Health services should not be the front-line. Should be border checks to prevent virus entering then guidance on avoiding super-spreading events, then test/trace/isolate & then hospitals. Health services are the goalie- don’t leave them alone on the pitch as that’s a losing game.
Relying on just staying within hospital capacity will result in continuous cycle of lockdown/release as ICU beds fill up. Deal with the problem at source instead- keep numbers low & rest of society/economy/health services can run.
On schools, keeping them open & giving kids most sustainable education (not having bubbles isolate repeatedly) means keeping cases coming into schools low & keeping community transmission low. Key metric: what % of kids off school bc isolating & how do we bring that number down?
Final tweet -> take care of your mental health & try to find joy & purpose in daily life. This isn’t going to last forever & we are heading into worst period (Nov-Feb). I’m going for a long run outside & looking forward to changing autumn colours, cute dogs & seagulls. 🍁

• • •

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More from @devisridhar

7 Oct
Top German scientists:
1. Herd immunity not possible bc immunity too short.
2. Not feasible to go 'shield vulnerable' approach bc impossible to fully identify & isolate them.
3. Potential serious, long-term damage to young/healthy also from this virus.…
They suggest that what works is:
1. Test/trace/isolate
2. Mask-wearing
3. Distancing
4. Travel restrictions
5. Identifying & stopping super-spreading events.
5. Good guidance to public on what is risky & not.
Receiving notes from those w/ risk factors (asthma, overweight, hypertension, cancer survivors, diabetes) or elderly who are saddened by their lives being portrayed as worthless (ie acceptable loss, would die anyways). Please remember this is not the view of the silent majority.
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13 Sep
Things not looking good in the UK (massive understatement). We all need to act like we could have COVID-19 & minimise close physical contact with those outside our household. Need to avoid awful decisions about COVID v non COVID harm.
And if hospitals start filling up with patients arriving needing emergency care, going to put other NHS services at risk. Everyone loses if numbers continue to increase.
I won’t say much more bc I’m sure everyone is sick of my repeating of the same message for months now. But I truly hope we will not pay for all the summer holidays abroad with winter lockdowns.…
Read 5 tweets
9 Sep
Questions I get from young people:
1. Am I immune from this virus? -> No, you are likely to have mild symptoms, but this is a nasty virus & you could face a long recovery. You don't want to get COVID- you could have an underlying health issues you don't know about. (1/n)
2. Should I just get infected & get an 'immunity passport'? -> We still don't know how long immunity lasts, & there have been some instances of documented re-infection. We don't yet know if 2nd time will be asymptomatic re-infection or more severe & how rare/common it is. (2/n).
3. If only young people are getting COVID, then what's the problem? -> No country has been able to fully shield the elderly/vulnerable as they live with us & among us. Vulnerable young = hypertension, diabetes, asthma, overweight, cancer survivors, immuno-compromised. (3/n)
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11 Aug
On a panel & was asked if COVID-19 will help world prepare for the 'real' big one. I actually think SARS-CoV-2 is the big 'Disease X' experts warned about. We shouldn't underestimate the current crisis which has no simple solution.
If it were as lethal as MERS (33% CFR) then all gov'ts would aim to eliminate. If it had similar health outcomes to flu then gov'ts let it go. It falls in-between leading to muddled strategies, conflicted scientific advice & in the process, economy/health both taking a hit.
The challenge is to re-open economy/society while controlling COVID-19. Robust test/trace/isolate supported by face coverings, hygiene & border checks can help. But 'super-spreading' events still a big challenge. E.g. 91 people testing positive from night at club in Barcelona.
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1 Aug
Would love to have a word with the guy who wrote this Guardian piece.… Image
Always makes me laugh 😂
That's from Herald Scotland:…
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29 Jul
To re-open safely, universities have to:
1. Test all students on arrival & 5 days later
2. Mandatory use of face coverings
3. Ventilation of classrooms
4. Ensure monitoring of students during quarantine with app & check-ins (to ensure compliance)
5. Clear outbreak response plan.
Drafting that up into a background note & happy to share with any faculty involved in re-opening. Just email
Read 4 tweets

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