Isha Upnishad(4)

अने॑ज॒देकं॒ मन॑सो॒ जवी॑यो॒ नैन॑द्दे॒वा आ॑प्नुव॒न्पूर्व॒मर्श॑त् ।
तद्धाव॑तो॒ऽन्यानत्ये॑ति॒ तिष्ठ॒त्तस्मि॑न्न॒पो मा॑त॒रिश्वा॑ दधाति।
He is one and motionless yet he is swifter than mind, cannot be percieved through(devas) sense organs as he is out of their reach
nobody can outrun him as he is everywhere.

Adwaita Interpretation-

He always remain same, changeless, totally motionless, yet he is faster than mind, How?
Whatever place you think about with your mind Aatman is already there before you thought hence he is faster than mind
yet motionless.
Devas here are sense organs, he cannot be percieved through sense organs.

Dwiata Interpretation-
He is one and only one, fearless, swifter than mind, he is unknowable even by Devas, even when standing still he outrun all.
[ Shankaracharya interpreted अनेजद् as unmoving and Madhavacharya interpreted it as Fearless, ths word is made from एज कम्पने (to shiver, move)
Hence there are two different Interpretations of same word, however I think Shankaracharya's interpretation more appropriate here]

• • •

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14 Oct
Ishavasya Upnishad (3)

असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसावृताः ।
तांस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः ।।

Those worlds covered with blinding darkness are asura lokas, un-illuminated. Those people who are slayer of self go to these worlds after death.
Adwaita Interpretation-

Darkness here means ignorance and lack of knowledge , going to those worlds means taking birth there, hence taking birth in such a place which is full of ignorance.
Slayers of self are those who are ignorant, because of their ignorance they insult Aatman
Dwaita Interpretation-

Those who have unrighteous behaviour are slayer of self, these are those people who alienate themselves from Hari and they go to such unilluminated worlds because of this.
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12 Oct
The person who wrote this article has not even read original Mamusmriti, he Picked up a few books Written against Manusmriti and Hinduism and just copied from there.

I will refute the claims here - Image
First Manusmriti 1.31

Mouth, Arms, Thighs and feet are metaphorical representation according to Function.

Brahmin (Mouth) who spreads knowledge and teaches others others

Kshatriya(arms) One who protect others

Vaisya (Thighs) One who keeps the system Moving ...
Shudra (Feet) who take the load of whole society and supports it, the form the base of structure.

Even if you don't take this Metaphorically are feet inferior to mouth? Can you live without your feet?
None is inferior or superior overall all have equal function is society
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10 Oct
Why are they targeting Brahmins?

Because -

They are targeting Dharma, they Label Hinduism as Brahminism, Make up fake stories of oppression, misquote scriptures to mislead people into believing that Brahmins committed atrocities on others....

Ultimately they are trying to demonize all our scriptures and that will dismantle the Dharma.
They are not just targeting Brahmin community they are targeting Hinduism as a whole

Brahmins Memorised Vedas and other scriptures to preserve them, when Invaders burned down the books
Dharma was preserved, but now they are inciting hate for Brahmins at an international level, labeling us as fascists and racists etc

This hate for a community will lead to attacks on them.

Making fun of people for Shikha and Janeu is very common these days, happened with me..
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9 Oct
Wrong! Mr. Basmati Rice

First of all there is no concept of slavery at all in Hinduism, this is a foreign concept.

First of all Dasa do not mean SIave, it means Servant or helper.

Shudras were NOT compelled to
Shudras were NOT compelled to do any work, Shudras were free to choose their occupation.
Servants and craftsmen were Shudras see Manusmriti 10.99 and Vishnu smriti 2.14.

In short there was NO SIavery at all as people were free to choose occupation.
Now read the shlokas you quoted in this definition.

Point to be noted that Dharmashastras like Manusmriti cover all aspects, for example in marriages it lists Rakshasa and Pishach Vivah too however not to be followed.
Read 4 tweets
9 Oct

Exactly why one should study Nitukta before even trying to translate Vedas else they do these kind of frauds.

First of all shatkratu has nothing to do.with sacrifices in 8.77.1 too Sayana explains it as- "One who does many acts" बहुकर्मा

8.77.10 too has absolutely nothing to do with eating cattle.

Acharya Sayana interprets it according to Nirukta here.

Varah is NOT Boar varah means cloud full of water, and Indra Gives many cattle to those performing Yajña, eating cattle is not mentioned at all.
Sayana Says Vishnu here means Sun,
Vishnu can also mean Yajña as per Shatpath Brahman.

Read before copy pasting translations.
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8 Oct
Ishavasya Upnishad (2)

कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि   जिजीविषेच्छतँ समाः ।
एवं त्वयि नान्यथेतोऽस्ति न कर्म लिप्यते नरे ।।

Here I will compare Dwaita and Adwaita interpretations of second verse.... Image
Dwaita Interpretation-

As previous verse says that Jeevas are dependent and Vishnu is independent hence we should consume what is given to us, not desiring what is given to others we should try to live like this till a age of 100 years that way karma won't attach to us. Image
Adwaita Interpretation-

Those who cannot realize and know Atman, this verse is for them, previous mantra says a person should realize that everything is me and hence live detached from world, but those who are unable to live like that should live by doing good karma such as Image
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