Bollywood’s latest Hinduphobic film "Laxmi Bomb" Questions and answers

Q: Why Laxmi bomb ? Why not 'llah bomb? Or J€$us bomb ?

A: Because, Bollywood can only make fun of Hindus, as Hindus are cowards and won’t mind even if you make fun of their mothers and wives. 👇👇
Q: Why is Laxmi in the name of a film that is to be released around Diwali, the holiest festival for Hindus?

A: The aim of the film is to cause maximum offence to Hindus to check out their tolerance levels. If this doesn’t prick them.. #BoycottLaxmiBomb

the next film can be made even with scenes where Hindu gods are seen having $€× and that will sell more.

Q: Why is the hero’s character a Chuslim, Aasif, when in the Tamil original, the hero was a Hindu?

A: If the Hero is a Hindu, then none of the Paxtani J!h@d¡$, who are the main patrons of Bollywood, will watch this film and so the producers will lose money.

Q: When the hero’s name is Asif, why is the heroine’s name Priya? Why not Asifa or Mumtaz? #BoycottLaxmiBomb

A: If the actress’s screen name is Asifa, she cannot wear short skirts and deliver double meaning dialogues. So, it has to be Priya. Also, making inter-religious love story will promote Love J!h@d, which will ensure rapid !$lamisation of India. #BoycottLaxmiBomb

Q: Why mock transgenders in the whole film before a last-minute glorification?

A: Mocking transgenders is the favourite past time of Porkistanis and the Porkistani audience will love it. This is why! Their glorification at the end is to gain an award. #BoycottLaxmiBomb

Q: Why draw similarities between a ghost and Laxmi Mata?

A: Bollywood Mullahs are already creating an image that Hindu gods are satanic and this film will reinforce that image.

This movie is produced by a J¡h@d! queen, Shabinaa Khan and their main target audience is Paxtan, India’s regressive neighbour where they make fun of Hinduism.


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9 Oct
Long #Thread

Halal Economy :
How big is the Halal Economy?

The US : nominal GDP $20.58 trillion

India: nominal GDP $2.94 trillion

Halal Economy: over $3.6 trillion

"Halal" is an Arabic word that was in existence even before !slam, same like the word "Ola".

Halal means "permissible/ legitimate" or "Jayaz".

In !slam, things or doings are either Halal or Haraam. There is no Grey in between.The word Halal has seen three revolutions, Before !slam, After the Origin of !slam, After World war 2. @onlyonenetra


Currently, the 4th revolution is what we are going to see and the most devastating one (devastating to the non-halal economy).

After World War 2 many Indian Military Man especially Moolims got settled in England by a Blanket permit. @Sujataganguly13


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8 Oct
108 Shiva Linga Temple Papanasam,Thanjavur Dist, TN

108 Shiva Linga Temple (Sri Ramalingaswami temple) is located in the village of Papanasam,Thanjavur district,TN & is about 500-1000 years old. It is around 18 KM from Tanjore town in the Thanjavur-Kumbakonam road. 1/n
Papanasam in Tamil language means "Destruction of Sins"...It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva in this temple would remove all sins. It is believed that this temple was built by Lord Rama himself and the 108 Shiva lingas were installed by him. 2/n
Lord Ramalingaswami is in the main shrine. On the hall (Mandap) next to the main deity garbagraha,there are 106 Shiva Lingas in 3 rows..Lord Rama, after rescuing Sita, performed Shiva Puja in Rameswaram to cleanse Himself of sins that befell on him in the war killings. 3/n
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8 Oct
सवाल : इनमें से सबसे बड़ा पापी कौन ?
A. शराब पीने वाला
B. जुआ खेलने वाला
C. क्रोध करने वाला
D. समाज की संस्थाओं एवं समाज की संपत्ति में एकाधिकार तथा माया-कपट (राजनीति) करने वाला।

उत्तर :👇
जो शराब पीता है, या जुआ खेलता है या क्रोध करता है वो तो पापी है ही, उसकी आत्मा तो डूबेगी ही। पर वो दूसरों का तो कोई नुकसान नही कर रहे है, सिर्फ खुद का नुकसान खुद कर रहे है।

पर जो लोग समाज की संस्थाओं में माया- कपट (राजनीति) करते है वे खुद के साथ पूरे समाज का नुकसान कर रहे है, 👇
जैसे :-
1. समाज में कुछ अच्छा काम हो रहा हो तो उसमें विघ्न डालना।

2. खुद की मनमानी करना, अपनी चलाना, अन्यों की सच्ची बात भी चलने नहीं देना,अपना महत्व बढ़ाने के लिए समाज में गलतफहमी फैलाना।येन केन प्रकारेण अपना वर्चस्व बना रहे।

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7 Oct
Hypocrisy unlimited :

Terror has no religion.
But rapists have a caste.

Popes & Mullahs can never be female.
But Brahmins worshipping Saraswati Ma are patriarchal.

English is not the language of slavery & colonialism.
But stuying Sanskrit makes you a casteist bigot.

Being suspicious of a long bearded man wearing skullcap is Islamophobia.
But saying Tilak dhari Bhagwa clad men are scary is not Hinduphobia.

Conversion by missionaries is not wrong bcoz upper caste is so evil.
But doing Ghar Wapsi suddenly makes you a bigot.

Calling you a ricebag is trolling.
But calling Hindus gau mutra drinkers is perfectly fine.

Outraging for climate change because you worship Greta Thunberg is progressive.
But worshipping Bhu Devi, Ganga Ma and all nature is so regressive.

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7 Oct
Chebrolu Brahma Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. Temple is located in Guntur district and is the only temple for Brahma in Andhra Pradesh. One Temple for Brahma is located in Kasi and another one at Chebrolu. 1/n
@LostTemple7 @InfoVedic Image
Temples in Chebrolu is of 2000 years old and dates to Chola, Chalukya, Pallava, and Kakatiya dynasties. From the inscriptions, it is known that Bayanambini, Commander-In-Chief of Easter Chalukyas conquered Dharanikota (the present Amaravati) 2/n @mysql_sync @BharatTemples_ Image
and Yanamadula forts and ruled this region with Chebrolu as the capital. During this time, many temples were raised in and around Chebrolu by Bayanambini. It is also known from the inscriptions that Chebrolu supposed to have 101 shrines. 3/n
@mysql_sync @sincerely_epic ImageImage
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7 Oct
जिनका नाम सुनते ही एक ऐसे योद्धा का चित्र मस्तिष्क में आता है जिसने धर्म की रक्षा हेतु अपना सबकुछ बलिदान कर दिया।
और इसी कारण धर्म की रक्षा भी हो सकी, उनसे ही प्रेरणा लेकर लाखों योद्धाओं ने धर्म रक्षा में अपना बलिदान दिया।
#GuruGobindSingh Image
आज 7 अक्टूबर है, आज गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की पुण्यतिथि है, गुरु गोविन्द सिंह ने शौर्य और वीरता की सीख दी, उन्होंने सिखाया की कैसी भी परिस्तिथि हो पर अपने मन को कभी हारने मत दो मुकाबला करो, जीत और हार तो मुकाबले के बाद तय होगी पर मुकाबले से पीछे मत हटो। #GuruGobindSingh

गुरु गोविन्द सिंह जी की कही हुई एक बात याद आती है...
सवा लाख से 1 लडाऊ, चिडियन ते मैं बाज तुडाऊ, तबे गोविन्द सिंह नाम कहाऊँ।
कैसी भी परिस्तिथि हो जमकर मुकाबला करो पीछे मत हटो, गोविंद सिंह से हमे प्रेरणा मिलती है ,उनका पूरा जीवन प्रेरणादायक रहा है!
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