Escherichia virus MS2 - Wikipedia…
In 1976, the MS2 genome was the first genome to be completely sequenced.
For example, Basiri-Esfahani and colleagues demonstrated the ability to leverage microdisk devices for the detection of ultrasound.
Pulsed-laser irradiation followed by rapid thermal annealing was used to induce layer disordering of an InGaAs/InGaAsP laser structure. A band gap shift larger than 160 nm was achieved using energy densities of about 3.9 mJ mm−2 with 4800 pulses of laser irradiation.
Transmission electron microscopy and photoluminescence were used to understand the possible effect of the laser irradiation on the material structure. Band gap-tuned lasers exhibiting blueshift up to 82 nm were obtained.
This approach offers the prospect of a powerful and relatively simple postgrowth process for integrating multiple-wavelength lasers for wavelength-division-multiplexing applications.
showing that InGaAsP is a good candidate for long-wavelength high-speed infrared detection.
They couldn’t care less about a cure, let’s be honest.

noun: detection

1the action or process of identifying the presence of something concealed.












the work of a detective in investigating a crime.

plural noun: detections

"modern technology is essential to crime detection"



rooting out







tracking down


late 15th century (in the sense ‘revelation of what is concealed’): from late Latin detectio(n- ), from Latin detegere ‘uncover’ (see detect).
late Middle English: from Latin detect- ‘uncovered’, from the verb detegere, from de- (expressing reversal) + tegere ‘to cover’.
The original senses were ‘uncover, expose’ and ‘give someone away’, later ‘expose the real or hidden nature of’; hence the current (partly influenced by detective).
concerning crime and its investigation.

"detective work"
mid 19th century: from detect. The noun was originally short for detective policeman, from an adjectival use of the word in the sense ‘serving to detect’.
detect (third-person singular simple present detects, present participle detecting, simple past and past participle detected)

1to discover or find by careful search, examination, or probing
For verb: borrowed from Latin probare (“to test, examine, prove”), from probus (“good”).
For noun: borrowed from Late Latin proba (“a proof”), from probare (“to test, examine, prove”); Doublet of proof. Compare Spanish tienta (“a surgeon's probe”), from tentar (“try, test”); see tempt.
probe (plural probes)

1(surgery) Any of various medical instruments used to explore wounds, organs, etc. [from 15th c.]

2(figurative) Something which penetrates something else, as though to explore; something which obtains information. [from 17th c.]
3An act of probing; a prod, a poke. [from 19th c.]

4(figurative) An investigation or inquiry. [from 20th c.] They launched a probe into the cause of the accident.
(sciences) A small device, especially an electrode, used to explore, investigate or measure something by penetrating or being placed in it. [from 20th c.]

Insert the probe into the soil and read the temperature.
1(game of Go) a move with multiple answers seeking to make the opponent choose and commit to a strategy
2(biochemistry) Any group of atoms or molecules radioactively labeled in order to study a given molecule or other structure
Quantum dot molecules are formed by coherent tunneling between two individual quantum dots. The coherent tunneling leads to the formation of delocalized states that are truly molecular in nature, with bonding and antibonding orbital states.
Quantum dot molecules are analogous to the hydrogen molecule, with two “artificial atoms” (individual quantum dots) coupled together to form delocalized orbitals.
Unlike traditional molecules, however, the degree of energy confinement in each quantum dot (analogous to electronegativity) and the degree of coupling (analogous to the separation between atoms) can each be individually tuned.
Our prototype material is two InAs quantum dots stacked on top of each other and embedded in a GaAs matrix.
By growing a Schottky diode structure with a doped substrate, we can apply electric fields along the growth direction that control both the total charge state of the quantum dot molecule and the relative energy levels of the two dots.
The amount of energy level offset controls the degree of coupling and the formation of molecular states.
Quantum dot molecules were originally discovered in an attempt to understand how two separate quantum dots interact. Since their discovery we have learned that quantum dot molecules have a number of fascinating properties on their own.
For example, the formation of delocalized states of single holes leads to tunable g factors for the holes [Doty, PRL, 2006].
The g factor determines the energy splitting between opposite spin projections as a function of magnetic field and is critically important for the development of new information processing devices that operate with single spin.
Such information processing devices are particularly exciting because they could provide a mechanism for implementing novel computing architectures like quantum computing that promise dramatic improvements in processing power.
The lateral electric field controls

the degree of coupling between the two dots, while a vertical field (along the growth direction) controls

the charge state of the dots.

This unique design gives us an unprecedented level of control
and provides a critical step towards charging individual dots with a single spin, whose spin projection can serve as the logical basis, while preserving the ability to turn on and off the quantum mechanical coupling with the neighboring dots.
Initial results, showing controllable

charging of a single lateral quantum dot molecule, are shown in the figure.
uncontrollable (comparative more uncontrollable, superlative most uncontrollable)

1Not able to be controlled, contained or governed.
Derived terms


Related terms

Not able to be controlled, contained or governed
uncontrollability (uncountable)
1The quality of being uncontrollable.
These are the images that demonstrate the force — the mesmerizing uncontrollability that is at the heart of weather's primal draw, and that holds the power to make weather fanatics out of even those of us whose first instinct is to run.
incontrolábel m or f (plural incontrolábeis)

1Alternative form of incontrolable
a radioactive isotope, fluorescent dye, or enzyme used to make something identifiable for study.

"radioactive labels"

adjective: identifiable

1able to be recognized; distinguishable."there are no easily identifiable features on the shoreline"




















beamforming and diversity...
MIMO can be sub-divided into three main categories: precoding, spatial multiplexing (SM), and diversity coding.
Animation showing the radiation pattern of a phased array of 15 antenna elements spaced a quarter wavelength apart as the phase difference between adjacent antennas is swept between −120 and 120 degrees.
The dark area is the beam or main lobe, while the light lines fanning out around it are sidelobes.
a quarter wavelength apart

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noun: fomite
1objects or materials which are likely to carry infection, such as clothes, utensils, and furniture.


early 19th century: from Latin, plural of fomes, literally ‘touchwood, tinder’.

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We are constructing optically coupled biosensors from microspheres and semiconductor quantum dots (QDs).
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