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मेरा एक काम (kaam) है, करेगा ?
Shouldnt Mean
I've a Work, will you do it?
Should Mean:
I've a Desire, will You Fulfil it?

Kaam Dev काम देव is the force that activates desires in human conscious, to ACT. S3X is one of the Desires
Kaam Dev is GOD for Desires, Not S3X God. 1/n
Let's Now Dive into
-Does Kama mean S3X in our culture?
-Who Was Great Vastyanan Muni, Fakely Presented in Utsav Movie
-What do Nastik&Astik Mean?
-What are the SIX दर्शन of Sanatan Dharma?
-What is Purusharth? 2/n
Before IT Revolution, Most People in the West, Knew India as a Land of Snake Charmers & KamaSutra (Perceived as a S3x Manual)
Because this was, what was Shown to them Mostly
The Below Thread Will Unravel Many Essentials , We All Indians Must Know & Feel Proud of. Let's Go! 3/n
The #Thread Starts with Legendary King Vikramaditya-ChandraGupta II
Vikramaditya Ruled from 5th-6th Century AD . He had 9 Original Navratnas (2 Most Known).
-Kalidasa was one of the Prolific Sanskrit Writer.
-Varahmira Great Mathematician/Astrloger (Knew Aryabhatta) 4/n
Vatsyana Muni- was a Great Sage, a Logician & Prolific Writer on Topics of Logic&KamaShastra
-Vatsyayana Muni of Nyay Sutra Bhashya & KamaSutra r the same
-Kalidasa&Varahmihra knew him. His Writings were so impactful that Kalidasa included it in his Works & So did Varahmihra 5/n
"Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti"- is a Fake&Incomplete
Many make it to Sound a Secular Quote in Indian Culture. It is in Rigveda 1.164.46, when nothing except Sanatan Dharm Existed
Correct Quote Means, "Supreme Power is One, &People call that as Various Mahabhut also" 6/n
SIX Darshans r Pillars of Sanatan Philosophy
- Darshans are the Most IMP Sutras(Formulae) by AncientRishis, & Commentaries (Bhashaya) by Competent Ones.
- Why We say "A Person Can be a Nastik, Still be a Sanatani"
Pls See the Pic in Detail- U'll understand Why 7/n
Both Astik&Nastik r Sanatanis &Agree to presence of SupremeForce
-आस्तिक:Our Identity is Aatma, Not Body. Vedas are Supreme
-नास्तिक:Our Identity is Body&Aatma-inside (No UniversalAtma); dont agree to Vedas as Source of UniversalKnowledge 8/n
For Aastiks, NyayaDarshan is one of the Finest as it suggests Logic&Reasoning will lead to Truth
-Bhashya (Commentary) on Sutra may be more significant than the Sutra Itself
-e.g. adiShankara did Several Bhashya
Vatsyayana Bhashya on Nyaya Darshan Sutra was Most SIGNIFICANT ! 9/n
Nyay means- Arriving at Truth thru Logic & Reasoning.
So मुझे न्याय चाहिए doesn’t mean I want Justice.
It means I want the truth, which is arrived thru Logic & Reasoning.
This Great Nyay Shastra Commentary was Done by Vatsyayana-Nyaya Sutra Bhashya 10/n
What Often Used Purusharth (पुरुषार्थ) Means?
It Simply Means: "To do what is in our Hands with ultimate Goal of Moksha" - Freedom from Cycles of Birth & Death
Purusharth is TriVarga- Dharma, Artha, Kaam
Moksha, is not in our Hands, it Cannot be a Purusharth
Illustration: 11/n
Kama is not S3X, Kama is a Desire that Pushes us for Action
S3X is 1 of the many Kamas
So Consciousness => Kama <=> Artha
Both Kama&Artha to be done is Such that they Uphold Dharma
If you Follow the Dharmic Path & at Last Stage if Kama is fulfilled 100% , You Achieve Moksha 12/n
So Considering the Importance of Trivarga Purusharth, Lot Of Works have been created
1. Dharma- (duties) ManusSmriti/Grihasutra/Aapastamba/Vashsisht
2. Artha-(practices) ArthaShastra etc
3. Kama-(desires) KamaSastra etc 13/n
An Act for S3X, that Creates Life, Can Never be BAD, if in accordance of Dharma
It is Just a Basic Need in गृहस्थाश्रम, &Not a GOAL Of Life, like Food& Shelter
ArtWork On Outer Walls in Ancient Temples Normalized the act as a Basic, Saving Higher Thoughts for inner गर्भगृह 14/n
Vastyanan's KamaSutra is Essentialty:
1. An Art of Finding a Partner
2. An Art of a Happy Married Life, so that, GrihasthAshram is enjoyable.
3 .Only One 1 of 7Chapters Dives into Explixit S3xual acts ( & Remember children dont't Come from Thin Air) 15/n
However, the Pristine KamaSutra was rendered into a P0rn flick when passages pertaining to "Harem", "br0thels" were added
British then added Explicit Drawings in the Text which were never present in the Original Palm Leaves 16/n
KamaSutra under the name of Richard Francis Burton (1883) compiled form Flawed Interpretation of The Commentary of various Authors like Jayamangla, Printed from a Fake KamaShastra Society, & Included Illustrations for Marketing Purpose pertaining to Preceding Mughal Empire 17/n
Richard Burton, Instantly 1883 edition became a rage in West & Most Pirated Books. Officialy illegal to publish in England&USA till 1962,. The Reason was Highly Orthodox Societies in West which considered expression S3xuality a Taboo & had many Acts with Strict Restrictions 18/n
Sh Girish Karnad ji was a self confessed #UrbanNaxal
In Movie Utsav in a garb of Showing Ancient India as Liberal, he misled audience on Slavery, Casteism, Brothels. Mṛcchakatika drama, on which Utsav is based, Vatsyana Character was Nowhere in it , It was a Fake Insertion 19/n
Literature& Movies Show Vatsyanana as a peeping Tom & a P0rn writer, than a Maharishi.
Let's Pay Naman to Vatsyanana who not only gave us the NyaySutrya Darshan Bhashya( Logic&Reasoning) but Sutras of Art of Living Life to the Fullest, Not perversion as it was showcased. 20/n
- The above #Thread thread has been posted as an article at below Link . Hope you found this thread useful.


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20 Sep
The Enigmatic White Light !

Explained Scientifically ! #Thread Begins
2/2 The Energy Levels Increase from Red to Violet
-From Least Frequency to Highest
-From Least Shakti to Highest.
-From Mooladhaar Chakra to Sahasraar Sahasraar.


3/3 After Analyzing above
we are Now Ready to Dive Till End this Thread.

Just one humble instruction. Go till End.
You will be a Changed Person

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19 Sep
Was it Really Nehru ji behind all this?
Be Ready for the Unexpected !
Often we see such Arguements, which leave many of us without Answer. #Thread Begins
1/n ~It is Not Pandit Nehru BUT visionaries Dr. Shyama Prasad ,Ramaswami Muralidhar, Amrit Kaur, Mahraj of Mysore,WalchanHirachand ,NR Sarkar Behind: IITs, AIIMs, HAL, IISc, CSIR, BARC, TIFR etc.

Giving you PROOF, No one Can REFUTE
Shocking but TRUE !
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17 Sep
Let's Love BABUR,
But First ! Let's Read बाबर-नामा

I will show you small Trailer,
Movie you can Imagine
First Let's Know a Bit about Great BABUR
Born in present day: UZBEKISTAN

His MOTHER from Lineage of
Father from Lineage of Noblest Soul
Tughlugh ' TIMUR '
Check the Details below.

BABUR Ruled India only 4 YEARS
But I feel Like 400 Years
His Full Name was


-GHAZI- Means Islam!c Soldier Who Fights Against the
Inf!dels to Establish The Great Rule
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14 Sep
Question: Where is East?
Answer: Oh! Just look at the Sun !

Now, Imagine, You Landed at Sun,
Then where is East?

Let's Explore 'दिक्' आयाम (heard दिग्विजय)
& Truth of Space-Time #Thread
Have you Noted from Earth, Moon, Sun, Heavenly Bodies to SubAtomic Particles, everything moves in predesignated paths for predesignated time.

This motion is NOT Arbitrary

Absolute Direction is a Must (दिक्)
A Secret of प्रकृति, without which
Nature Cannot Sustain
First understand काल -It is the relative Time Experience. When an object is created it is programmed with predestined TIME
Property of Time is कृतांत . It Begins and Ends an Action.
Refer Chart Below:
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13 Sep
Why SUNDAY is Sunday & MONDAY a Monday #Thread
1/n Sunset to Sunrise is Hindu DayNight
DayNight=Ahoratra-अहो-रात्र (अहो-Day, रात्र-Night)
Vedic Solar Day is Divided into 24 hours as Earth Rotates ~24hrs on Axis
Each hour is Called 'Hora' from aHORAtra
Sounds Familiar with Hour ??
But there is another thing Called Muhurat
जल्दी करिए मुहूर्त , निकला जा रहा है :)
Muhurat=48 Minutes
-30 Muhurats in a Day
-So, 30x48min = 24 Hours
Yes Yes this 24 hours is also Indian Concept.
Muhurat => the Ease/Difficulty Level a particular Task can be Accomplished.
96min before Sunrise Starts BrahmMuhurat
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8 Sep

This Shloka in अनुष्टुप छंद,
~As a Praise for श्री कृष्ण
~Codifies 'pi' π upto of 32 Dec.Places

गोपीभाग्यमधुव्रात शृङ्गिशोदधिसंधिग |
खलजीवितखाताव गलहालारसंधर ||

Let’s see How, Why, What of it #Thread

Modern Value of 'pi' π :
Shloka Value of 'pi' π
3 1415926536897932384626433832792

Secret Behind:
~KaTaPaYadi coding in AncientMaths due to Shruti
~Numbers in 2 ways: भूतसंख्या or कटपयादि code

The Shloka is in अनुष्टुप छंद ,Let's decode:
Surprising Accuracy, used by ऋषि?

~By using 15 Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Earth's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation

~By using 32Places of decimal of 'pi' π
Universe's Circumference can b Calculated
as Accurate as 1 Molecule Variation
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