Political vs Partisan

Political = Involving any point in society where the actions of government intersect with the lives of the People.

Partisan = When a person's actions and positions are in service of a political party's agenda.

Please make a note of it.
In short, Partisanship is the team sport and fandom aspect of Politics.
When people say "I hate politics" what they are really saying is "I hate partisanship"

These people do not find interest in following the political players or their stats

They do not care about teams.

But they ARE political.

EVERYONE cares about where policy and people meet.
There is virtually nothing in our lives that doesn't intersect with the actions of government.

Where we live
What we eat, drink and breathe
What our job is
Who we love
How we love
What resources we have
What goals we have
Our families
Our communities

It's all political
If you say "I'm not political" as you drive home in your SUV to your suburban home and nuclear family

If you say "I'm not political" as you get off your third job to take the subway home to the projects

You aren't understanding what political IS
Politics is why you have what you have. Or don't.

It's why your lifestyle is the one afforded you

It's how much you are valued and for what

It's what you were taught and what you learned

It's the values you hold and how you choose to express them in your words and actions

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19 Oct
We are not a trauma-informed country. We aren't even good at recognizing and acknowledging trauma.

I expect it looks primarily like performative collective mourning while in actuality, capitalism forces everyone to chastise each other into "getting over" it and moving on.
One can look at the fact that in the midst of all this trauma, society hasn't yielded to people's needs for emotional and psychological well-being.

It still relentlessly demands productivity and that everyone get on with life. Even if it kills you.
I wish to the depths of my heart that this country had the capacity to recognize and validate trauma.

It has generated so much

But it never learned how to support grief or embrace the traumatized.

It just expects everyone to just keep moving. Ever forward.

No time to reflect
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19 Oct
"Some people gonna die"

I don't think you have a concept of the scale.

You will have everyone who is already dying. They KEEP dying.

The people incarcerated are treated worse.

Then on TOP of all that, you get unimaginable death counts.

Not just direct dead either.
Trump is pushing for civil war.

You think police murder rates are high NOW? They will skyrocket beyond your nightmares

They will drone bomb Black neighborhoods in a fucking heartbeat.

Famine will skyrocket.

Hospitals in war mode with a peaking nationwide pandemic
And you know who wins in a whole lot of revolutions? The people who have the biggest guns and/or most money when the dust settles

And their ascension to power is drenched in the blood of the People.

Especially when the revolutionaries have no plan

The left has no plan.
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19 Oct
"If we keep Trump, then the revolution will come faster!"

"If we let the house burn down, maybe the family will finally get serious about fire safety"

Same nonsense.
"I really hate this lesser of two evils thing. I don't want a lesser evil so I'm gonna tacitly support the greater evil."

I don't understand it. I will never understand it.

You're free to believe it but I'm never gonna understand.
I dunno.

I totally understand the idea of proving to Dems that they can't just take Black and Left votes for granted without offering real change. I get THAT.

But I think this also fundamentally misunderstands who the Democrats are.
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18 Oct
Because the engraver liked Roman Numerals, but didn't like the aesthetics of I II III IV. A good portion of the ring would just be seven repeated "I" numerals.
By doing 4-11 you get all the numerals as well as the mixed numeral XI but without ever dealing with more than three "I"' numerals in a row.
Even if you started with the number 3, that would still give you four "I" numerals in a row.

The fact that the Roman numeral system doesn't naturally allow four ones in a row was probably an added consideration for visual authenticity.
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18 Oct
Mr Rogers was political and subversive AF.
Mr Rogers knew love was radical.

He knew kindness could be a powerful force.

He knew unconditionally respecting human dignity was an act of rebellion.

And he rebelled constantly.

He knew what he was doing.
Mr Rogers didn't transcend politics. He wasn't above the political.

He embraced it.

And he did so with a relentless appeal to the best in humanity.

Politics is not just the ugly.

It is also the defense of what is good and valuable in us all

And he embodied that defense.
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17 Oct
Decrying prison violence is never ever on the backs of victims.

That mentality is literally what sustains the brutality of the mass incarceration system.

It's evil until someone we hate is in it, and then we are willing to celebrate its worst features and support their continued existence.
When we are made to pit our righteous indignation about the abuse and violence of the prison system against our righteous indignation against people who do terrible things, the system will always win.
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