Expect Rollercoaster 🎢 energies as we are being adjusted to receive more light. Many people (especially if they are “Empaths”) will sense these movements prior to their happening, and some will sense them during their movements and for a few days afterwards.
The human system must match the faster vibrations of Earth/Gaia and its changes as the LIGHT increases. In brief, the human physical vessel is also constantly spinning faster in its molecules and atoms and is receiving enormous amounts of LIGHT. The “activations” (or “symptoms”)
are a “new normal” in the body temple and will continue along with Earth/Gaia’s “activations” and “symptoms”.
All of these cosmic occurrences are causing intensified “activations” of all aspects of the nervous system (central, sympathetic, parasympathetic, and autonomic) and of
the third and fourth chakras. Numerous reports are coming in from all over the globe of people having exhaustion, painful muscles and joints, anxiety, digestive upsets, vivid dreams, and tachycardia (rapid heart rhythms).

• • •

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18 Oct
Well this looks like a play of Uranus as it is the shocker planet and it has taken matters into its hands. Something is brewing if you cant feel this shift this afternoon. Its going to be global and being retrograde in Taurus still is about to tip the scales again. It will be
opposite mercury in retrograde in scorpio Oct 19th then it will connect to full moon in Taurus oct 31st (Halloween). Expect the impossible to be possible! 👀 Its giving taurus that push it needs to ground this energy and keep focus towards the election nov. The release of
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio nov 3rd will ease up and clear path will be shown. 18 and 13 and 27 is 85 which is 13 again and this represents Uranus. Dont underestimate this planet it has force beyond action and it is called the God's planet so don't think for half a second
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13 Oct
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio oct 13th to Nov 3rd. At this time where your not allowing your mind to change, things will be happening on a global scale secrets being revealed that will force you to shift your way of thinking so that you will get the truth to examine just what
lies underneath. This retrograde in scorpio will have alot of technology failure and systems breaking down. This is the 3rd and FINAL mercury retrograde of 2020. This is connecting Uranus which is changeling us to broaden our views and tap into the higher SPIRITUAL MIND.😏
There will be shocking and hidden truths revealed and this will be hard for alot to wrap their heads around if they are not fully awake. Take the time to process this slowly bc what is about to be shown is nothing less than movie being played . The catch is its all real 😳😏
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1 Oct
Full moon in Aries tomorrow first one of 2 in the month of Oct. Aries is the God of War and I do believe the hunt is on. Expect intense and i mean war like mindset as now the Patriots have had enough. The tables have turned as the hunters become the hunted. As I said in my
post that oct will red. The patriots are in complete control and now we will start to see everything becoming unraveled. The mind set has to be focused and awake and aware as this second part of the movie is going to get so deep. There will not be any time for slowing down
as aries is going to start this month off with full force. As you look at shuman diagram today you can see the rainbow 🌈 bridge starting to be seen as 2 lines are forming. 16 is sign of knowledgeable and those seeking to teach or learn. We are gaining power as we are breaking Image
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29 Sep
Things awakening people do different

We question everything when we have a theory we will research and ask connect anything to understand it.

We need to make sense of everything and our world around us. We become aware of our surroundings and look for signs and sync to
connect with

We are very empathic as go by energy thoughts ideas and feelings words are just what they are words

We search for detail and rationalize everything around us and our world. It has to make sense to fit

We are very intuitive and can and know when something
is off or doesn't make sense bc our beings are vibrating on a higher level we can sense things better

Universe is our guide and if something doesn't make sense at that time we wait patiently and trust the universe or whatever higher aspect you choose to balance everything out
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29 Sep
Idk about anyone but I sure feel these scales about to be tipped. Things are coming at an intense speed and the force the Gods are pushing the energy. The shift has begun and someone told it's like the sand clock is about to tip over. These are time that your prayers, thoughts
and actions are very important as us standing as one with the earth. We only have so much of a window to express this and the universe is listening. You want to be saved or this world to be better or the evil to dimish? We need to be the action that fuels the energy that is
waking up the earth. The more postive and peaceful energy we give out the more balanced the world is becoming. I'm not saying to not take a stand and fight. I am saying that we need to educate and understand what is going on and realize who you are and why you are here is for
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29 Sep
Ok look here the shuman scale is showing the debate tonight. 35 and 50 is 85 which is 13 👈(Biden). Then 26 and 19 is 45 which is 9 👈(Trump) and 71 charged up the middle represents business and public relations (debate). Today the energies are showing communication will be ImageImage
important and good day for a debate. Lots of opposites today as Biden's Scorpio will go up against Trump’s fierce Gemini. Expect Joe to play on emotions as his key points and twist the narrative to fit his agenda. Using this moon in Pisces which is also a water sign he will
try to incorporate feelings and thoughts into the debate. Trump’s facts and keen sharp tactics will point out specifics problems that need to be addressed and show the country more of the hidden agenda democrats have up their sleeve . This should be interesting as we are
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