(Thread) How it works:

* believe women: if they're democrats
* respect women: if they're democrats
* don't be racist: unless you're a democrat "resisting"
* don't waste resources: unless you're a Hollywood democrat
* Cancel racists & sex offenders: unless you're a democrat
1/ Justin Trudeau (not once, not twice but thrice, that we know of, blackface) - and he was still elected

Same applies to liberals in Canada

2/ This is the same dude taking a knee for racism hahahah ok

3/ Or how about @atensnut

Did we believe her? Nope.

Has their been public atonement for this since #metoo


She's doesn't fit the narrative.

4/ ....and of course Democrat leaders want us to believe women

5/ Unless it happens to be inconvenient.

"She caught me and took my hand and said 'I am so happy to meet you. I want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill....Everything you do for Bill"

6/ ....and then we can look at the Hollywood stars who bang on about politics....and doing the right thing.

They want you to come out & vote your conscience.

Yet....many are domestic abusers

7/....or how about the ones who like 'em young and this isn't even scratching the surface

8/....or the celebs that want you to make serious changes because CLIMATE CHANGE.

.....yet they fly private planes, have multiple (unsustainable) homes and consume enough resources for a small country

9/.....I mean these are the woke of the woke right?

They are the privileged few who dictate to the plebs.

10/ we live in a time when people supposedly fighting for black lives....can attack a black person because they don't go along with the Democratic narrative.

11/ We live in a time when a racist like @JoeBiden

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point."

12/ Can rewrite his history through controlled media....
...and actually tell people who are black...they ain't black if they vote for trump?


13/ We live in a time when people like Joy Behar who dressed in black face can not only get away with it by calling it an homage.....

14/ The same hypocritical joy behar who told Kim Klacik that black people had her back....because they know it wasn't black face

You can't write this stuff.

15/ The truth is women are NOT respected unless they fit the story.

So if you are a woman carrying an American Flag to a protest you run the risk of being dragged down the street by your hair

16/...or if you're an elderly woman you are told you no longer matter and are splattered with paint by social justice warriors air.tv/watch?v=PWnvH_…
17/....or if you refuse to comply with said programming and you're a woman you'll be harassed into submission.

But we need to respect and listen to women? Which is it?

18/ .....or if you're woman you'll be stopped in the streets if you don't comply....

...because women matter?
19/ so disabled women get a pass?


Anyway there are more but you get the point.

20/ the good news is we have cancel culture. These people will have to pay the price....right?

Probably not as there is a revolving door for these people even if they can be identified

21/ Cancel culture rarely applies to people on the left

22/ In fact it doesn't seem to touch the rich and powerful

23/ The lefty darlings continue on cnn.com/2020/06/23/ent…
24/ You can make "mistakes" when you are loved by the left theatlantic.com/entertainment/…
25/ Anyway I am sick of this. The democrats do not hold the moral high ground and I am tired of people pretending they do.

Often the people who preach the loudest are the dirtiest
there not their lol twitter typo 👑

• • •

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294/ Various outlets reported that 2013 was the year that unequivocally linked human actions to climate change.

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1/ True story: A family member wrote to my husband bc he shared a video about people enjoying life in Sweden without masks.

She said she couldn't imagine her liberal family member writing something like that...

....and that maybe someone else (like me) was behind it.
2/ She said her daughter showed it to her and was embarrassed.

This is the sort of behaviour that has moved me permanently out of liberal/democratic circles.

It's been a high cost but it has revealed who people really are underneath it all.
3/ When we turn our backs of members of our own family (and friends) and try to shame them into submission there is something really wrong.
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