Behold the jig. Cube went on one Black show to explain a two page plan - and bombed. Now he's going on shows hosted by white dudes so he can snooker white people into thinking he's Black Messiah,
Check this out. Cube turned down a meet with Kamala Harris AND a group of Black men working with Biden. But he's hitting every white cable news show he can?
And this is the jig: politicians, Black or white, will cast themselves as saviors of the Black community but they aren't making moves to generate support from Blacks, they're making moves to create the ILLUSION of Black support in order to generate support from WHITE PEOPLE.
The most recent example of this: BERNIE SANDERS. In two presidential elections Bernie made piss poor overtures to Black people while never really funding his Black outreach teams properly. In 2016, Danny Glover literally BEGGED HIM to invest more money in Black outreach.
What did Bernie do instead? Carpet bomb social media with "Bernie Marched with MLK" photos, memes, tweets, you name it. He bragged about endorsing Jesse Jackson in 1984. He hugged a Black cook while waving a piece of chicken. But actual Black outreach? Nah.
You got Bernie's two high profile tokens - Briahna Joy Gray and Nina Turner - spamming social media with lies about Bernie having more Black support than any other candidate. Constant accusations of erasing Bernie's mythical Black support.

• • •

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More from @eclecticbrotha

18 Oct
Black conservatives convinced gullible Blacks - Black gangster rappers included - the GOP would do better if we gave them a chance. In reality, the GOP had decades to prove itself and what they've proven is they don't want our votes - in fact, they don't want us to vote at all.
We don't vote Democratic because Democrats brainwashed or deluded us into voting for only one party and the implication is based on the racist assumption we're stupid cattle that are incapable of thinking for ourselves. That ain't even close to why we reject the GOP.
Nope. We vote Democratic precisely because we recognize how flawed the Democratic Party is but we also see the possibility of pushing the party in the right direction. We reject the GOP because even Black Republicans are working to perpetuate our oppression and disenfranchisement
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10 Oct
If you're having trouble figuring out where all those Black people in matching hats and T shirts came from, they were organized (duped?) by Catcher Freeman's great-great-granddaughter.
A Black woman hates us so much she organized a rally so a white supremacist can infect Black people with COVID-19 before sending them home to infect their communities. Its just another example of Trump using COVID-19 to ethnically cleanse the people he hates.
Wealthy Black men out here urging us not to vote while a white adjacent self loathing Black woman offers us up as sacrifices to her racist Savior. 2020 is all kinds of fucked up.
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9 Oct
Wealthy BernieBro living in the Hamptons claims the plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer was caused by economic anxiety - which is weird because I know plenty of struggling, broke and even homeless Black people who never talked about kidnapping a state governor.
The only economic anxiety these dudes were feeling is the sudden panic that consumes you when you realize you spent all your rent and grocery money on guns and explosives.
Sheldon Adelson.
Betsy DeVos.
Robert Mercer.

Just three of the wealthy billionaires that gleefully bankrolled Trump's racism. It ain't about how much money they have, its about how much they believe in upholding white supremacy.
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16 Sep
There's a passage in the Bible that says "The joy of the LORD is your strength." Now, whether you believe in scripture or not is irrelevant, because there's a similar thing that happens to us on the regular. Its what strengthens and sustains us in spite of all the fckery afoot.
Ever notice how invigorated and energized we get when we see other Black people enjoy themselves, rise to the top of their profession or prosper? That's Black joy. Black joy will refresh you and help you fight off the fools coming for your neck.
Black joy is the one thing the people who would destroy us hate above everything else because they know once we tap into it they can't stop us, they can't deter us, they can't even get a word in edgewise. Black joy is what inspires us to persevere no matter what.
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30 Apr
Call me a hypocrite. I already voted for the Democratic nominee once and all the stern lectures from self righteous journalists will not stop me from voting for him again.
The majority of white people elected Donald Trump. Even so-called liberal white people continue to parachute into my mentions four years later to DENY majorities of white men and white women voted for Trump. You can't even admit the truth. Don't try to lecture me about shit.
Living for likes and site hits is what got us into this mess. We're faced with the chance to oust a man who folds his arms as we die from his botched pandemic response and you suddenly fall in love with a bogus story "broken" by lying leftists with a history of dishonest writing.
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4 Mar
We keep telling y'all Talcum X is a fraud but y'all won't listen.
Bernie Sanders needs to explain why he surrounds himself with shameless liars, serial harassers and people who organize doxing campaigns to silence critics of Bernie and his toxic campaign.
I mean, look at this fuckshit. He invents a lie and uses Rachel as his alleged source.

Rachel rejects his claim.

He calls Rachel a liar.
Read 4 tweets

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