Importance of activism on SM other than twitter, why we aren’t doing it perfectly and how can we do it more.

This can go long. Will appreciate if you read till the end.

Problem Statement: RW is totally weak on SM like Instagram/Reddit/Whatsapp.
Instagram: Lately you can see your own friends who have gone rogue and are putting Anti-BJP stories (most of their claims are fake). Even if we ignore BJP, they go on to insult their own reIigion, this is where the problem starts.
We usually don’t confront them
Because we don’t want to risk our friendship etc.
People shy away from this as well. Multiple reasons.

a) Closet RW shy away because they love their image as a secuIar or apolitical one.

b) Us, who are active on Twitter because of anonymity but not on Instagram, cuz we
are afraid to be attached with terms like “bhakt”, “gomutra”, Oor the fear of being attached to a party which has been labelled with the term “regressive” by the liberals.

c) People can mock pappu for obvious but not the other front, the commies, who have made a v good image in youth by their activism on neutral topics like environment/pollution etc.
If you mock the commies, you’ll be labelled as people who are against such activism.

HUM kya kar sakte hai..
1. If you don’t want to reply to a fake post shared by someone, don’t reply. But make sure you make other people aware by sharing the counter on your status
This will make leftist’s credibility go down.
2. If you’re afraid that your employer can see it
Then hide your story from all potential risk points.
3. Play on the frontfoot, let people see your version first. Make fun of their portals like quint, scoopwhoop etc so that people perceive them as propagandists.
That’s what leftists have done already. Made bjp look regressive and now all wokes hate it for no reason, without facts.
4. Propaganda travels from one SM to another, but reality doesn’t. So it’s your job to share reality with public using your personal SM handle.
Same for WA
Now comes reddit.
The r/India subreddit is controlled by hardcore commies, peacefuls and even pakis. You can’t voice your opinion there, you’ll be banned. But there are few subreddits which counter them. Make them grow, because r/India will grow just because it’s name.
So go and create a profile on reddit, join the RW subreddit called r/chodi, share your posts, memes, edits there, make the community strong.
Some prime examples of how I do it.

Many on insta were sympathising with Tanishq. When Paris incident happened, I shared the news headline and captioned. The guy could’ve chosen a more vioIent way like #boycottxyz, but he chose the less gruesome way, ie beheαding.
Many on insta follow Faye D Souza. Whenever there is a post which exposes her hypocrisy, I make sure I share it, so that people won’t take her as the only true source of news in the world.
I highlighted with insta audience how she has fake followers on both insta n twitter.
Few days ago, I tweeted this but made sure I also shared this within WA groups.
Make people ashamed of following these pages.
We are on twitter because it gives us anonymity and freedom to post for the ecosystem, but weaker everywhere. This won’t bring the change. Be vocal about your opinions on the platforms where you’re NOT anonymous. Else you’re just influencing n educating RW,who don’t need it.
Else you’re here just for RTs. Also, if you have time, make another profile on insta, share your memes, tag meme pages with 500k+ followers, ask them if they can share it (and promote you). You’ll get followers and our narrative will be seen by many wokes who follow d page


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17 Sep

I will write whatever comes to my mind, so this thread may get long. This is about the degenerate wokes around us and why we should take the situation seriously.

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Starting with internet presence. During clg, there was congress rule and many scams were highlighted by Anna Hazare and BJP. BJP had a HUGE internet presence. Every meme page was a BJP supporter and every college kid made fun of pappu. This used to be “cool” during our times. 2/n
Because congress was actually at fault at that time At that time, the moralistic issue was “corruption”. But over the years, opposition has found a way to demean the govt using economy” & “secularism” as their trump card against the current govt. This ACTUALLY appeals kids

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Part 2 of Anatomy of JNU/Jamia/AMU protests..

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Starting off with a legend who perfectly summarises every protest..
Then comes the important question which many of you have: Where do these students even get placed? Dude.. They have 100% placement records. Check for yourself how Miss Dipsita and Mr Shashi got placed at Shaheen Bagh
Road block?

Shashi bhaiya: No worries. Improvise, adapt, overcome.

No wonders he got placed.
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Honest review of a typical JNU protest.

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Let’s start with the first and foremost requirement: You have to stop bathing for two weeks to go for a protest.
Next, you need to be a quick thinker. Many egoistic protestors try their slogans, and you need to adjust your dhapli according to that. See this talented young folk here
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18 May
Just saw videos of people using #tiktok for encouraging bad practices like acid att@cks, r@pes n animal abuse.
I want to bring attention to these kind of videos which put hatred in the minds of small children.
Look at their age, and what’s being said in the audio.
Name: Saifi Khan

Video Link:

Go to the audio of this particular post, and you’ll find 100s of videos spewing hatred on other religions.

#tiktokban #BanTikTokInIndia #tiktokexposed

THESE ARE KIDS, FOR GOD’S SAKE. And you’re glorifying kiIIing of people
CC @HMOIndia @cyberdost there are around 7000 videos with this particular audio.
See. I could scroll as much as I can want.

This audio is also seen in some posts which had rallies (possibly Anti-CAA). It’s high @PrakashJavdekar @MIB_India takes action against these people.
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