realDonaldTrump would fire Jacob in less than a week.
First, he addresses me with belligerent condescension.

Then he totally misstates what I wrote, calling it an analogy to make the case that Trump will win.

It's no such thing.

Jacob is an idiot.
Finally he ends with three insults:

He needlessly insult me TWICE and another person once.

Let's demonstrate just how stupid Jacob is.
Jacob is no analyst.

He pulled his numbers of electoral votes out of his butt.

Trump won 304 electoral votes in 2016, so anybody who think she's going to get FEWER electoral votes than that NOW is simply not using his brain.
(I just saw this. Interesting.)

Condescension from an imbecile is always funny.

Next, Jacob says that I'm using the death of L31 as a "military analogy to make the case that Trump will win big."

Well, I did no such thing, as you already know.
I used the death of L31 as an ALLEGORICAL ILLUSTRATION of how we'll all feel when the Democrat zeppelin goes down in flame on election night.

Zeppelin were hated because they mercilessly bombed civilians.

The term "baby killer" was coined to describe zeppelins.
The Germans believed that there were no noncombatants in the war.

Al-Qaeda and Timothy McVeigh shared this view.

Plenty of German soldiers refused to follow orders to kill prisoners or civilians, and regular infantrymen hated gas troops.
The zeppelin commanders were strutting narcissists until the British developed aircraft and ammunition that could effectively shoot down airships.

Night interception was incredibly dangerous for the British fighters.

German zeppelins had several machine guns.
British pilots had no parachutes; their aircraft were covered with varnish that burst into flame due to static electricity.

Night interception was a brand-new science. No radar, and the Germans could easily see and hear the British coming.

You know what's eerie?
The most successful British night interceptors were all shockingly handsome members of high society.

Of these four, only Frederick Sowrey--the last man--survived the war.
After the British got REALLY GOOD at shooting down zeppelins, the commanders started feeling sorry for themselves.
"It is only a question of time before we join the rest. Everyone admits that they feel it. Our nerves are ruined by mistreatment. If anyone should say that he was not haunted by visions of burning airships, then he would be a braggart."

--Heinrich Mathy
Well, they deliberately targeted defenseless civilians.

The British fought back and finally ended the German bombing threat.

Back to Jacob the jackass.
After he TOTALLY misunderstands my thread because he's too dumb to grasp it, HE tells ME to "stick to actual data and logic."

This he totally ignores the entire point of the zeppelin allegory, which derives from the data and logic with which I started the thread.
Could you repeat that please, Jacob?


Got it.

Then he calls me a "grifter," a word he misuses.

A grifter is a person who engages in petty or small-scale swindling.

Can somebody explain how I'm swindling people by not charging them a penny?
It's hip to USE the term, but nobody who uses it actually knows that it means.

And then Jacob ends on insulting a person who has nothing whatsoever to do with my thread.

So in just five sentences, Jacob takes five pratfalls.
Great job, Jacob.

Absolutely stellar.

But take solace in the words of Mr. Doubletalk:

"You're never absolutely worthless. You can always serve as a bad example."


• • •

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20 Oct

If the Commission on Presidential Debates @debates refuses to go back to foreign policy AS PREVIOUSLY AGREED, I'll support @realDonaldTrump if he skips the third debate too.

Enough is enough.

Debates don't matter anyway, and it'll be excellent for the Biden camp to have overdosed him on cholinesterase inhibitors, memantine, and methamphetamine for no reason.

Think I'm being too harsh?


The Biden crime family deserves no sympathy whatsoever.
Democrats mocked Trump when HE LOST HIS BROTHER.

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What have I always told you?

Hating @realDonaldTrump is a spectrum disorder.

If you HATE Trump, there's a lot wrong with you.

I knew what Toobin was doing the second I heard about this.…
I had to study depravity because all the women with whom I had relationships were depraved.

Not bitchy.

Monstrously depraved sadists ruled by rage.

While I underwent intense psychotherapy, I studied depravity.

Those who hate Trump are depraved.
Any psychiatrist will tell you that early conditioning sets your attractions in concrete.

I mentioned before that I asked a psychiatrist to give me the most brutally honest treatment of his career, and he did.


He was no sadist himself.
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Let's examine how muddying the waters has become standard practice.

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"The crime was egregious, his attorney and other advocates agree."
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Besides being a dictator and liar, Gretchen Whitmer has pretty limited tastes in books.

She says @realDonaldTrump is "too close to domestic terrorism" as she flaunts "86 45" on the table in front of the potted Biden on the left of the screen. Image
The books on the left of the screen are mostly Michigan history. Image
The books on the right of the screen are of two types, as far as I can tell.

One is birdwatching.

The rest are true-crime books and novels about murder, sexual murder, and rape.

These are the titles I could make out.
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Hat tip @stclairashley

By simply existing, @realDonaldTrump has the power to produce...this.

THAT is comedy gold.

What has Trump done to endanger our democratic representative republic?

Why, nothing!

He's strengthened it by WEAKENING the federal government.

Trump is a FEDERALIST.

Does a single Democrat know what that means?
Have you ever watched films of the original hippies?

Tons of them come across as totally rational and...nice.

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@JohnJHarwood writes an astonishing piece that's a complete inversion of reality.

I had no idea that @realDonaldTrump had the ability to make the craziest among us tear off the mask and show us the capering psychos within.…
There's far too much insanity to quote, but this is the best hallucination:
"He prefers the safety and comfort of audiences that already embrace him over the uncertainty and risk of encountering those who don't."
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