@icecube I doubt we agree with much on the political spectrum , but this right here 👇🏾is truth to power. If only people would wake up and stop being afraid to be free. The possibilities are endless.
@donlemon is not a friend on the black vote. He wines and dines in and around Harlem & NYC meanwhile the city is being destroyed by liberals. When it’s all said and done blacks will be the blame.
A vote for Biden/Harris is a vote to stay on the Democratic slave plantation.
White liberals attacking black free thinkers while black gate keepers like Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid etc sit idly by hoping blacks aren’t freed to share the wealth from a system they benefitted from.
Biden/Harris can’t do jack for me but create more oppressive programs causing for dependency on the liberal white man.
Biden/Harris can’t do jack for me but create more oppressive programs causing for dependency on the liberal white man. Blacks stand at the thresh hold of freedom and won’t walk through.
Because blacks use scriptures to lead their lives allow me to reference this. In the Bible Jesus says “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Financial Freedom is now knocking at the door of blacks how will they answer? Remain a prisoner or seek freedom
Why are black elites attacking Ice Cube and have blacks throwing him shade? Ice Cube had a plan and went with the team willing to listen and show action. Dems only did what they have been doing putting things on lay away. politico.com/news/2020/10/1…
Let’s be honest if Trump offered blacks reparations liberal whites and their lap dog black leaders would get them to reject it. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Every woke black person liberals attack. Did they attack Colin Kaepernick? No and he’s a loser.
Obama started this BLM bull by attacking the police and telling them white people and the police are after them.
Folks don’t get side tracked with the message. It’s not about giving reparations but understanding nothing will appease these rabid creatures.
The debt has been paid in full a thousand times over, but liberals keep bringing it up to get attention. Personally let Big Tech pay it. They are creating the problems. You see Obama looked the other way on reparations.

• • •

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18 Oct
Biden media FBI silence, Ice Cube attack, Join me & @smalltownandrew & guest @christianllamar 2nite @ 10est to discuss. pscp.tv/w/cltdpDFYSmpr…
There’s a lot to breakdown. Join us for the discussion and share your thoughts.
Why isn’t the media pushing back on Big Tech shutting down the Biden story? Journalists are supposed to stick together. You learn that in journalism school.
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18 Oct
If AG Barr allows this country to go down in flames out of fear of the left calling his investigation political, then shame on him.
We are at a cross road and those Republicans who think throwing in the towel to defeat Trump is ok shame on you. You never were Republicans and everything Dems have said about you is true. You are weak and pathetic. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020
You're damn right it’s political. The whole thing has it’s inception in politics.
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17 Oct
I just want to know how many blacks work at the Big Tech companies? This does not include the janitors or cleaning ladies. #BigTech
How many blacks are in he decision making roles. This is important to know since they support #BLM. You just can't give money and think that is sufficient.
It would also be good to know how many of these #BigTech companies have open up campuses for the homeless.
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17 Oct
Obama former speech writer Nathan Osburn hiding behind a mask and pretending to be an undecided voter asking Joe a a softball question during ABC’s fake town hall. #Debates2020
We all knew the he ABC town hall was staged to make Joe look like he had sense. Not one question on Hunter Biden.
Joe looking like he didn’t know the guy. What makes my blood 🩸 is the liberal media aren’t trying to hide this chicanery.
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16 Oct
No matter how you dress them up they are the same. She is no better. Interesting she has deleted her twitter account possibly to hide her negative tweets against President Trump. #KristenWelker #ChrisWallace #SteveScullyLIED
Fox News has its issues but they are a whole lot better (in my opinion) then the counterparts.
#savanahguthrie and #GeorgeStephanopoulos are just pigs in lipstick. They are in Joe Biden's corner and have ZERO credibility.
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16 Oct
There he said it. Now ask Joe why haven’t Democrats and liberal media accepted the 2016 defeat and why he and his family actually worked with Russia, Ukraine and China. #TownHall
Why is Savannah Guthrie only asking questions she wants answers? These people are so BIASED! Stop talking to them. It will never work.
Ok. Guthrie wants to be a hero with the liberals. She just took over the entire town hall. She is a pathetic woman.
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